If you find yourself waking up in the morning, getting kids ready for school, taking them to school, going to work, working all day, getting kids from school, making dinner, putting kids to bed, and by that point, all you want to do is just zone out with a TV show and not do anything.

Trust me, I’ve been there and it can be exhausting and frustrating all at the same time.

Any time that you get for yourself, you feel guilty because you’re not working on your side business, you’re not working on your affiliate marketing, and you just feel stuck and trapped.

And it’s just a vicious cycle of not enjoying your leisure time. And when you do work, you feel like you should be having more leisure time.

So what do you do in order to break this cycle and how do you start producing content so you can promote your affiliate offers?

Giving Something Up

Avoiding Burnout While Building a Business

There are ways that you can make content that eat into your other time.

You can get up a little earlier or a lot earlier and start working on stuff, make videos while the kids are sleeping, or record your podcast while the kids are sleeping.

I know that when I started my podcast, I was doing it in my car on the way to work or I would record after the kids went to bed, which didn’t always work because you know how kids like to keep getting up when they are supposed to be sleeping.

But sometimes you just have to carve out these extra little bits of time in order to make it work.

Now, I know that this isn’t always possible. And there are ways that you can utilize your other time to make it a little bit more productive. But, I know that a lot of people suggest some of these tactics.

Now the problem with this method is that something always has to give. Either you’re giving up time with your kids, you’re giving up time with your spouse, you’re giving up exercising in the morning, or the afternoon, or whenever you normally have time, in order to work.

You’re giving up that extra sleep when you wake up early and you might be crankier and less fully present when you are with your family because you’re just so tired, because you’re losing that extra sleep.

This adds stress to everything, and it doesn’t always work, it’s a quick way to burn out.

Avoid Burnout and Failure

Learn the basics of affiliate marketing in our free course for beginners, and claim your free workbook that includes tips and tricks to plan your schedule while having a balanced life and still building your business.

Make Time More Productive

So in order to fix this situation for myself, I have done a couple of things.

I’ve hired some virtual assistants. One of them writes articles for me and helps me produce content that way. This is only good if you have some extra money in your business that you’re able to spend on workers for yourself.

I also speak articles a lot, like I am right now. I’m speaking this article and then I’m going to have another one of my virtual assistants transcribe this audio into an article for me.

Make Better Use of Your Time

And then I just have to format that transcription and I have an article. It takes a fraction of the time that planning and mapping an article does, and I get to free form and speak out what is on my mind a lot faster than I would sitting there and thinking about making an article.

And even if you do the transcription yourself, it’s still going to save time because you’re getting the thoughts out of your head that are driving you crazy all day that you can’t get out into content form to help your audience because you don’t have time to sit there and type them out or sit there and write them down.

I used onlinejobs.ph to find my virtual assistants, if you’re interested in going that route. You can get assistance on a part time basis or a full time basis, and they have all kinds of cool things like time tracking and Easy Pay (so you can easily pay people, even if they’re on the other side of the world).

If you’re interested in speaking your content, which like I said, helps get thoughts out of your head and helps you just produce content, then I suggest using Happy Scribe for the transcript. And I recommend this program, if you have the extra funds to throw at it.

If you don’t want to spend anything, a lot of phones have a transcription process built right into the recorder. So you just record your voice and then a transcription is spit out. I like the extra tools that Happy Scribe provides, such as listening to the recording as you’re editing the transcript, it makes it a lot easier to work with and it actually saves a lot of time in the process because you can hear what you were saying at the point where something seems off in the transcript.

It’s Important to Break the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle of Bad Habits

No matter whether you’re cutting something out, which is hard to do because it’s always something important or you’re using methods mentioned in the section above of outsourcing work or speaking your content, it is important that you are producing content. You need to always be producing. You need to be finding new ways to help your audience, because the more people you help, the more money is going to follow. We don’t do it just for the money, but money tends to follow where value is provided.

So you want to provide that value to the world. You want to be producing content, and you have to break the cycle of just going to your 9 to 5, being exhausted all the time and only getting one article out per week or one video out per week. It’s just frustrating. And it’s not doing you, your family or your audience any good if you’re not there to be with any one of them.

Learn about time management and more in my affiliate marketing course. So this article is a concept that I include in my affiliate marketing to $10,000 course. To my master affiliate marketing to $10,000 course. I’m creating this course for busy people such as you and myself and trying to find and trying to define the path of earning your first dollar online via affiliate marketing and even if you have a busy schedule.

Last year, I earned over $10,000, and as of right now, I’m over $22,000 on affiliate marketing. And while this may not seem like a lot, I know the method it takes to get you there. And the first $10,000 in any business can be life changing. So if you’re interested in the course, we have a special Early Bird discount as of the writing of this article.

Make sure that you are willing and dedicated to breaking the cycle in your life, and I hope to see you inside the course.

Avoid Burnout and Failure

Learn the basics of affiliate marketing in our free course for beginners, and claim your free workbook that includes tips and tricks to plan your schedule while having a balanced life and still building your business.

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