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Video Transcription

Hey there savvy marketers, this is Justin Coleman with Fruitless Productivity. And today I just wanted to give you a little overview of Funnelytics. You may have heard of it, you may have not. They are currently still in Beta, so keeping it a little bit on the down-low, but they’re getting ready to expand into monthly plans and such. And since they’re getting ready [inaudible] to expand, I kind of wanted to show you exactly what it does. Basically it is your powerhouse funnel mapping tool. If you don’t know what a funnel is, it’s basically a plan for your sales process. If you still don’t know what that means, then we’re going to dive in and we’re going to show you, I’m going to create a new project and for this we’ll call this the tutorial

And then we’re going to create new funnel. Now as for funnels, you’ve probably doodled one on a napkin drawn, drawn one out on a whiteboard. It’s how you want to attract people to your business or product and how you want to educate them and guide them towards the sale. So we’re creating a funnel on a blank canvas is very nice. Kinda like the blank page staring at you. If you are a writer. You can do a funnel if you’re a writer as well. I mean there’s funnels for everything. Anyway, I’m going to start by throwing out a ton. Let’s see, we want to start with, we’ll just start with a generic page right now. This could be our let’s say landing page where we explained what our services are, what our offering is to our target market. And it’s kind of floating out here on a blank canvas.

So how do we get people to our landing page? Well, we could create an opt in, which is basically helpful information that you give away for free to kind of set the stage for your offer for people, but also to provide actual value to educate them. And the cool thing about Funnelytics is it’s a lot of dragon drop. So we can grab our little connector and we want to say we want people to go from our opt in to our landing page. They download our free opt in and they go to our sales page where we say, hey, you liked our free information, maybe you’ll like our service. This could be an example of like if you have a web design business, you could give away the top 10 tips to tidying up your website. And then once they sign up, you could take them to a landing page of, hey, we can SEO optimize and clean up whatever mess you got going on on your website.

I’m from your landing page. You obviously want it to go to a sales page where you say, either in this case, probably contact us because you know, websites are a little more expensive. People don’t want to drop one to 10 grand on the fly. If you get them to the sales page and they end up contacting you or ordering they’re going to be putting in their information to signify that they are interested, then they can go to a thank you page. Ooh, I missed the connection. And Boom, that is a quick sales funnel. What is the point of all this? If you don’t have a plan, then you have a plan to fail. So you need to plan out your sales process. How are you going to get people to your service page? How are you going to get them to buy from you?

Why should they buy from you? It’s automated is another good reason why you need a funnel. You create your opt in once you create your landing page once and you might, you know, update it with your newest offering, your newest information, but basically once it’s created, it’s just little tweaks, optimizations, maybe some split testing, which is, you know, changing little elements here and there to see which one converts better. But I mean this is a basic basic sales funnel and anything that you look at over here, these all have the same feature. They just kind of give you a different styling and different little icon. So you can visualize like instead of a sales page, if you wanted to throw in, say like a sales video, you can do that and easily connect it. Boom. You have a sales video in there trying to sell your services.

If you happen to be something like a website business, maybe you want people to book on a calendars so they go from your landing page, which you’re like, hey, you know, I give this web design service but I have a pretty full calendar, you know, schedule an appointment to contact us. And then there are offline assets where people can contact you on the phone. Those are a little harder to track. Funnelytics doesn’t give a way to track those, but in any case, they’re still important to have on here. If after they book on the calendar, you want them to then go to your sales video, get rid of the phone call for now. If you want them to go from your calendar to a sales video that says, you know, gives them a little more information basically kind of post-sales, then like, thanks for signing up for our free consultation call about your website.

Here’s some steps you need to get ready for the call. So then you can have a video page that then leads to like a thank you page if you wanted to go to from the opt in. If you wanted to throw a little step in here, maybe like an ultimate guide or something along those lines, you can throw that in as well. So that would be considered an upsell. And I usually put those little higher for, so they opt into your free, your Freebie, and then they get hit with maybe, I don’t know, seven something that ends in a seven is pretty popular with marketers. Notice I’m a $7 ultimate guide to optimizing your website, just to kind of prime them to order from you to pull out their wallet basically. We’re not trying to manipulate people here, but we do want them comfortable in spending money with us. If they don’t go for the upsell, then maybe we can get them on a down sell, down, sell down sound. Do we have it down? So I don’t think we have a down sell, so we can duplicate this and we can rename it.

Noun. So, so if they’re like, no thanks. I don’t want to be cool and opt into your $7 ultimate guide. We can say, well, hey, we have a shorter $3 semi ultimate guide. Maybe you want this. And then they’re like, oh sure I want this. And either way they can go to the landing page afterward. Hey, we also offer web services. So basically Funnelytics is a super cool and fast way to build out your sales funnel. You can see how quickly I changed it just on the fly. Like, Hey, what if this, hey, what if this I’ve built out huge sales funnels in like a matter of 10, 15 minutes. I know it seems pretty simplistic on the surface, but I mean, once you get into, you gotta add traffic. So you’re going to email your list, you’re going to have search results. If you’re selected on something and you drag something else onto the canvas, it links it. So you want to be weary of that. I’m running some ad words. Maybe I have banner ads on a specific website. We can line all this up quick and easy, stick it right here. And then we can link each of these. This is how we’re going to drive traffic to our optin.

And then if we have like an email series, like once you do the upsell, like, hey, you are now on my email list, we’re gonna send you again with the Lincoln, we’re going to send you these three emails to try and prime you and get you ready for our web services. So even if they do go to the web services page and they’re like, I don’t need your web services right now, we can still add them to our shiny mailing list. These are called ghost lines where you can just kind of, they’re not like a direct link, but you, you kind of symbolize like, hey, once they do the upsell, they get onto this mailing list. You can duplicate these easy enough and say, well, here’s the down sell list. You know, maybe you want to try and resell them the upsell or again, maybe a different way.

This gives different information than the upsell. So you went to pitch them in a different way. You need a different mailing lists to try and get people to go to your landing page. We have a text tool if you want to throw in random texts, like do, oops, went full screen. So we can say like, this is one, so we can throw in helpful texts for us. And then you can say like, this is stage two. A lot of times if I’m mapping like connecting funnels, which we can get into in a later video, I’ll say this is this type of funnel. This is this type of funnel. We want to lead people in this way with this type of funnel, that sort of thing. We also have actions. So if you want to track people filling out a form, you can do that.

If you want to track them clicking a specific button, we can track that. We can also drag our line down here a little bit. You can track, you know, popups if the pop up box fired, if they make a purchase. A good one if you have e-com is like add to cart. You can track how far people scroll down a page. And that’s helpful if you want to see if people are even seeing your pertinent information, if you need to move, like your call to action of hire, if they’re not even getting to it, that kind of thing.

And again, we kind of touched on the offline, like if you want to schedule a meeting or whatever from your contact, a in person meeting, or maybe you want to do the phone call or you want to hit them with a text message, come from nation, you can easily map all that out. And one of the cool features of this is we’re not just mapping there’s not going to any data running through this since I just built it. But we can analyze and you can see up here, we can see how many people are running through our funnel. And if you set up what pages mean that you have a lead. So if they hit this upsell page, obviously you have a lead because they opted in. So you can set a goal on this for that to be a lead page. Sales and the value, you can set all of that on the pages and application might be like, you know, they filled out the form on this page that would be considered an application.

So you hit analyze, you can select your date range and once you have this hooked into your website with the code, you’ll see your traffic and the different percentages running through your funnel. So you can see where your bottlenecks are, where people dropped off or you may need to optimize to get people in lots of good stuff and they just keep coming out with more. Like I said in the beginning, it’s in Beta, so they’re adding a lot more. I’ve seen a sneak peek of what they’ve got coming includes like forecasting for your funnel. They have these little dots running through everything. So you can see like you’ve got crazy people coming from banner ads, but only a couple leads coming from emails. So I mean, it’s very visual. If you have this web design business that we just drew out here, it will be awesome to show your clients.

What we did here with the mapping that is the free version of Funnelytics the analytics is pay per year or quarter at the moment. They have monthly coming out soon so it’ll be a little more affordable for people. And that is a surface level overview of funnel attics and you can see easily how it can be helpful for your business. You can easily save, you can save a got in the way. You can save a, this is a template if you create like a, a good basic funnel that you want to drag into other funnels to connect. Or if you wanted to co connect this more complicated one to other funnels you can do that by saving it as a template dragging into like a, a master funnel, a canvas. You can do that. You can export as a p and g.

Like say you have a client that doesn’t want to sign up for Funnelytics you can export a picture like, Hey, I’m going to build this for you. You know, easy way, easy visual way to show them what you’re going to build. And then they also have a share link where you can share this funnel. They’ll get a sign up page where they’ll sign up and then they’ll be able to access this exact funnel that you just built. There’s also client sharing where you will have basically this share link is just so they can have this funnel, but if I make a change they won’t see it. They also have client sharing where it’s kind of like a Google doc where you’re collaboratively working on it together. I just saved, so that’s fine. If you want to see like an example of Ada or g or funnel, I designing a class on how to build funnels.

Go figure. And I built this in about 15 minutes so you can see I have like a lead magnet magnet, excuse me, magnet funnel an ask funnel where we kind of ask them like, Hey, what do you want to see? And this class. We have a free class and I guess the ask funnel comes after that cause we’re asking after the free class, you know, what do you want to see in this paid class? That way I’m, before I even built it, I can pre-sell the class, I can plan to presale the class, I can ask them what they want to see in the class and I can even keep this live after this paid class goes live because it’s always good to get feedback from people. Like what do you want to learn so I can add it cause I don’t know what my target market wants to learn or at least everything that they want to learn. So we can ask them and we can plan. And that in a nutshell is Funnelytics. If this looks like a cool tool that you want to utilize, I have an affiliate link down in the description. Also put a link on this video.

I am not an employee of Funnelytics but I am an affiliate so I get a commission if you decide to go pro. But as you can see, just having this plan in general is a very powerful tool. From this, you can get your build list, like once you have it built out, I need to write this email. I need to write this email, I need to build this optin. I need to build this opt in page. I need to build the videos for this class, the videos for the sales page. It, it’s great for planning. Trust me and this functionality of planning it out is free. So again, affiliate link. If you want to join Funnelytics I would be happy you can reach out to me and I can share some more tips and tricks. You can let me know what you want to learn. See there I did it again, asking my audience, what do you want to learn about Funnelytics? And I can show you I can show you how it applies to your business. Create a specific video just for you. Or if it’s a good video, I might throw it up on the channel. So if all this looks like a good deal, especially for free sign up. And like I said, hit me up and thank you for watching.


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