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If you love browsing the web most of the time, then you probably know how engaging videos are.

Videos have the ability to establish a connection to the viewer no matter what type of website they visit.

According to statistics, 68% of people watch videos to learn something new or to solve a problem.

If they want to learn how to do crochet, they can just easily watch a tutorial on YouTube and learn the methods right away. 

Or if they’re looking for a skincare product for their skin, they’ll just search for “the best skin care product for oily skin” on Google.

They will then get results and instantly click the one that has a video explaining the product.

Individuals tend to learn more on videos because it saves them time compared to reading online content.

That’s why videos are very useful in the marketing industry.

Importance of videos in the marketing industry

Watching Videos

Companies need to get the right tools to stay relevant in the business world.

Video content marketing is a very powerful strategy in marketing since it is excellent in lead generation.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to start video marketing for your business.

It builds trust

Marketing is completely based on trust and building relationships with your customers.

When you create videos, it creates a bridge to your customers that will make you earn their trust more.

An excellent return of investment (ROI)

Most companies spend thousands on a product commercial because they know it gives them a good ROI.

Boosts conversions and sales

When you add a product video to your landing page, there will be a huge chance that it will increase conversions by 80%

It can also start generating sales immediately since a majority of users who watch videos about any product subsequently purchased it.

Videos are attractive to Google

Videos make visitors stay longer on your page, and this is a great way to tell Google that your site provides longer exposure.

This means that it is a trustworthy site and it is most likely to get high rankings on search engines.

And since Google owns YouTube, your videos can contribute to your rank.

Mobile users love watching videos

If you own a mobile phone, then I’m pretty sure you can agree on the fact that you sometimes spend long hours watching videos online.

With the growing number of smartphone users, building an audience through videos is a great marketing strategy.

A video explains anything

If you’re planning to launch a new product or service, people are most likely interested to know more about it by watching videos.

Videos have this amazing power to explain everything in one place rather than spending hours reading and doing research.

It is an essential element in email marketing

Video email marketing is simply the process of sending emails and adding relevant videos that contribute to higher click rates.

Start growing your business with Hippo Video

Hippo Video Main Logo

Building a connection with your clients through videos is a great way to grow your business.

Sometimes the whole creating and editing process can take days to finish unless you use Hippo Video.

Hippo Video is an easy-to-use Personalized Video Distribution Platform that’s ideal for marketers who want to try video content marketing.

It comes with the best tools to help you get started so you can finally reach prospects and gain their trust easily.


Create Video Emails

Experience hassle-free video email marketing to attract more leads.

Record videos with your webcam, screen, or even both to communicate with your prospects better.

Editing is also a lot easier with Hippo Video since it has both basic and advanced editing tools.

Personalized Sales Pages

You’ll also get your personalized sales pages that you can use to add video testimonials, product demos, and more on the same page.

This way, you can get higher engagement by providing your prospects with a personalized experience and close sales faster.

Personalized Email Campaigns and Prospecting

Instead of just telling your prospects about your products or services, why not include video that shows how it works for them?

Easily increase your email response rate in a few clicks by creating a personalized email campaign with Hippo Video.

You can also automate the entire sales process to send videos to your recipients.

Progress Tracking

Each sales page can be tracked on Hippo Video so you’ll get detailed reports on how your page is doing.

This is a great tool to identify weaknesses and do all the necessary steps for improvement.

Marketing and Analytics

The platform provides insights with common metrics such as views, watch rate, share rate, retention rate, play rate, and even a demographic report.

It also comes with relevant CTA buttons that you can add to your videos and a lead generation form to collect viewer information.

Communication Tools

Videos allow you to collaborate with your teams easily.

Hippo Video allows you to have exclusive discussions with your members through a password-protected platform for meetings.

It also has mark-up tools that you can use on your presentations to emphasize what’s important.


All your information and data are guaranteed safe all the time since it is stored in a secure environment.

Accessibility is also based on each team member’s role on the platform to enforce segregation of duties.

Customer Service

It also has an excellent customer service platform that will help you troubleshoot problems or teach you how to grow your business.


If you’re new to the whole video marketing process, Hippo Video can help you get started.

You will be personally guided by Jeffrey Gitomer, a video sales coach who will teach you about video selling and prospecting. 

What can you create with Hippo Video?


Video for Sales

Boost response rates with ease through video selling so you can start generating sales and leads in no time.

Customer Support

Video for Customer Support

The platform is also a great way to reach your clients to provide support so they can have all their queries answered directly through videos.


Video for Marketing

Easily convert viewers into customers through video email marketing and start generating more leads securely.


Video for Teachers & Trainers

Teachers and trainers can create a personalized virtual classroom using the Hippo Video browser extension.

This is ideal in today’s world since classes are taught online.


Video for Communication

Easily collaborate with your teams to deliver information and communicate on projects and more.


Video Recorder API for Developers

The platform offers embeddable API integration for quick video creation anywhere by using a browser extension and a simple code. 

Does Hippo Video add watermarks?


Hippo Video doesn’t leave a watermark on your videos, so you don’t need to worry about the software getting promoted on your videos.

Who can use Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is best for sales teams, marketers, teachers, trainers, or any individual who wants to try video content marketing.

The Hippo Video Lifetime Deal

The Hippo Video Lifetime deal comes with All Pro Plan features to help you get started on video content marketing such as:

  • Unlimited full HD recordings
  • Mobile app
  • GIF thumbnail
  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • Default sales pages
  • Add text in video
  • Teleprompter
  • Branding customization
  • CTAs and meeting link
  • Pro edit and green screen
  • Organize into folders
  • Customizable sales pages
  • Documents in sales pages
  • Integrations: LinkedIn, HubSpot, Zapier, Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail

Where to get the Hippo Video Lifetime Deal?

Get the exclusive Hippo Video lifetime deal on AppSumo to skip paying monthly or annual plans at a very affordable price.

Hippo Video Lifetime Deal Tier 1

License Tier 1

This lifetime deal is great for 1 user and it comes with 200 GB monthly bandwidth, 25 GB storage, and all the other features above.

Hippo Video Lifetime Deal Tier 2

License Tier 2

This lifetime deal works for 2 users and are given 400 GB monthly bandwidth, 100 GB storage, a custom domain, and a people tab.

Plus all the features we mentioned before.

Hippo Video Lifetime Deal Tier 3

License Tier 3

This lifetime deal allows up to 5 users with 1 TB monthly bandwidth, 250 GB storage, custom domain, people tab, user roles, and team reports.

All the features above are also included along with an advanced video reports feature.

Why should you get the Hippo Video Lifetime Deal on AppSumo?

AppSumo logo

AppSumo has all the best lifetime deals on software products that are cheaper compared to the regular prices.

It is a legit website and users can take advantage of their 60-day-money-back-guarantee in case they think it’s not for them.

The Happy Video lifetime deal on AppSumo is basically a one-time purchase for lifetime access on the software.

Users can also downgrade or upgrade to any plan anytime, so it’s considered a great investment especially for marketers.

Hippo Video has more exciting features available on their platform that you should try for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Start video marketing for your business now by clicking the banner below get this exclusive offer.

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