You’ve likely heard of affiliate marketing, and maybe have even read a little bit about it, but you still may be confused on how affiliate marketers make money.

The whole process can seem kind of confusing, as affiliate marketers may not even have their own products to sell, but they’re still able to generate an income from what they’re doing online.

So in this article, I would like to shed a little bit of light on the different ways that affiliate marketers are able to make money, and some are able to make an insanely good living at what they do.

Working on Commission

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money

You can think of the job of affiliate marketer as someone who is in sales and works on commission.

If you think about a normal sales job, you have people who may get a base salary, but oftentimes they are just paid a percentage of the sales that they make. Sometimes they may get a recurring fee for a sale if the company is generous enough to pay them monthly for sales they’ve made previously.

The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is that you’re not tied down to just one company, and you’re free to make money with various companies.

It is good to pick a niche as an affiliate marketer because you don’t want to be marketing to a bunch of different types of people who have different problems. You want to be learning what people in a specific target market need to have solved, and then working to provide them with affiliate offers that will solve their problems.

In this way, you’ll be able to focus more and ultimately make more money because of that focus.

Selling Their Own Products

Affiliate marketers can also make money by selling their own products alongside affiliate offers.

If a company has a product that relates well to another product, but isn’t in direct competition, they can sell their products alongside the affiliate products and get a commission for a product that they don’t even own.

A good example of this is if you’re a service business and you sell web design, but maybe you don’t offer services to provide ads for companies, or SEO services for companies, then you could be an affiliate marketer for a marketing agency.

You can build the websites and then recommend the services of an agency that you are working with and get a commission of sales from said agency that goes along well with your business.

It fits your product and it gets you extra profit without having to do the extra work or hire the extra people to facilitate offering those services.

Giving Away Free Stuff

Another way that affiliate marketers make money is that they give away free offers to go along with affiliate offers.

If they know of a good resource to create that the target audience for the affiliate offer would love as a lead-in or a pre-framing to the affiliate offer. Then, they’re able to provide value to the audience, make the connection, and ultimately collect an email before sending people to the company’s website to buy the affiliate offering.

Collecting emails and being able to email the list with your own offers or other affiliate offers is a great way for any affiliate marketer to make extra money and build up their own business by building their email list and building their customer base.

Most affiliate programs won’t give you the email address of people who sign up, so if you write, say, a blog article and people read it and click through to your affiliate offer and sign up and you get a commission, that’s great. But the future value of that customer is likely gone if they never revisit your website again.

If affiliate marketers go through the effort of giving away this free value, then they’re able to collect emails, build their email list, and hold that future value to sell people more things and provide them more value in the future.

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