There are a lot of reasons that you would want to add your website link to your TikTok bio.

You can lead people to further valuable content on your website, offers you have, or other platforms you want people to follow you on.

The problem is, if you have a personal account you aren’t able to add your own link to your bio.

So how do you direct your TikTok fans where you want them to go?

Here are 3 different methods you can use even if you aren’t allowed to have a link in your bio.

1. Add a TikTok Link When Your Account Doesn’t Allow

I personally use this method in my videos, and while it is effective, it takes a little extra work on your audience’s end.

It involves buying your own branded link, setting up a website, and adding redirects to your important links.

Buy a branded shortlink domain

You can buy a short link that still represents you or your brand.

GoDaddy Short Link

This makes it easy to remember and type in, which is good, because people will need to type it in manually to get to where you want them to go.

This is our workaround for not being able to have a clickable link.

I bought, to represent Master Sales Funnels. This way it still sounds like my brand, and I don’t have to use like everyone else on earth.

I buy my domains from GoDaddy, but Google Domains are good as well and come with free Privacy Protection.

Setup a WordPress site

After you have your branded domain, make your WordPress Website.

Use your new, short domain name to set the “website” live.

You won’t need a WordPress theme or anything fancy. This is just a blank install.

The purpose of this is to give us a platform that we control so we can redirect our TikTok audience where we want them to go from our videos.

I also have much more control of my redirects because it’s on a platform in my hosting account (check out my Siteground Review for info on a good hosting platform).

I also don’t incur any extra cost past my normal monthly hosting costs.

I have a redirect for the main shortlink URL ( as well, so if people try to go to the homepage they are redirected to my landing page built on Switchy.

I update this frequently with my new offers so if people just type in they are still able to navigate to where I want them to go.

Install Redirection plugin and add redirects

Install the Redirection plugin on your new, blank WordPress site.

Redirection Plugin

This will allow you to redirect your TikTok audience to where you want them to go.

No one wants to type in a huge string of a URL.

Instead of sending people to, I can just tell them to head to

Sweet, simple, to the point.

Make your video and add your link

Make your awesome videos the way you usually do.

At the end (or wherever makes sense), be sure to mention the link that people should go to.

Add the link in text on the screen.

This obviously won’t be clickable, but your TikTok followers will be able to see it and type it into a browser if they are interested in learning more.

This is why it’s important to use a shortlink, and a branded shortlink is best in my opinion.

I also make it a point to point my finger at the link when I mention it to draw as much attention to it as I can.

How to Put a Link on TikTok

2. Using A Link Shortener Like Switchy

Similar to the strategy above, you can use link shortener software to make your links shorter and add the redirects you need.

If you go this route, I would use a software like Switchy.

They allow for you to add tracking parameters to your links, including a Facebook Pixel, AND you can build out your own custom landing page.

TikTok Landing Page

You even get to add your own custom domain, so you can utilize the strategy in option 1 and get a branded short link, and save the hosting and dev time to make your WordPress install.

A good thing to note: my SiteGround hosting account costs $44/mo and I’m able to add several other websites to it. Switchy costs $39/mo at the lowest package.

It all depends on the method you want to use, and how important it is for you to get links to your audience.

3. Creating a Business Account

The other way to get a link is to make a Business Account.

I don’t recommend you do this to your TikTok profile.

Virality on TikTok is largely based on what song you use, and with a business account, most sounds and songs are not allowed for commercial use, so you can’t jump on any of the latest trends.

If you want to create a TikTok Business Account, or convert your personal to a business account, you can check out this guide.

With a business account you get analytics, but I don’t see much point in analytics if you don’t get much reach and following because you are limited by not being able to use commercial music.

I would stick with method 1 or 2 above if you want to get people off the TikTok platform and onto some of your own content.

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