In this blog post, we will be talking about how to start affiliate marketing and find out which strategies are great for beginners who want to make money online.

The thought of earning money on the internet has always been interesting but sometimes there are just a few things that make you think if you should really try them for yourself.

I’m pretty sure by now you’re still looking for answers on how you can make money online without even actually selling products.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra income online. It’s easy to do and lets you earn money while you sleep.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing and why do you think you should try it too?

What is affiliate marketing?

According to statistics, 80% of brands run affiliate programs to drive traffic to their landing page and generate sales.

Affiliate marketing is a tactic that involves earning commissions by promoting products or services of the advertiser as an affiliate.

How affiliate marketing works

The process is actually very simple to understand.

  • First, the affiliate, AKA publisher, promotes a product and encourages consumers to buy it using their affiliate link. 
  • Next, the consumer gets redirected to the advertiser’s landing page where they can purchase the product.
  • Lastly, the consumer buys the product, and the affiliate earns a small commission for converting them into customers.

Most affiliates have their own platform where they can post or talk about a particular product or service of a brand that they are affiliates of.

How to start affiliate marketing as a beginner

Becoming an affiliate marketer requires time and lots of patience since it’s not something that you can learn after binge-watching YouTube videos about it.

I’m not saying that you can’t learn anything just by watching videos but if you’re really interested to find the perfect strategy as an affiliate, then you should invest your time in something that doesn’t leave you confused.

Taking an online course about affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get all the answers to your questions and saves you a whole lot of time researching which methods are effective and which ones aren’t.

We highly recommend taking the “Master Affiliate Marketing to $10K Course” because the things you can learn from the course itself make you ahead of other affiliates since most online courses nowadays can be outdated.

And if you’re still wondering why this course can teach you how to start affiliate marketing, see for yourself and enjoy the perks of becoming an instant affiliate of the course so you can start earning commissions. It’s that simple!

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How do I become an affiliate marketer?

Amazon, ClickBank, and CJ Affiliate are a few examples of companies that run affiliate programs that aspiring affiliates can join.

It is usually free to become an affiliate marketer but sometimes it can be a long process since most platforms have special requirements before you can even get started as a publisher.

Alternatively, there’s a quick and easier way to become an affiliate and all you have to do is to buy one of their products.

As mentioned, you can also take our online course to start earning money while in the process of learning the different strategies to apply.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

The amount of money an affiliate can earn depends on the commission structure set by the brand.

For example, Brand XYZ gives up to 10% commission on sales in their Fashion category and 5% in their Beauty category.

The affiliate marketer promotes a product from the fashion category and posts their affiliate link for that particular product.

The consumer clicks the link, but instead of buying the affiliate product, they buy something from the other category.

The affiliate still earns commissions for promoting the product, but can only get 5% instead of 10%.

That’s because the affiliate link contains a special code, AKA the affiliate cookie, that gets stored in their browser and tells the merchant whose platform they came from.

However, the thing about these cookies is that they have limits like an expiration date or a special policy where you might lose commissions if the potential customer clicks on a different affiliate link.

Why should you try affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing isn’t a new topic for some and basically, the reason why people become affiliates is that it’s a good opportunity to earn money as a side hustle.

So what other reasons make affiliate marketing even more interesting?

It’s low-risk and easy to do

Compared to other things you can do to earn money on the internet, affiliate marketing is less risky and very easy to do.

You don’t need to hire an entire team to promote other people’s products and it’s not necessary to have a good following when starting since you can gradually make your way out there.

Plus, if you’re planning to build your own website, there are tools online that you can use to build one in less than a day – that is if you’re not on a tight budget.

It can be a fulfilling experience

You get to earn money even if you’re not doing it full time and you can even build a community that you can control. 

The comments section below your blog post, Instagram or Facebook post, YouTube videos, etc., are where people can also exchange opinions about the topic.

Sometimes it is also where you will meet people who actually loved the product you were promoting.

It’s not just something that you can do for personal gain, but it’s your way of changing other people’s lives because you know the products you’re promoting very well.

Things every beginner affiliate marketer needs to know

Taking notes to start affiliate marketing

What happens when you’re finally ready to kickstart your journey as an affiliate marketer?

Some people take time to get the answers that they seek, but since this article is about how to start affiliate marketing, here are tips that you might find useful:

Find a niche

Choose a niche that you find very interesting and have it as the main theme of your platform. Take note that it has to be something that you really like, and not something that’s based on what’s trending. This helps you find products that you want to promote and also serves as a motivation to keep doing better.

Identify your target audience

The next thing to do is to find out who your target audience is. You can do some research about people with the same interests as yours. Knowing who your target audience is helps you understand your prospects more. And it can also help you in creating the best content for them.

Find out where your target audience is

Your target audience is most likely congregating in a place like a social media platform where they spend too much time talking about things that they like. For example, your target audience loves gaming, they’re most likely found on groups or forums that talk about gaming. 

Start building your platform

When building a platform, it’s not always about creating a website because social media channels are also great for beginners. The thing that makes websites better than social media accounts is that you can use SEO to rank high on search engines. However, it may take time but it is a very effective way to earn money while you sleep.

Create valuable and relevant content

Affiliate marketing also involves content marketing. Your content has to be interesting, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. Don’t always aim to create any type of content just to earn commissions. It has to provide value so that your audience will keep coming back for more.

Consistency is the key

Staying consistent as an affiliate marketer will also give you a consistent source of income. The reason is that blogs and social media accounts that are always posting fresh content, are easily recognized by the internet. For example, YouTube likes to show relevant videos from channels that are always posting new video content.

Engage with your target audience

Engaging with your audience in the comments section or answering their queries is what establishes trust and keeps them interested to interact with you. It also gives them a good impression of you.

Build relationships with other affiliates

Building relationships with affiliate marketers in your niche is also essential since it gives you an opportunity to interact with their audience someday. It’s a very simple strategy to do but it doesn’t happen overnight and there can be “picky” ones. 

Always read the fine print

One last thing that you should always remember is to read the fine print. Read everything about the commission structure, the terms of the affiliate program, and everything that will help you understand how it works. This is very important so that when the time comes, you wouldn’t end up asking yourself why you’re not earning commissions. 

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