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Monetizing your content in social media isn’t always that easy and sometimes promotions aren’t that enough.

No matter how valuable your content can be, it just doesn’t seem to be generating a good amount of conversions.

Plus, competing with other influencers also makes everything extra challenging.

Earning Money as an Influencer

In the digital world, influencers are quite well-known for the content they produce for the internet.

Some become influencers by accident – because of a viral funny video that has millions of views – or by becoming an influencer in the first place.

Most influencers make money through sponsorships, becoming an affiliate, or selling products to their audience.

Did you know?

Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries that started from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion last year, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub.

What is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing is modern-day social media marketing that involves endorsements from celebrities and influencers.

It can also be through brand collaborations for a certain product or service, like what most world-famous makeup artists on YouTube usually do.

Famous influencers seem to have this powerful ability to affect the buying decisions of consumers since a lot of people trust them more.

However, the entire concept of influencer marketing doesn’t primarily involve getting quick results since it works similarly to social media and content marketing.

Sometimes, influencers don’t even generate a good amount of money through promotions.

What other ways can influencers make money?

Influencers can also make money through doing fan shoutouts, requests, merchandise, and more.

But how can you make it possible if you don’t know how to get things done in the most efficient way since you don’t have enough time?

Although there are tools online that you can use, the only problem is that you might find it difficult to manage.

Since most tools aren’t found in one place like payment portals that aren’t often included in most influencer tools.

But have you ever thought that you can manage payments, get notifications from fans, and deliver your merch at the same time to make money?

Why not start making money from your bio link with Hypage, the newest and most reliable tool for social media influencer marketing?

What is Hypage?

HyPage Logo

Hypage is a micro-landing page builder that lets you generate revenue without worrying about transaction fees.

The platform is an excellent alternative for Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, Gumroad, and Kofi since it comes with its own payment processor.

Coaches and content creators can also take advantage of the platform’s amazing features.

Tools and Features

The micro-landing page isn’t just like any typical online store since it also comes with impressive features for influencers.

Premade Themes

Hypage Features 2

Skip the process of designing your page since you can use premade themes right away.

Secure Payment Methods

Hypage also has a built-in payment portal for your audience that’s always secure and reliable.


You can also track data with Hypage since it can also generate statistics for you.

However, the developers recommend using GTM or Google Analytics.  

Collect Emails

Building your email list is also possible with Hypage so you can connect with your fans through email marketing.

Plus it only takes one link to do that.

Hypage Features


Add custom widgets to collect donations and be informed of fan requests right away.

Generate Links

Create links that stand out with Hypage just like Bitly and Tinyurl, but better and more attractive.

Shipping Methods

The platform will deliver your products to your customers for you, so you can focus more on creating killer content on the internet.

Benefits of using Hypage

Influencer Marketing

With Hypage, you can start selling digital content like premium videos, files, ebooks, and more.

Hypage will take full responsibility of delivering files, handling secure payments, security, and user access.

Rather than creating your membership site, you can skip the long process and let Hypage handle everything for you.

The best part? You’ll only need one link for your bio page and that’s it.

You can start getting paid.

When your fans or customers click the link on your bio, a checkout window pops up so they can easily make a transaction.

Where can I use Hypage?

Social media is the influencer’s marketplace and luckily, Hypage can be used for:

Hypage Lifetime Deal
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitch

Collecting your sales on Hypage

Getting your hard-earned income is easy and you only need to connect your Stripe or PayPal account to get paid.

Hypage offers zero transaction fees and these payment channels might get 3% from your sales, so you might need to take note of that too.

How to get Hypage?

You can get Hypage on their page for free or you can also opt for their two premium plans that let you enjoy more features.

The Hypage basic plan is 100% free and lets you enjoy these amazing features:

  • Customize colors
  • Pixel integration / retargeting
  • Use hy.page domain
  • Link thumbnails
  • Embeds (Javascript)
  • Emphasize Links
  • Collect emails
  • Unlimited links per page
  • Video links
  • Social icons
  • Stripe / Paypal
  • Pre-made designs

The Hypage Pro Plan costs $19 a month that comes with all the features on the basic plan and:

  • Start selling products
  • 3 domains
  • Unlimited links for your page
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Receive donations from your followers
  • Take requests from fans
  • Get rid of the Hypage branding

The Hypage Enterprise Plan costs $39 a month and combines basic and pro plan features including:

  • Build & sell a subscription
  • Build & sell a membership
  • Use up to 6 domains

Now that you know how the software works and how much it regularly costs, let’s talk about what you’ve been waiting for, the lifetime deal.

The Hypage Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

When you get the Hypage lifetime deal on AppSumo, you’ll get lifetime access to Advanced and Enterprise plans.

It also includes all plan updates and you can upgrade or downgrade to any existing plan.

Here’s what you can do on any Hypage lifetime plan:

  • Customize colors
  • Pixel integrations
  • Sell products
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Accept donations
  • Remove branding
Hypage Lifetime Deal 1

License Tier 1 $39

This deal includes:

  • All the features we mentioned above
  • 3 domains and a custom domain
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited contacts
Hypage Lifetime Deal 2

License Tier 2 $79

This deal includes:

  • All the features we mentioned above
  • 10 domains and a custom domain
  • Unlimited products and contacts
  • Selling subscriptions and memberships

License Tier 3 $149

Hypage Lifetime Deal 3

Includes all the features on License Tier 2 but with 25 domains

License Tier 4 $299

Hypage Lifetime Deal 4

Includes all the features on License Tier 2 but with 50 domains

License Tier 5 $399

Hypage Lifetime Deal 5

Includes all the features on License Tier 2 but with 100 domains

AppSumo logo

Is AppSumo legit?

AppSumo is the leading marketplace for digital products that lets you pay less for high-quality software that you can get lifetime access with

All products on their platform are made by digital companies that are new in the industry, that’s why getting deals from them is a good investment.

Start making the most out of your digital content by getting this Hypage lifetime deal now by clicking here.

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