You’ve likely heard a lot about affiliate marketing, making money online, and whether the whole thing is legit or just one big scam to get people to spend money on trainings and courses and advice from gurus.

In this article, I’d like to explore affiliate marketing a little bit more, break down exactly what it is for you, and tell you why I know for a fact that it’s not a scam.

Why is affiliate marketing legit?

Affiliate marketing is legit because there are plenty of people out there who make an honest living, and sometimes a very good living, as affiliate marketers online.

And I’m not talking about people who are selling the idea of affiliate marketing to other people.

What I’m talking about are people who are helping businesses grow their business by selling their products on a commission only basis.

If you think about most sales positions for a company, a lot of them are either base salary plus commission or some of them are even commission only.

The same goes for affiliate marketers. The only difference is they’re not actually employed for any one company. They work on their own, they’re independent, but they still are just a sales person on commission.

Since you likely believe that sales is a real job, then affiliate marketing is a real job, and therefore, not a scam.

So then what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of finding people that have problems and connecting them to solutions to their problems.

Being the person that facilitates this relationship, naturally, you get paid you get paid by the company that you’re promoting the product for.

The good thing about being an affiliate marketer is that you can work for any number of companies in their affiliate marketing program. You’re not tied down just to one company selling their products and having to live within their business culture, and with their messaging.

You run your own company and sell things on commission for many different businesses.

And people actually make a living at this. Yes, there’s a lot of people that make a really good living at this. I know several people who make $5,000 a month and I personally know someone who’s just had $100,000 month marketing through Facebook and Tiktok.

I myself have made over $20,000 in the last year and a half via affiliate marketing in my business. I know firsthand that it’s legitimate. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

But I thought I could just work from home and make easy money

The truth about affiliate marketing is that it takes work.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme, which is a good thing because get rich quick schemes are the scams in the world.

What it is, is creating a process where, if you do it correctly, you can build a system that makes money for you while you sleep.

There’s a lot of work up front in setting up your systems and getting your content out there, putting the affiliate links in such a way that you’re not high-pressuring people to buy from you, but instead offering them the affiliate product as a solution to the problem that they’re going through.

We don’t want to be salesy and pushy, we want to help people. And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news that you do have to put some work in, but it can be really, really rewarding once you start getting something to work.

Where can I learn how to become an affiliate marketer?

If you saw in the last section that it takes a lot of work, and you still want to be an affiliate marketer, then I’m creating a course just for you.

It’s a course where, if you have not made any money online, I teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how you could go from 0 to your first $10,000 in affiliate marketing.

There’s no guarantees with this course because it all depends on the effort that you put in. And there’s no timetable because this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It all depends on how much time you can put in.

You see a lot of people online claiming that you can make $10,000 a month, and eventually that’s true, but if you have a full-time job like me and a family that you want to spend time with, Then your time is limited and your timetable to your first $10k is going to be a lot longer.

This is a no-nonsense course, and I really want to break it down and be as concise as possible because I know that your time is limited.

So go ahead and click the link here and get in on this course and amazing bonuses.

Affiliate Marketing Course
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