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If you’re looking for a CRM software for your business and want to skip subscription plans, I recommend getting this Agiled lifetime deal.

Switching apps can be frustrating in project management, so why not get something to have everything in one place?

Ever wonder if there’s a simple way to control and organize tasks properly without having to forget about them most of the time?

We’ve all been there and sometimes we even lose our minds the moment we realize that we need to start all over again.

That’s why you should start having a CRM software to run your business in one digital platform without missing anything.


What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be a mobile app or software that lets you manage everything in one place.

If you run a business and find it hard to keep track of your clients and employees, then you need to start using CRM.

When you use a CRM for your business or company, you can easily grow and track your progress, and take necessary actions after.

Why do you need a CRM software for your business?

A CRM software has the best features to manage your projects, clients, members, and anything that’s essential to run a business.

Whether you own a huge or small company, using a CRM system helps your business grow while keeping relationships with your clients.

Why? It’s pretty simple.

CRM isn’t just something that has basic project management tools since it can also provide customer data reports.


It works by having access to customer data while keeping a collection of it to help identify trends and insights about them.

This way, you can still present products or services for them and provide faster customer service through its messaging feature.

However, these are just the basic features of a CRM software, and if you want one that has excellent features, just keep reading.

What is Agiled?

Agiled Logo

Agiled is a CRM platform that lets you keep track of your projects, tasks, employees, time, expenses, and more.

Since it is one of the best CRM software out there, you can easily manage your business by using its amazing features.

The app also has high ratings on several trusted customer review sites such as TrustPilot, Capterra, and G2. 

Agiled Ratings

Core Features

Having everything organized is essential in customer relationship management, that’s why Agiled has features to make it easier for you.

Project Management

Managing projects have never been easier with Agiled since you can finally see updates on everything in one place.

Financial Management

Create invoices, track payments and expenses, manage client subscriptions, and more with Agiled to stay on top of your finances.

Customer Management

Easily reach clients and manage leads since Agiled comes with a white-label ready Client Portal to track customer activity.

Employee Management

You can also track attendance of your employees with ease, since Agiled records whenever they log in through the employee portal.

Task Management

Create tasks easily with Agiled and assign to any team member while keeping track of their progress.

Automated Workflow

Let Agiled do everything for you on Autopilot in case you’re going on a vacation or you’re still new to the platform.

Analytical Insights

Easily get insights and reports about your business with Agiled Reporting.

Online Selling

Start selling your products on the web with Agiled and create payment options and invoices in one place.

Although Agiled has more features than what we just mentioned, you should try it yourself to learn more by clicking here.

Agiled Review

I had a chance to explore the platform myself since I was given exclusive access to the Agiled App a few days ago.

After logging in, you’ll be redirected to your member homepage or dashboard that displays most of your progress.

Agiled Member Dashboard

You can also log your attendance here to let your employer know when you started working.

On the left side, you can see the different features for project management.

Agiled features

Additionally, if you want to switch to a darker theme, you can just tap the night mode option at the bottom part of the page.

Agiled Night Mode

To be honest, as someone who never used an app similar to Agiled before, I can say how impressive and easy the app’s features are.

At first, I was overwhelmed by the features on the app and thought it might be complicated to use until I checked each tab.

Turns out, it didn’t have surprises that might be difficult for me to understand since it works similarly to a computer.

What makes it stand out to other project management platforms that I’ve tried before is its feature that keeps track of your finances.

Agiled Finances

I would definitely recommend this project manager and CRM software to anyone who runs a business.

How will Agiled help your business grow?

Start using Agiled for your business, to easily maintain customer relationships while improving business performance.

If they’re having trouble with any product or service, they can easily reach you, that’s why CRM is an essential tool in aftersales service.

Happy Customers

After-sales service is what most companies lack and it is one of the reasons why most of them fail.

Luckily, Agiled helps increase customer satisfaction to get loyal customers and increase brand value.

When people love your products and are satisfied with your services, there’s a higher chance that they’ll tell others about it.

It’s like free advertising through word of mouth, and that’s what most individuals believe compared to seeing Ads on the TV.

Agiled helps maintain this relationship with the consumer since it has features to keep up with them.

The platform is also a great lead management software to easily add leads, follow-ups, send proposals, and more to close a deal.

Thus, resulting in more profit and a potential increase in sales.

So, if you want to increase sales and attract more potential customers, start managing your business with Agiled now.

Where to get a lifetime deal on Agiled?

Getting a monthly subscription plan is a lot more expensive, why not get a lifetime deal instead?

AppSumo logo

Save more with the Agiled lifetime deal on AppSumo depending on your preferred plan ranging from $69 to $207.

That’s huge savings for lifetime access to the best CRM software in town.

What is it all about?

The Agiled lifetime deal on AppSumo offers:

  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Finance
  • Employees
  • Unlimited clients
  • Tasks & projects
  • Time tracker
  • Proposal
  • Contracts
  • CRM
  • File management
  • Quickbooks & Xero integrations
  • Automations
  • Sales pipeline
  • Subscriptions for clients
  • Email integration

Even though these are the basic features available on the three plans, there are also a few differences, so choose your ideal plan here:

Agiled Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

Why should I get the Agiled Lifetime Deal on Appsumo?

Appsumo is the best place to get a lifetime deal on Agiled and other software since they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

That way customers can try any product risk-free and they can return it if they think it’s not the right product for their business.

AppSumo also has the best customer support services to answer all queries regarding their products.

Plus, you can also ask questions to founders and CEOs about any active deal to learn more about their products.

Start growing your business now and get the Agiled Lifetime Deal on AppSumo now by clicking here.

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