Ready to enhance your local business with some high-level online sales techniques? 

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A sales funnel for your local business means establishing a plan to get people in the door. It is always vital to have a plan, and having a mapped out sales funnel that helps drive people to your store puts your plan on a much higher level.

Below we will go over 6 awesome ideas for establishing a sales funnel for your local business.

These are templates that I have created, and are utilized through a free funnel mapping program called Funnelytics.

If you are ready to get started, follow the steps below and read about each of the types of funnels we have created for you to help drive foot traffic to your business.

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6 Local Business Sales Funnel Templates

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Let’s get started going through these local business funnels and dive a little bit into how they can help your business see more foot traffic and sales.

Simple Opt-In Funnel

Simple Local Opt In Funnel

The most basic sales funnel that you can have is the Simple Opt-In Funnel.

The goal is to provide a downloadable guide with information that is valuable to your customer.

Why are we giving away free information when people could pay us for it?

Well, they are still paying for it. It is just with their email address instead of cash. If you put your free content behind what is called an opt-in, the visitor will be required to enter their email address in order to have the content delivered to their inbox.

Now you have the email of a person who is interested in the subject matter you are giving them. If you have your opt-in positioned correctly, this will be related to your products or service that you offer.

Now you can email out in-store coupons so that people can utilize them when they visit your location.

To make sure you are mostly getting local traffic to your site, you can write a guide that is specific to your product or service in your area, and/or pay for Facebook and Search ads for your local area that will drive people to your opt-in.

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Local Awareness Funnel

Local Awareness Funnel
This funnel is much like the previous opt-in funnel, except that now you are going into the funnel build with the idea that you want to be everywhere your local prospects turn online.

The added step to this is that you are adding a blog post that contains local keywords in front of each of your opt-ins to provide more value up-front.

Once people read your post and are interested in your subject, they have the option to download a more in-depth guide.

Just like the opt-in funnel we now have an email address of someone interested in our subjects, and we can send them coupons and other indoctrination material to make them aware of your brand and draw them into your store.

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Appointment Booking Funnel

Appointment Booking Application Funnel
If you are providing a service, like pest control or wedding photography, you want leads to flock to you and schedule appointments to see if they are qualified to work with you.

With the Appointment Funnel, you pull people into a sales page with ads or other inbound marketing techniques such as blogging, and make them an offer. This could be a discount, or a special bundled package of services you don’t normally offer.

Once people are interested, they will fill out an application on your sales page with information about the service they are looking for.

You will then set up your system to email you these responses, and you can see if you are able to work with this person. If they are out of your service area, or if you are busy on their wedding day, for example, then no harm, no foul. Just reply to them and let them know you are unable to help.

If they look like a good fit to work with you, be sure to respond promptly and request a time to get them on the phone and close the sale, or to set up a meeting in person to close the sale there.

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Foot Traffic Funnel

Appointment Booking Application Funnel

I saw this funnel implemented by a big box hardware store, and I thought that it was a really cool idea.

What they did was put a banner on a prominent section of their homepage that stated they will be hanging signs in-store with a special code on it.

The code, once entered online, was emailed to the visitor within 5 minutes, and a gift card between $5 and $500 was given in the email.

There is all kinds of good things happening here.

First, the company is getting people into the store to look for the code.

Second, email leads are collected to send future promotions to, as you don’t get your gift card without entering your email.

Third, even if people get $5, they are already in the store and likely to buy something beyond the $5.

Take a look at this simple funnel and see how you can make it work to drive foot traffic to your store!

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Upsell Local Services Funnel

Upsell Service Funnel
Ready to generate some leads in your niche?

With this funnel, you start with a free consultation, estimate, etc.

On the sales page you give people a choice to either choose the free version, or to pay a small fee for an upsale package.

This benefits in a few ways.

Either you are going to go on a free call and get your foot in the door for future work, or you are going to start your relationship with this customer with a payment.

Since you already have them on your sales page, offering the paid upgrade isn’t much of a detriment. They can still get the free service you advertised, or they can get a better service for a small fee.

Let’s take a pest control example for this.

You can offer a free, in-home inspection and drive people to the opt-in page with Facebook Ads, Search Ads, and some blog posts you have written about preventing pests from taking over your home.

After people decide to opt-in for the free service, they are redirected to an upsell page where they can continue with their free inspection, or they can pay a deeply discounted rate for a preventative spray on top of the free inspection.

Visitors will either opt to stick with the free inspection, or they will pay you the fee for the preventative spray on top of the inspection.

No matter what they choose, they would then be redirected to a calendar page where they would book either their free appointment, or their paid preventative visit.

It’s a win-win for you either way!

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Thought Leader Funnel

Thought Leader Funnel
It’s time to truly become your local expert!

You may have raised some brand awareness with your Local Awareness Funnel, but now is the time to write the book on the subject. Literally.

With the Thought Leader Sales Funnel you will write an in-depth piece of content that covers a topic within your niche.

Once you have your book written, make it official with publication on Amazon.

This may sound like more of a Digital Marketing Funnel, but this will work well with local funnels as well.

To make it more local, you can tailor the topic to your local area. You can then have books printed from Amazon and keep a stack of them handy to hand out to visitors in your shop, or to sell directly from your website.

To give an example, let’s say you are a wedding planner who works in Phoenix, Arizona.

You may write a guidebook called “Planning the Perfect Wedding in Phoenix”.

Inside you can have deals from local vendors, ideal locales to have the ceremony, and some great local spots to get your photos taken, no matter the weather.

In the book you will reference your website, tell about your experience, and even offer your readers a discount on your services.

If you literally write the book on the subject, it’s hard to not be considered the expert, as long as your book is well thought out and helpful to readers.

Sure you will have some people just read the book and use your advise. You got a book sale. Be happy!

Others will see your expertise, see how much work goes into a wedding, and utilize the discount you offer in the book to help free up their time and let you take the reigns.

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Local sales funnels are great ways to attract local clients to your store or website, and promote your local products or services.

Sometimes it is harder to come by local templates as the internet seems to be more geared towards selling things nationwide or worldwide.

The truth is that with a little creativity, and plenty of hard work, you can become the local superstar in your niche. Utilizing any of these 6 local sales funnels can help set you on that path.

Excited to try out some of these sales funnels to help attract customers to your local business?

Be sure to sign up for Funnelytics and download our Guide to Local Sales Funnels!

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Happy Funneling!

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