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Video Transcription

Hey everybody, this is Justin Coleman with Fruitless Productivity. Just wanted to walk you through one of the funnels that I’ve built for a local web design business that I’ve started recently. Just to give you an idea of different kinds of funnels, I thought it’d be a good idea to walk you through, various kinds. So I figured I’d start with this one since I already have a built out. I can show you the map that I built for it and then we can look at each of the pages as we go along to see how it looks.

So to start, we have our landing page, which I have called the ridiculous offer. I read something about a two hour agency where you’re only supposed to be able to spend two hours on in a week. And uh, I was giving that a try. So, this is what I came up with. We have the landing page, which we can see traffic is going to from various sources. I had some ads running for a couple of weeks. We can map the Google search traffic here. And then all of this is leading people to the landing page. When people click through on this page, if they like the offer, they go through to a Stripe checkout page. If you haven’t used Stripe, I would recommend it. They have a really cool checkout process that you can add to your funnels in order to collect payment from people.

It looks pretty slick and it also gives a nice redirect afterwards so you can send them wherever you need to back onto your site. From here we have a cancel payment option. If they canceled it, sends them to the cancellation page and then an option to call or email me. Hopefully they don’t cancel. They click through, they pay for their website that was advertised on the landing page. And then they’re taken to an upsell page where they can buy a year of hosting at a discounted price. So they get like 800 bucks off for the year. It’s normally 150 a month for hosting. And then I’d throw in a lot of advice and kind of try and guide them towards their business goals each month. But they have the option on this page to buy the upsell. If they don’t like that, it automatically takes them to a downsell where they can still get that hosting for 150 a month.

They have the option to go back like, hey, I like that. Like the other discount deal better, take me back to that. So then they can either go back to that or either way if they decide they want one of these deals, they can go to the stripe checkout page or if they don’t like the upsell or the downsell, it takes them to the thank you page. But either way, everything leads to the thank you page. Now if you want to see real quick, some of the pages that I have in this funnel, I mean, as you can see on my website, it’s only three pages. We have the landing page, the upsell, the downsell, and then I guess the thank you, which doesn’t really consist of a lot. But for the landing page, we have our urgency up top.

I did sell one to a client, so we slashed that out and make it six, make it, you know, people want to get in on the deal more. They can claim the website right now, which we’ll shoot them down to the checkout. Uh, going back up we have this nice fixed nav that follows you along so people can jump to different parts of the page. I show companies that I’ve worked with a local here in the Midwest to kind of give some social proof. Social proof is good. If you have past clients a tutor… Testimonials are also extremely good. Then we want to give them a reason, in sales, I guess you’re kind of supposed to make them feel pain, not in a bad way, but you want to kind of poke at like, your business needs a website. If you don’t have a website, you’re killing your business. People legitimize, excuse me, people legitimize the business by being online. And if people can’t find you, your customers are getting your business. So you kind of give them a reason to put them in the mindset of yeah, I really need this service.

And then you give them the solution, you know, you, you point out the pains and then you say, well if you get a website, you can create your own online presence and get out there, be the expert in your area and then how I can help you get online. People want to know the steps in working with you. So to eliminate any confusion, I have the different steps.


I have the different steps in working with me and my company. I have a client from a, a testimonial from a client and then the payment and when you click checkout, um, I have powered by stripe and um, that stripe is secure cause people want to know they’re making secure payments. Below that I have a frequently asked questions because if people have questions, they’re not going to buy from you, especially something that’s $500. They’re not going to buy from you if they still have questions. I also have an exit pop. It’s not popping right now. I’m like, I might have it deactivated at the moment, but it has my email and my business phone number. So to kind of catch people on the way out, they’re like, oh, I don’t want to buy, spend $500 from this guy. So, um, oh, without talking to him first. So the, the exit pop will try and catch those people. Let’s see if I can get it to load.

Hmm. It’s not loading right now. I’ll check into that. Um, once they do, if they do hit the checkout, we have the special one time hosting offer, save $800, and then kind of what the hosting services and why they should get it. Um, why I’m giving them $800 off. I can do more with $1,000 now than 1800 in a year to grow my business. So they get a discount and I get money. Now like I said, if they don’t want this deal, they can say I manage my own website and then they get a, but wait, you can still host with us. You know, we can take care of your website and you can manage your business. You can do what you’re best at, you can manage your business and we’ll take care of everything. Again, I give a little guidance in there cause I like to see my businesses succeed.

And again, they can say, wait, the other deal sounds better. It takes them back to, hey, you can still say $800 a month or sorry, $800 a year. Again, if they want to check out on any of these, they can click checkout and then it goes to this nice page where they input their information or it tells them what they’re getting here. A monthly maintenance, I’m going to go back if they still don’t want it or if they end up purchasing, I’m not going to go through purchasing right now, but all roads lead to the thank you page. Thank you for your order. Give me more detail on your business. What I used to map here is called Funnelytics. If you’re interested in this free mapping tool, go ahead and go down in the description. I’ll put a link to a landing page where you can sign up for Funnelytics.

They have a lot of cool features. If you want to go pro, like you can turn on analytics, conversion numbers. Basically they have flow which has these tiny little dots running through everything. Makes it really visual and really crazy. So if you are a marketing agency or something, I mean you can really show clients your value with this, but again, these features are pro. Um, you could have the mapping tool for free though forever. You don’t even have to input a payment information, I don’t believe. So you can map out and plan this funnel. Um, you can sync up, you can plop in, your, your links and hit the little camera and it will put in these actual, um, if you notice that, an actual, a visual of my landing page here. So it’s very visual. It’ll show clients. You know, I’m going to map this out for you. This is what I want to build for you. Again, the link is down in the description. If you’re interested, um, subscribe. I’m going to be going through different types of funnels for you, and thanks for watching.


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