Tired of Clickfunnels’ lack of helpful analytical data on how your funnel is performing?

Sick of integrating Clickfunnels into Google analytics conversions only to be staring at more numbers that are hard to take action on?

Well then #funnelhacker, this may just be the tool for you!

Introducing Funnelytics!

If you are ready for a visual way to not only analyze your funnels, but also visually map out your entire sales funnel, Funnelytics is going to be the best thing that has happened to you since you first heard the name Russell Brunson or read DotCom Secrets!

Funnelytics and Clickfunnels make the perfect pair.

Plan your funnel in Funnelytics.

Build your funnel in Clickfunnels.

Analyze your funnel flow in Funnelytics and make changes to improve your conversion rates!


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This easy 3 step process is killer and will put you miles ahead of other funnel builders out there.

Impress Your Clients

Being able to show your clients how your funnel is doing for them visually will skyrocket your business to the next level.

No more showing them boring spreadsheets, charts and graphs.

With Funnelytics, now you can show them the exact flow of their traffic with conversion rates laid right overtop.

The funnel will show them screenshots of their actual pages as well to really bring home the custom feel of the project.

Noom Funnel Example

Impress Your Boss

Optimizing a sales funnel for your company?

Justify the expense of Clickfunnels and Funnelytics by showing your boss the KPIs (key performance indicators) she wants to see.

Funnelytics will track number of leads, number of sales, and amount of revenue earned and show you in a neat little report at the click of a button.

You can also leave notes on each step on how you took previous data from Funnelytics to optimize your company’s sales funnel and raise the revenue that the funnel was generating.

Bosses love numbers and she is sure to love the visual analytics and KPI reporting that Funnelytics will bring to your sales funnel process.

Funnel Key Performance Indicators

Impress Yourself

Remember back when you heard about sales funnels and the idea of creating one seemed so daunting to you? Then you got Clickfunnels and knocked your first funnel of of the park?

Funnelytics is like that, but with understanding the numbers running behind your funnel.

No longer do you have to have an IT degree to set up your conversions in Google Analytics, and then still have no idea what the hell is going on inside your funnel.

You will be impressed with how intuitive Funnelytics is, and how easy it will be for you to analyze your funnel and see where people are falling off and what needs to be optimized for raise your conversion rates.

Is it your hook to get people into the funnel? 

Is it your opt-in offer?

Or is your story not compelling enough to sell people?

Just look to see where percentages are low and dots stop flowing, and it’s super easy for you to know where to start making changes!

Funnel Leakage

Funnelytics Is Your Business Intelligence Solution

You can see all of the benefits you get from having a business intelligence solution like Funnelytics.

Visualization of your sales funnel.

Meaningful data you can act upon.

The best news is that Funnelytics now has a pricing structure that is affordable to everyone!

They have taken the program to a monthly payment plan.

It’s free to start and give it a try.

Having been a founding member of Funnelytics for over a year now, I seriously vouch for this program and what it can do for your business, and I know that ClickFunnels users will love the power that it adds to their funnel arsenal. 

Supercharge Your ClickFunnels Analytics

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