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Even if you haven’t taken the challenge yet, you still have the opportunity to be a One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate.

I would still recommend going through the program first so you know what you are selling, but it is possible to not even be a ClickFunnels paid member and sell their products.

Curious on how you can make $100 commission as an OFA affiliate?

Then this is the article for you.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away is an intense 1 month course that blends learning about sales funnels with actually building your first sales funnel as you are learning.

Russell Brunson, the man who shaped sales funnels into what they are today, will provide lectures almost every day within the program, and coaching and other teachings are provided by other field experts such as Steve Larsen, Julie Stoian, and copywriting expert Jim Edwards.

The challenge is to learn the tactics and strategies behind putting together a lead funnel all while actually doing it yourself.

You will learn priceless information such as how to use storytelling as selling, hooking your readers in, creating offer stacks, finding your Dream 100 to generate traffic, and much more.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is just $100 to sign up, and you will likely end up paying for ClickFunnels as well, as that’s where they teach you to build your funnel.

As an affiliate, you get the $100 commission for every person who signs up using your affiliate link.


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Different Ways to Sell One Funnel Away

ClickFunnels offers several ways that you can get people to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge. Depending on who your target market is in selling the program, you can use any or all of these funnels to provide value to your audience.

The idea is to get people to sign up for one of these free virtual summits where they learn various ways to be successful from different types of experts.

At the end of each summit is an offer for them to join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Anyone you get to sign up for the free summit is cookied to your affiliate link and you get credit when they sign up.

Brick and Mortar Funnels

Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit

Brick and Mortar Funnels is a 3-day interview series that takes 14 local business owners and asks them the question “If you had to start from scratch, how would you get 100 new customers into your business in 100 days, with ONLY an internet connection and a ClickFunnels account?”

The interviews that are included are the detailed plans that each of these local business owners would follow to make the goal a reality.

This series will be for affiliates who can speak to local businesses better than national or global businesses.

It is also a timely concept and many local business owners have lost their business lately because of the pandemic.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is advertised throughout the summit pages, so when people sign up, you get that $100 commission.

Affiliate Boot Camp

Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp is a 4 day interview series that takes 15 of the best ClickFunnels Affiliates and asks them how they would go from nothing to being able to support their family just by selling ClickFunnels.

The advice given by these top affiliates is still applicable if you are selling other products, but the idea is that by training people to sell ClickFunnels, they will have more reach and a better retention rate.

One Funnel Away is also advertised throughout the pages of this summit to entice people to sign up after they watch that days videos and get inspired to take action.

Affiliate Bootcamp is a good course to take as a new affiliate, so I would recommend taking it if you are looking to make money doing this.

30 Days Summit

30 Days Summit

The 30 Days Summit takes 30 of the internet’s best digital marketers and asks them how they would save themselves in 30 days if they suddenly lost everything in their business except their marketing knowledge and their ClickFunnels account. 

This is along the same lines as the Brick and Mortar Summit, but applies more to marketers and online businesses.

The 30 Days Summit is also 3 days, and new interviews unlock each day.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is pitched to people as they watch the new videos each day.

Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets is a book that teaches people how to build their downline and run a successful network marketing business.

This book teaches people about the 3 lost funnels that will help them grow their business and have people begging to sign up and become affiliates under them and sell what they sell.

If you know a lot of people who are in network marketing, then it may be easy for you to give them this free book that will allow them to grow their business.

Once they get the free book, they are signed up for an email list that will also be pitching them the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Funnel Challenge

Funnel Influencer Challenge

The Funnel Challenge aims to target people who are or would like to be an influencer and content creator.

These are your bloggers, vloggers, authors, and podcasters who are looking to take their craft to the next level and get paid for what they love to do.

Unlike the above promotions, there is no summit or book that goes with this one.

It’s just a new and awesome way to target a different audience and get them to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge and help boost their personal business.

Promote OFA Directly

One Funnel Away Challenge Logo

Lastly, you can simply use your affiliate links to promote the One Funnel Away Challenge directly.

If you know people who are ready and willing to learn the art of sales funnels and get their first (or next) funnel up and live, then you can just send them to sign up for the challenge and skip all of the other free books and summits.

Which Method is Best to Promote OFA?

It really depends on who your audience is and what you are good at selling.

If you have a history working with local businesses, then the Brick and Mortar summit is the way to go.

If you know a lot of people who are already affiliate marketers, then Affilaite Bootcamp will be an easy sell for you.

If you have a wide reach on the internet and can reach out to marketing hopefuls, then the 30 Days Summit will be the best for you.

Maybe you are a blogger who knows a lot of other bloggers who could benefit from adding funnels to their blog to collect leads, sell products, and make more money.

No matter what method you choose, all roads lead to the One Funnel Away Challenge and your $100 commission.

As a bonus, you also get 20-40% recurring commission on ClickFunnels if people stay on past their 14-day free trial which is promoted during the OFA challenge.

How to Become a One Funnel Away Affiliate

First and foremost, I would recommend actually taking the One Funnel Away Challenge so you know what you are selling. You can learn more by reading The Ultimate Guide to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Not only will you have a better idea what to say in your marketing messages, but you will get a better idea of what ClickFunnels is all about, the culture, the branding, and you should also come away with an excellent knowledge of funnels and selling.

Next become a ClickFunnels affiliate by starting with a FREE 14-day trial and then continue by becoming a paid ClickFunnels member (all members are automatically affiliates). You will get 2 weeks to start selling, cover the cost of your ClickFunnels account, and then keep growing!

Being an affiliate is an awesome, fun, and rewarding challenge. It’s a great way to earn money and test out new marketing skills as you learn them.

Being a ClickFunnels affiliate can build over time as you sell front-end offers and collect recurring commissions on the back end.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is by far the best way to get people in the door.

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