It’s important to stay up-to-date on the different goings-on in the funnel world.

This roundup will keep you updated on the latest funnel news and advice that you should know.

How Marcos Razzetti Helps Companies in Sales Funnel Strategy and Optimization – Yahoo Finance (


● Marcos learned the hard way that most of the things taught in school and public opinion are not valid.

Sales funnel optimization entails tweaking each stage of the sales funnel with the intent of achieving the highest rates of acquisition, lead conversion, and retention of your target audience.

● A website is like a maze. When people visit it, they easily get confused because of the various options that distract them from getting to the product.


It's important to know the difference between formal education and the things that actually work in real life. Don't operate on theories. Operate based on proven tactics and techniques. It's hard to find a school that teaches about funnels, yet they are so powerful in business.

As Marcos points out, traditional websites are like mazes and they don't convert well. Funnels are a smarter way to operate your business and work out better both for your bottom line and for your customers.

The Exact Videos You Should Use in Each Stage of the Buyer Funnel – Entrepreneur (


● A sales funnel is the path you create for potential customers in other words, the marketing experience that is intelligently designed to turn prospects into leads, then leads into sales.

● Top of the Funnel – During the introduction step, this is your opportunity to help consumers see the light and recognize a distinct struggle or challenge they need to remedy.

● Middle of the Funnel – Since they're looking more closely at all of their options (including your competition), use intriguing product videos to drive home the very real benefits of your solution making sure everyone watching learns how and why your product gets the job done.

● Bottom of the Funnel – Use these videos to introduce your viewers to inspiring or aspirational people who've had great success with your solution and love your product.


Video is HUGE. If you aren't doing video in your business, you should be.

Consumers love watching videos and they are amazing tools for conveying your message. The important thing to note with this article is that different levels of your funnel will require different types of videos to educate people and move them further in their buyer's journey.

4 Strategies to Make Your Sales Funnels Convert in 2020 – Entrepreneur (


● Offer something valuable in the first step of your funnel

● Swap outdated sales copy tactics for authentic emotional response marketing

● Set up retargeting campaigns

● Don't limit your traffic to one source


It’s good to follow all of this advice, no matter what year you are in.

Always be offering more value than people are paying for. Be emotional in your writing.

Retargeting is powerful. You get your message out to the same people multiple times, and you can switch up the message to relate to them.

With traffic, it’s important to master one platform of traffic first, but after you’ve mastered one, it’s vital to move to others, because if one goes down and that’s your only source of traffic, your business will go down too.

By the way, if you are really looking to get started with sales funnels, I recommend checking out the Lead Funnels Swipe File and learn to get income leads to your business on autopilot.

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