How the Marketing Funnel Works From Top to Bottom – The Content Standard by Skyword (

  • Marketers can send prospects more information about products and offers through automated email campaigns, while continuing to nurture them with targeted content, case studies, free trials, and more.
  • One side argues that as consumers have become more dependent on digital content to inform their purchasing decisions, marketers have taken on more responsibility for the funnel, as they continue to nurture prospects through the purchasing process.
  • This funnel outlines the process of turning customers into advocates, which in turn refuels the top of the marketing funnel by driving awareness and lead generation.
  • Evangelism in the form of writing product reviews, posting about products on social media, and more can help drive more new leads for your marketing funnel.
Why It Matters:

You can’t just forget about your customers after they make it through your sales funnel. You have to keep nurturing your existing customer list and provide them support for what they bought from you, as well as present them with new offers.

As this article also notes, providing an excellent service to your existing customers on an ongoing basis also helps turn them into raving fans which will then share the good news about your services, thus giving you more leads without having to mine for them yourself.

Here’s How Yuvraj Chavan Is Changing the Digital Marketing World in India – International Business Times, Singapore Edition (

  • Yuvraj Chavan is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, and is known for his knowledge and expertise in social media and building sales funnels.
  • Yuvraj shares 3 of the most important and crucial elements which every funnel must have.
  • Every funnel must have a good hook, a good story, and a good offer.
Why It Matters:

Yuvraj is absolutely correct. Hook, story, offer are at the core of what you learn during the 30 Day, One Funnel Away Challenge from ClickFunnels.

You have to hook people in with a good headline. You have to sell them and get them emotionally connected with a good and relatable story. Lastly you have to make the offer so good that most people can’t turn it down.

This is done by offer stacking, or adding more value to your existing offer for the same price. These usually come in the form of free bonuses. You can learn more if you take the One Funnel Away Challenge linked above.

How to Get Started With Automating Your Marketing Funnel – Special Events (

  • An effective marketing funnel is designed to turn strangers into customers through an intentional trickle-down method, guiding prospective clients through the necessary stages of Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.
  • A marketing funnel helps to structure the buyers’ journey into a streamlined channel from the first impression to closing the sale. 
  • A lead magnet is a marketing element that attracts prospective clients to provide you with more information so you can contact them at a later time.
  • Since you can include this as the last installment of your series of nurture emails, you are essentially automating your entire lead generation process. 
Why It Matters:

Sales funnels are all about warming up your leads, getting them into the right frame of mind, connecting with them emotionally, and giving them more value then they are paying for.

Make your lead magnet something that is really helpful, but make the content something that will ultimately lead the people who download it to want more from you to answer the next set of questions that arise.

Keep your prospects warm by sending them automated emails, and you will get them in the right pre-frame to be more willing to accept whatever offers you place in front of them that help solve their problems.

The system usually takes some time to build out, but once everything is in place, you can focus on growing your business while your acquiring leads is set up with an automated system.

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