There’s a big problem with online ads.

The problem is that people are afraid of them.

They put up one advertisement, and they put on a low dollar daily budget, and they just expect it to work.

A lot of times people drive traffic from their ads straight to the homepage of their website.

People also don’t vary their ads, so what happens is the total budget is blown on a 0% chance of getting anybody to convert.

What you need are statistics and numbers on what you can do to make your ads work, not to be afraid of spending money on ads.

That’s why we’re going to discuss a way that you can test and try different ads and know where your ad money is best spent for the best results. This will also allow you to know which ads are your winners and what you should be putting more money behind.

How Many Ads Should Your Campaign Have?

You have to know your numbers in order for ads to be successful, but there is a little bit of luck and testing that goes along with this.

You can’t just throw up one ad and expect it to resonate with people.

You need to put out many many multiples of ads with more than one hook to try and draw people in. You don’t know what’s going to work with your audience right away, even if you have a good idea who your audience is. So when you’re in your ad account, make sure that you’re adding multiple ads.

I would say you should be adding at least 3 new ads per campaign per week to make sure that you have enough variety to see where your winner is at.

This is the first step in making sure that you are giving your money its best chance. To help your campaign be successful you need a large number of ads.

You don’t want to have to give up on generating good traffic from your ad spend just because you didn’t happen to have the right headline or description in your search ad.

The same also holds true for display ads, because you can change up the images and the hook that’s written on the ad, and any descriptions that you’re allowed to put around the ad.

It’s also been shown that people tire of seeing the same ads over and over, so even your most cheap and effective ads will become dull and ineffective over time.

You need to keep refreshing your content to keep your chances of success high.

How Do You Find Your Winning Ad?

Next, you need to make sure that you know which ad is the winning ad, so all ads should have some kind of tracking parameter on them.

You can’t just know the difference in performance between Facebook ads, Microsoft ads and Google ads.

You have to know which specific ad you created is the winner that is driving traffic to your call-to-action.

Make sure you’re adding UTMs on every single ad that you’re creating to know which ad traffic is coming from.

There’s a helpful, free tool that you can find HERE that Google has put together that allows you to easily make URLs out of your landing pages, that have UTM codes.


UTM Campaign Data

There is a way for you to see what UTM codes are the best traffic driving campaigns to your landing page within Google Analytics, but we have a better program will show you exactly what you need to see at a glance.

We’ll discuss this program in a minute.

First we need to know where on our site we need to be sending traffic.

Landing Pages Vs Homepages

First off, don’t just send people from your ad to the homepage of your website.

This is not a formula for success.

There are too many steps that people can take after hitting your home page, and there’s no message specifically tailored to your audience.

Create specific landing pages for specific ad campaigns, so the copy within the ad relates to the copy on the landing page.

You can even create multiple landing pages for the same campaign if you have a slightly different message that will resonate differently with your audience.

It’s all about testing and trying things, without breaking the bank. A/B testing is extremely vital in this whole process, not only in the pages that you send people to, but also in the ads that you create.

The Best Tool For Ad Campaigns

Let me introduce you to the tool that’s going to revolutionize your ad campaigns, and make sure that you know exactly where to put your ad money to scale your campaign without breaking the bank.

Just because an ad is performing well doesn’t mean that it’s the one that’s driving the meaningful clicks on your website. 

Funnelytics Traffic Source

With Funnelytics Pro, you can map out your entire funnel from ad campaign all the way through to the click and even to the conversion.

You can add your key performance indicators (KPIs) to the various steps of your sales funnel to make sure you know how many leads you are getting and how much money you’re making from purchases within your website or funnel.

Where the magic with Funnelytics Pro really happens is if you have everything set up correctly and you have all your tracking scripts in place, you can filter and see where your traffic is not only coming from, but which sources of traffic are driving clicks.

To you, this means that you can see which ad is not only driving traffic, but is driving conversions in your funnel. This will help you determine where to put more of your ad spend by backing the winning horse.

Check out this quick video to see this concept in action.

Saving Money On Ad Spend AND Funnelytics Pro

Just the fact that you’re able to see where your conversion-driving ads are at is going to save you untold amounts of money on ad spend in the future.

That’s why getting a lifetime deal to Funnelytics Pro is a no brainer.

The lifetime deal of Funnelytics started in 2018 when the company first hit the market.

They were in Alpha stage, and were offering founding members a lifetime deal with unlimited traffic tracked through your funnels.

While this deal is over, the company has recently partnered with Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels fame, and is now the one-time offer (OTO) of his Secrets Trilogy Funnels.

What this means to you is you get this amazing tracking software for a one-time price and you get 100,000 to 500,000 tracked visitors through your funnel, depending on the options you choose.

Again, this is a no brainer because you could easily save this amount of money on ad spend just by knowing which ads you should be putting your money behind.

Just pick which book below suits you, and then after you pay shipping and handling for that book, you’ll have access to the one-time offer of lifetime for Funnelytics on the 3rd page of the funnel.

This lifetime deal is only limited by the amount of traffic you can send through your funnels, but it’s still a generous amount.

Hopefully you’ll be able to have a successful ad campaign, and see where to put your money with this amount of visitors.

If you’re already spending tons of money on ads, this is definitely the deal to make all that ad spend worth while.

Funnelytics Secret Lifetime Deal Access
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