As you are setting up your lead generation funnels, it’s important to make sure that you are attracting the right leads based on what they want from you.

But how do you know what they want?

It’s not practical to contact people on a one by one basis after they sign up, and even if you mass email your lead list, you likely aren’t going to get enough answers to form a good answer.

The solution to this problem is The Survey Funnel.

Introduction to the Survey Funnel

One of the worst things you can experience in business is spending all the time, blood, sweat, and tears to build a product that you think your audience will love, only to find out that it didn’t quite hit the mark and no one wants it.


Why not figure out what your audience wants before you even build the product, course, or service?

Make a good, valuable, and relevant opt-in that is a good precursor to what you want to offer, and after people give your their email, ask them what they would want for a higher-value offer.

You can then offer customer results pages with a mid-level offer, or simply use the results page to send people to more free resources that fit their answers.

You can even, and probably should, pre-sell access to your product at a deep discount. People who are interested will help fund your production of the product.

A more involved version of the survey funnel

is called the Ask Method, developed by Ryan Levesque.

Survey Ask Funnel

Another famous use of this is with ClickFunnels. On the homepage of the site there is a suvey where you choose which industry you are in.

By answering these questions, Russell Brunson and his team can then sell to you in a more specific way that is tailored to your industry.

With a more personalized sales message, you are more likely to buy.

Can You Really Just Ask What Your Market Wants?

It may seem weird to just ask your audience what they want.

Shouldn’t you already know what they want based on other market research and trends?

Not so much.

Directly asking your audience what they are willing to spend their money on is the most direct form of market research you can do. If you spent money to get people to see your opt-in and sign up, why not use that money towards market research and see what they want next?

You can even ask people how much they would be wiling to pay for what you are planning to offer. Even better, you can offer it to them at that price on the next page of the funnel to see if they put their money where their mouth is.

Sell Before You Create

How can you sell something to someone before it’s even created? Isn’t that unethical?

No. Here’s why.

As long as you are open and honest about the status of what they are buying, no ethics or laws are broken.

It is also actually a better experience for your buyer as well.

You just asked them what they wanted. Now you have the opportunity to include exactly that in your offering.

Wouldn’t you want a product that you had a SAY IN more than you wanted something someone THOUGHT you wanted?

The buyer will also get a discount after filling out the survey, and likely early access to the product.

It’s a win-win all around.

The Thank You Pages

A survey funnel will most likely have multiple thank you pages.

This is because people will be sorted into different “buckets”, as Ryan Levesque would call them. This means people who take your survey will have different outcomes and will want a different solution to their problem than others.

As you are gathering information for the creation of your higher offers, you can still have mid-tier offers ready for people in the different buckets. This is a good way to self-liquidate the funnel and get your money back you spent on advertising for the leads.

One thing to remember is that survey funnels are used to gather information about your audience as well as segmenting them so you can better serve them on a more personal level.

Learn More About Led Generation Funnels

While the survey funnel is a great funnel to start with and to gather information about your audience with, there are other lead gen funnels that may better suit your business.

You can learn about these funnels, the different elements of a lead generation funnel, and more with the Lead Funnels Swipe File.

The best part is that no only will you learn these basics, but you will get access to over 106 actual case studies from some of the world’s top marketers.

It’s a great way to learn about getting leads for your business and seeing amazing examples that have skyrocketed businesses.

Lead Funnels Swipe File
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