When people think of business, many still think of the old days of slick-haired salesmen working on commission and putting you in high-pressure situations to try and get the sale.

Fortunately business has come a long way since then, and with the internet, inbound marketing has become much more prevalent.

This allows businesses to give value to their audience before even making a sale, as it should be.

The problem is that people still have the old viewpoint of business a lot of the time, so nowadays we have to provide a ton of value an be helpful up front to show our market that we actually care about them and helping them solve their problems.

By being helpful up-front, we give more value to what we do eventually want to sell, and win the hearts of our audience by being truly and genuinely helpful.

Enter the Value-Added Sales Funnel.

Introduction to Value Added Sales Funnels

Most lead generation funnels start by providing free value to your chosen market. This means that any lead funnel you choose to implement is also a value added funnel.

In this article we are specifically going to talk about content creation and the creation of a blog, podcast, or video channel.

Create as much content as you can.

Whether you like doing video, audio, or writing, make as much helpful content as you possibly can for your audience and give it away for free.

If you have the resources, try and produce all 3 to hit different avenues that your audience likes to consume content on.

The point of creating all of this free content is to help your target market, but to also gain a level of trust to lead people to your higher-level products. These will be the assets you create for your business such as your courses, books, software, mastermind groups, and more.

Value Added Sales Funnel

Find Your Best Value Proposition

You can’t just create random content within your niche and hope that it works.

You have to do your research. You have to have a plan.

You have to identify your best value proposition, or what makes you unique, and build on that.

Think about your content with the end in mind.

What end-product are you trying to sell people?

Make a mid-level product that can sell the end-product.

Make some low-level content you can give away as an opt-in in exchange for an email address. Then use that email list to get people into your funnels for your mid-level products.

Finally, make a TON of absolutely free content that you require nothing in return for that will attract people to your opt-in.

If you find a unique voice and solve a major problem, you will find success in your business through this value added funnel method.

Your Content Production Machine

You may be wondering how you can produce enough content to attract people to your business to hear what you have to say.

You need to build a content production machine that will allow you to create multiple forms of content with minimal effort.

Time is valuable, so you have to be creative in finding ways to save yourself time and get the most content in the process.

I double up on content creation a lot by making a video for YouTube, and then transcribing it to text with Happy Scribe. This way I automatically have a video and a blog post for my website.

I do something similar with my podcasts. After recording the episode, I edit it down and also send it to Happy Scribe to make a transcription for the podcast episode page.

Another pro tip is to outsource content creation by having others write your blog posts for you. I use TextBroker for this service, and you can get a whopping 2,500 word article for under $100.

Lastly, if you can afford a VA team, you can simply make the video and pay the VA team to repurpose your content into a transcript, blog post, podcast episode, and more.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you stay on a consistent publishing schedule, and add as much value as possible for your market.

The Value Added Funnel Thank You Page

Just because someone reads our content, gets value from it, and opts-in to what we have to offer, doesn’t mean our work is done.

The thank you page is meant to show people they are done with your value-added funnel, and how they can get their deliverables, but this should not be the end of it.

Make sure to make the next offer on this page.

Whether it’s offering more free, bonus value to your leads, or sending them directly into the next funnel, the thank you page should be utilized to make the next offer.

Break your thank you page into steps so people logically want to follow the order of things.

Step 1 will deliver the thank you message and let people know how they can access what they signed up for.

Step 2 will give them the next recommended action to further their journey towards solving their problem. This should solve the next logical problem created after they consume the free opt-in.

Push your next offer and see how deep people want to go into your funnels.

Learn More About Lead Generation Funnels

There are a ton of different types of lead generation funnels out there that you can utilize in your business, and most of them are meant to be value-added for those that go through them.

If you want to learn more about the different types of lead funnels, I always recommend the Lead Funnels Swipe File.

This swipe file is compiled of information on what makes up the different parts of a lead funnel and how they work together to add value to your visitors.

Better yet, the swipe consists of over 106 successful lead funnels broken down into why they work and how you can replicate them for your business.

If you want to check it out, it’s a $7 steal, and can be found here:

Lead Funnels Swipe File
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