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Did you know that affiliate marketing platforms are taking the internet by storm due to the growing population of publishers?

The wonderful world of affiliate marketing is expected to grow bigger in the next few years and we’re all here for that!

To give you an idea of which platform will give you the best rates, this article will be talking about the top 5 affiliate marketing platforms that you can use.

But before that, let’s talk about the basics first in case you still don’t know how this concept works. 

What are affiliates in marketing?

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is a system where a publisher (affiliate marketer) earns a commission for promoting a brand’s product or services.

It usually works by looking for products that they find interesting and promote them on their social media platforms or personal blogs.

Each time a user clicks on the link or uses an exclusive code, and eventually buys a product or service, the publisher can get a “share” depending on the terms and conditions of the advertiser.

What are Affiliate Marketing Platforms?

Affiliate marketing platforms, AKA Affiliate Networks, are what connect advertisers to publishers who want their brand to be promoted.

Usually, publishers can earn around 5% for each sale and that’s actually considered good already especially if the advertiser has a long cookie duration.

Some brands even offer a 40% commission just like GrooveFunnels, for example.

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Impact Radius

Impact Logo

Impact Radius is an affiliate network that’s designed to help affiliates monetize their content with the best global brands like Lenovo, Loreal, Adidas, StockX, Airbnb, and more.

You’ll get access to their product marketplace that has over 9M products and easily add them to your site by using a snippet of HTML code.

The easy-to-use platform also comes with advanced analytics to help you keep track of conversions since it integrates well with WooCommerce, Salesforce, Demandware, etc.

Payments are also easier since you can get paid via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal, no matter where you are in the world.

How it Works

Impact Radius works just like any affiliate network and lets you earn commissions using a link that’s specially generated for you.

Plus, you may also get exclusive promo codes to get credit for influence even if another individual promotes your code.

How to sign up

Impact Radius sign up

1. Go to the official Impact Radius website and navigate to the “For Publisher” tab.

Impact Radius sign up 2

2. You will then be redirected to another page and click “Find Brand Partners”.

Impact Radius sign up 3

3. Sign Up and wait for your application to be approved as a publisher


BrandCycle Logo

BrandCycle is an affiliate platform that also connects publishers to advertisers with good commission rates that are higher than other networks.

The platform focuses on Style and Beauty, Mom, Kids, and Family, Technology, Home and Decor, Travel, and Gig-Economy Services.

It’s great for influencers, brands, agencies, and networks who want to work together.

How it Works

BrandCycle Brands

BrandCycle lets you promote products and services as a publisher by getting commissions from different brand campaigns using a tracking link.

Unlike other platforms, BrandCycle gives you access to exclusive deals from brands that don’t require applications.

How to sign up


1. Simply go to BrandCycle and click the “Apply Now” button in the upper right corner.

BrandCycle sign up

2. Sign Up and wait for your application to be approved as a publisher


ClickBank is a reputable platform that has been around for 20 years providing services to help affiliates pair with advertisers who wish to have their brands promoted.

You can find the following brands on ClickBank:

  • Fully Accountable
  • Kajabi
  • WishList
  • Voluum
  • Convertri
  • AWeber
  • SendLane
  • ShipOffers
  • PrintBindShip
  • Disk.com
  • Zapier
  • Payoneer
  • Bluehost

They even claim that they have never missed a single payment ever since and guarantee that each payment is always delivered on time.

How it Works

The platform has companies that give commissions as high as 90% compared to other affiliate networks, plus recurring commissions that let you earn more.

That means if a customer gets a subscription and pays it regularly, you’ll also continue to earn more each time they pay. That’s already a huge bonus!

ClickBank Sign Up

How to sign up

Go to the ClickBank and click Sign Up to join.


ShareASale Logo

ShareASale is another affiliate network that’s great for publishers who wish to promote and earn products with their advertiser partners such as; Candid, Nectar, Reebok, Cricut, Etsy, Sun Basket, Minted, and more.

The platform has user-friendly tools for affiliates like tracking your affiliate links, discovering new products to promote, access to a custom link tool, and more.

How it Works

Join ShareASale merchant programs, Promote and Publish content with your affiliate links, and start monetizing. It’s that simple!

How to sign up

ShareASale Website

1. To sign up, simply go to ShareASale, go to “Sign Up”, and click “Affiliate Sign Up”

ShareASale Sign Up

2. Sign Up and wait for your application to be approved as a publisher

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising Logo

Rakuten Advertising is an award-winning platform that has been in the industry for over 20 years helping advertisers and affiliate marketers work together.

The platform has more than 150,000 publishers across the world who want to earn extra by promoting their partners.

They have a unique Commissioning Suite that tracks and ensures all your conversions in one place, and other tools for affiliates such as; publisher dashboard, AI Matchmaking, Marketplace, Mobile Tracking, etc.

You can even find your favorite brands on the platform specifically;

  • New Balance
  • Sephora
  • DialogTech
  • JanSport
  • Udemy
  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • JetBlue Vacations
  • Spartan
  • Ecco
  • June Jacobs
  • Virgin Holidays

How it Works

When you become an affiliate for Rakuten Advertising you need to apply for a program on their Advertisers List, get approval, and start generating links.

These links are tracked to determine if your audience clicked on the link and eventually bought an item, thus resulting in a commission.

How to sign up

Rakuten Advertising Page

1. Go to Rakuten Advertising then click “Get Started”.

Rakuten Advertising Sign up

2. Click “Join Our Affiliate Network”

Rakuten Advertising Registration
This is only a part of the entire sign up process for Rakuten Advertising.

3. Sign Up and wait for your application to be approved as a publisher

BONUS – GrooveMarketplace

GrooveFunnels main Logo

I know I said that this will be an article that talks about the Top 5 affiliate marketing platforms but I wanted to share with you a bonus that you might be interested in.

The GrooveMarketplace is a platform that lets you buy and sell your products to fellow GrooveFunnels affiliates.

Think of it as an exclusive marketplace to showcase your artistic skills, sell digital or physical products, and more, while earning commissions at the same time.

GrooveFunnels affiliates can earn up to 40% commission (just like what was mentioned in the past sections) when you sign-up for a GrooveFunnels account.

It’s an affiliate program by GrooveDigital to help marketers earn extra while they’re building webpages, sales funnels, membership sites, etc on the platform.

To make it even better, the program also offers recurring commissions where you also get to earn more each time a referral makes a payment.

Why You Should Try Affiliate Marketing

Why not?

I mean, if you want to start generating passive income while discovering new things, being an affiliate marketer is an excellent choice!

Here are the benefits of joining an affiliate marketing platform:

  • The platform will track everything for you including payments
  • Exclusive access to the latest deals that you can share right away
  • Getting commissions per click other than just sales

These platforms might even pay you for the content you make other than just the affiliate links that they generate for you. 

It’s a win-win situation since you don’t always need to buy anything from the advertiser.

However, there are also a few things that make it hard for publishers to be part of an affiliate program since some platforms have tedious requirements and aren’t even that good.

But don’t be discouraged because there are so many things that you can learn with us as you make your way to the affiliate marketing industry.

How can I succeed in affiliate marketing?

When you understand the concept of affiliate marketing, you can start earning on autopilot while doing other things.

But take note that it might take you a while to master everything unless you do some research.

However, if you want to learn from someone who went through the lengthy process of affiliate marketing, you may click here to get access to our affiliate marketing course + amazing bonuses to get you started.

Don’t miss the chance to start earning income while you can. It might get more challenging in the future!

Affiliate Marketing Course
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