Whether you sell a product or a service, sales funnels are behind your selling process, whether you know you are using them or not. By learning about how to use sales funnels intentionally and mapping your customer’s buying journey, you will be better equipped to deliver the right information at the right time in order to get people to make a purchase from you.

Pretty powerful stuff, right?

In this article we are going to go over 4 of the basic steps to sales funnels, what content you need to have in place within each of those steps, and lastly go over a very helpful tool that I use to track visitors within my sales funnels.

Lead Magnet Sales Funnel

Getting People Into Your Sales Funnels

The first stage of a sales funnel is Awareness.

People have to know that you even exist before they can enter your funnels.

Awareness can be achieved in a variety of ways. You can pay for ads on Facebook or Google, or even buy a newspaper ad or a billboard. The point of this stage is to make people aware that your business is there, and that you have something to offer.

We are far from making sales at this stage though. In the Awareness stage, it is your job to help people solve their problems with no money given in return.

Yes, that’s right. You are going to educate people at no charge.


Acquisition Funnel
Why would we do this?

Think of a time when you needed an answer for something, so you hit up Google. From there you either found an article answering that question, or a paid advertisement to a landing page.

The content that you clicked on was created to help generate awareness and get you to that page. If the page had the answer you were looking for, you may notice on the site that this company wrote other related articles on the subject, and so you start browsing their website.

As you can see, by creating content such as a blog post that helps answer a question, you are able to make people aware of your brand and get them into the top of your sales funnel.

Now that we have people aware that our business exists and they are consuming our content, it is time to get them to make a transaction.

That is where the next stage of the sales funnel comes in.

Getting People To Engage With Your Content

Lead Magnet

Once people are aware you exist, it is time to try and get them to make a transaction.

Now, this doesn’t usually mean a transaction for money. What you are looking for visitors to give you in exchange for more information is their email address. This tells you that they are interested in more of what you have to say, and that they are willing to transact business with you based on the materials you are offering.

The product that you provide in exchange for their email is usually something along the lines of a free ebook or PDF detailing more on the subject that they are interested in.

Once you have your visitors email, they are added to your mailing list, and you can work them farther through your sales funnel with a series of emails getting them to make a purchase.

Making The Small Commitment

Now that you have collected an email and provided exceptional value to your prospect at no charge, it is time to get them to make a small purchase with you.

If your product is priced on the low side, you may simply want to send them a series of emails detailing the value of your product and how it will help to improve their lives or their business.

If you have a higher priced product, you have to work people up to making a bigger purchase. That is why you need a smaller offer that leads up to your bigger offer.

Say you have a course on how to buy and sale premium real estate. Your course consists of 17 videos that will walk them step-by-step through the process of getting their business started, acquiring their first property, upgrading the property, and the best techniques to sell it for a massive profit. The whole course costs $3,997.

Asking people to shell out 4 grand right away is a very big ask.

Instead, what you can do is offer them 1 course video for $17.

What does this do?

It gets them comfortable making a transaction with you, and it gives them value at a really great price. After they purchase this video, you may send them to an upsell page where they can buy the whole class at a slightly discounted rate.

It’s all about earning trust and providing insane amounts of value to your customers.

Back Through The Sales Funnel

Once you have successfully gotten someone through your sales funnel to the end goal, it is important to keep providing value.

You are likely going to have other products to offer in the future, if you don’t already. This means that you will need people to purchase this new product, and who better than people who have already spent money with you and who have seen the fantastic value that you can provide them.

Keep your email list healthy and keep emailing new articles, tips, and tricks.

An educated audience is a happy audience, and they are also the lifeblood of your business.

So how Do Sales Funnels Help With Business Growth?

Sales funnels take quite a bit of work to set up correctly on the front-end. But look what happens once all that work is done and people are flowing into your funnel.

How much more work are you needing to do to get people to buy your product or service?

The sales funnel is self-sustaining and keeps bringing in leads. It also can make the sale for you. This leaves you with a system that makes you money, and more free time to be able to develop more products and services that will help your customers and help your business grow!

Business Growth

How Do You Map Out A Sales Funnel?

The tool that I use to map out my sales funnels is called Funnelytics.

The free version allows you to map out your funnel from start to finish so you can see where your funnel starts, and how you plan on pulling people through to making a purchase.

The free version is going to be free for life, and all of the mapping functions come with it.

I have the Pro Version, which allows you to see analytics of how many people are flowing through your funnel, and how to identify any bottlenecks that are stopping people from getting through the funnel.

Analytics is only a perk, but if you want to harness the power of sales funnels, I highly recommend getting the free version by clicking the button below.

I must mention here that I am an affiliate of Funnelytics and get a commission for purchases you make through them, but as I stated before, you don’t need to spend anything to get the powerful mapping tools.

Visualization of your funnel will help momentously in your pursuit of business growth.

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