Having a good sales pitch for your product or service is vital to making sales in your business.

You need to be able to present your offer as the solution to people’s problems.

Doing this on a one-to-one basis isn’t a great way to make money. It’s definitely not a good way to help massive amounts of people, which should be our goal as businesspeople.

That is why webinars allow you to give your sales pitch one-to-many, and help as many people as you can while maximizing your revenue.

But what happens once you nail your sales pitch? You need that success to be recurring.

That’s where the webinar funnel comes into play.


Introduction to the Webinar Funnel

A webinar funnel is a great way to not only master your sales pitch, but experiment with what works and what doesn’t, and amplify the results.

By getting an audience to view your pitch and getting feedback (actual verbal feedback or people voting with their wallets) you really begin to hone in on what your audience wants, and what works to get them to buy from you.

Once you have this perfected, you record your best pitch and put it to work for you on repeat.

There are various software out there that can help you accomplish this, but I will recommend a few below that will take the tech requirement out of setting this up for you.

Webinar Funnel

What is a Webinar Funnel?

A webinar funnel is a system that helps you perfect your sales pitch, and eventually capture the pitch with the best results to use as an automated sales tool in your business.

You start by teaching your audience a concept that helps solve their surface level problems.

What you will find in life is that when you solve one problem, more problems arise from that solution (a.k.a. you’ve used someone’s system to learn how to make $1,000 per month, how do you now grow that to $10,000 per month, and how do you spend your money to grow further?).

Because of this, you solve initial problems, and then offer paid solutions to the higher-level issues that arise.

You initially offer this training and sales pitch in a live webinar.


Live Webinars

Your live webinar is your first draft of your sales pitch.

People sign up for your live webinar and you educate them, and then pitch them your back-end offer.

You can do this 10 times or 100 times until you think you have the result you are looking for.

Gauge your audiences reactions, see how many sales you get, and keep tweaking your sales pitch until you get results that you like and are profitable to your business.

Once you nail down the perfect pitch, it’s time to bring automation into the mix.


Automated Webinars

Your automated webinar is your perfected pitch on steroids.

You record your ultimate version of your pitch and upload it to a webinar funnel system that allows people to sign up and view the recorded version of your webinar as if it were live.

In the spirit of transparency you should always tell people when they are watching a pre-recorded webinar. The point of having the live format even though it is pre-recorded is people can see other people’s questions and comments, and you can also have a timer set on your purchase button for the perfect time when your offer is made.

Your auto-webinars can be scheduled out to be broadcast 24/7 since your personal time is no longer required to make the pitch.

All of this sounds like a complicated mess to be able to produce, so let’s discuss some software that will make it easier on you.


How to Create a Webinar Funnel

The actual creation of the webinar shouldn’t be too hard for you.

You can invest in fancy software early on, but you will be eating that cost until you perfect your pitch.

Until you get your pitch perfected and know that you are making money with your webinar, I suggest you start simple.

Use something free like Facebook Live, or pay a small fee to get an upgraded Zoom account.

This way you aren’t out much as you get into your groove and figure out what works with your particular audience.

Once you have your webinar perfected, make sure to record the last several versions so you can have a recording of your sales masterpiece.

Next you need a software like ClickFunnels to be able to implement your auto-webinar.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, so if you already have a perfected webinar ready to go when you sign up, it shouldn’t take you long to get your webinar up, running, and making you the money you know it already can.

If you need help in what to say in your webinars, I recommend the Expert Secrets book. Just pay shipping and handling to get a copy and learn how to master webinar pitches.


The Webinar Funnel Thank You Page

It’s important to not waste your thank you pages in your funnel.

While it’s true you will use the thank you page of your webinar funnel to let people know that their spot is confirmed and what to expect, there is more you can offer.

It doesn’t hurt to make a pitch on your thank you page that relates to the problem you are solving for them.

A free offer will help build trust and encourage the visitor to attend the webinar, as you are providing them value even before the webinar has started.

You can also give them homework before the webinar, or a cheatsheet if you have a complicated subject to discuss to further help them in the success they get out of what you are offering.

With tons of value before the webinar even starts, people will be in a mindset to listen to you and more likely to buy what you have to offer in the end of your sales pitch.


Learn More About Lead Funnels

The webinar funnel is only one of the many lead gen funnels you can use in your business to collect email addresses, educate your audience, and make your sales pitch.

It is also arguably one of the most complicated to setup and master.

If you want to start off a little bit easier, you may want to look into some simpler lead funnels to help you get leads for your business.

That’s why you should check out the Lead Funnels Swipe File.

For $7 you will learn all about the different aspects of what makes up a good lead funnel, how you can implement it in your business, and which one may be best for you.

You will also get over 106 amazing examples of lead funnels that are bringing in millions of leads to other top-of-the-line businesses. Learn what is working behind these high-power lead funnels, and model what works in your own business.

If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. Model it and find your own success.

Lead Funnels Swipe File

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