You may have a service or product that you sell to people already within your established business, so you may be curious why you would want to even try to incorporate affiliate marketing into an already established system.

It may seem like affiliate marketing is something that people who don’t have a product chase after in order to make money or in order to get started until they have their own product.

But the interesting thing is that affiliate marketing can be incorporated into an existing business.

Even if you have a well-established product, it can help you get an edge on your competitors and it can help skyrocket your business to greater growth.

I already have a product for my business

If you already have a product for your business, then affiliate marketing can be a great addition to the products that you already have set up.

An example of this would be if you sell dental services, then you can become an affiliate for higher-end products that you’re recommending to people. In that way, every time you make a sale, what happens is that you’re getting money for the service, but you’re also getting money for the product.

You can use this in all sorts of examples for either services or products that you may offer, and it can even give you an edge over your competition by putting affiliate products into your value ladder.

Establishing your value ladder for your business

A value ladder is a series of levels of products that you offer your clients, from your free offering that you give out upfront in order to attract people to your business (this is often called a loss leader), all the way to your high end product, which may be your coaching service or your monthly yard maintenance plan.

Whatever it is, you likely have a series of products that you’re offering people that you charge more for as they go up the value ladder. So you charge more, but people get more value from that offer.

Here’s an example of a value ladder.

What you can do with affiliate marketing is you then don’t have to create a product for every step of your value ladder. You can have your product if you already have an expensive product, like a $10,000 coaching course where people get to work with you one on one and you consulted them for their business or for their health. That would be on the high end of your value ladder. That would be considered a high ticket product.

But maybe you want some kind of affiliate product on the lower end that attracts people, so you can find somebody who is giving away a free e-book that you could give away in your business and then you could upsell them to your other products.

Conversely, if you have a $37 mini course on how to train your dog, you could then upsell people to an affiliate offer of maybe a full blown dog training course created by someone else.

So you can see how this works in multiple ways.

The Value Ladder In Action

One example that I remember from reading DotCom Secrets is that the value ladder allowed somebody who was selling gym mats to gyms be cheaper than their competition.

They were able to basically give the gym mats to the gym at cost and make nothing off of them because they were upselling people to a consulting business.

They were an affiliate for a consulting business and they were upselling people to that consultation that then helped them grow their gym membership.

So the gym mats that was their original full business eventually became their loss leader, which they then hooked people in. And they got a ton of business because there they could always undersell their competition because everybody else didn’t get that there was more of a back end of this process.

They didn’t understand that they couldn’t outsell this guy because he didn’t care if he made any money on the gym mats. He was making way more money on being an affiliate for the consulting business than he was in ever selling his gym mat. So he was able to turn that into a better business for himself and also beat out the competition in every way.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

If you have a business and affiliate marketing sounds interesting to you, if it sounds like it’s something that you could incorporate into your existing business, then I have a course for you.

I’m setting up an an affiliate marketing course, And right now I am currently establishing this course by building out the content.

That is why it’s a great deal right now if you get in on it early, and it’s going to be the cheapest price that you’re ever going to see it because it’s going to keep going up. If you are interested, you can learn more about the course here.

So be sure to not lose out on money.

Be smart with your business and learn how to get started with affiliate marketing and incorporating that into your business to explode your growth and turn your business into a very competitive powerhouse in your industry.

Affiliate Marketing Course
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