Once upon a time, there was a method of affiliate marketing that was widely accepted (but still really annoying) and that was finding places to post affiliate links and just hope that people clicked on them.

Though this is still a tactic that is sometimes used, it is definitely not recommended.

While you may think that joining an affiliate program is a quick way to make money, the reality is that it does take time and effort to make these endeavors work.

So in this article, I’m going to discuss some places that you can post your affiliate links for free, with the caveat that you should be providing value for people along with the posting of your link.

Posting Your Link on YouTube

One of the best places that you can post your affiliate link is in the description of your YouTube video.

Again, the caveat behind this being that you need to make a YouTube video that provides value to people. I’m going to stress this point multiple times in this article, but you shouldn’t just be spamming your link across the Internet and hoping somebody clicks. That’s no way to get people to buy the product that you’re trying to promote.

It makes the product that you’re trying to promote look bad because you, as a representative of their brand, are being spammy. And also, it’s not the best way to build your business.

Sure, you may get a sale every now and then, but unless you have this video with value behind it, you’re not going to win the favor of an audience and be able to connect with them over the long term, sell them more products over time, and help them further their lives.

So if you want to utilize traffic from YouTube, it’s a great source because videos that are going to rank tend to rank fairly quickly compared to other methods of content, such as blogging. And in your video, once you provide value, you can always point people down to that affiliate link in your description as long as you are notifying them that it is an affiliate link.

Posting Your Affiliate Link on Facebook

With Facebook, you can also create videos that provide value, but more than likely you’re going to be linking out to an article that would then provide value and contain your affiliate link.

Again, I know that I’m mentioning providing value a lot, but that’s just the way that you’re going to have to affiliate market if you want to make a living out of it in this day and age. And that’s how it should be, because we want to help people and not just line our pockets with money.

The strategy with Facebook is to answer common questions that people in your target market have in a blog post and then direct people to that blog post, they will read your blog post and get the answer they’re looking for, and then you can offer them the affiliate offer that you are promoting.

Posting Your Affiliate Link on Tiktok

Platforms like Tiktok and Instagram are a little more tricky to post to your affiliate links, but it still can be done for free.

You are only allowed one link on these platforms, placed in your bio, and sometimes only if you have enough followers.

Tiktok is a lot easier than YouTube because you get to make quick little videos that don’t have to be perfect in quality and you have a lot of virality to the platform where if you do it long enough, you can reach a massive amount of people with your message.

One trick here is to have a redirect link that you mention in your video that will redirect to your helpful blog post or your helpful YouTube video. You could also directly redirect that to your affiliate offer, but oftentimes it’s better to pre-frame people and provide extra value before you send them straight to an affiliate link, especially in such a short format video.

I bought the shortest URL I could that related to my domain, msfunl.com, and I mention that in the video and tell people to go to that link.

In order to do this, you’ll need a little bit of knowledge of WordPress or DNS. I usually make and install in WordPress for my links and use a plugin tool called Redirection to then redirect people from the short link that they type, to my actual link.

You can also use other services such as Bitly or Switchy, if you want easy redirects to your affiliate links with a short link that people will remember and be able to type in.

How to Affiliate Market Properly?

These are just a few ways that you can get your link out there for free.

I would pick one platform that you want to dominate and stick with that platform and become a resource to your audience within that platform, and the expert that they want to go to when they have problems related to what you’re offering. This way, you are building your following in one place, and you’re not dividing your efforts.

I know this article is not exactly what you were looking for when you started searching for where to post your affiliate link for free, but again, just know that spamming out your link to free sites and directories is a thing of the past.

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