As a website owner, optimizing the content on your website is your key to success.

There are tools and techniques available to do this, but if you don’t have any idea what needs to be done, it can be quite frustrating.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways for business owners to start improving the quality of their written content. 

And that’s exactly where comes in.

As you keep reading this article, we’ll go over how can be used to help your website or blog rank higher on search engines.

But first, let us talk about SEO and why it plays a very important role in your online business success.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website for search engines with the goal of earning higher traffic levels and improving the visibility of your site.

The practice has been around for many years, but it is constantly evolving as search engines like Google, Yahoo< and Bing are constantly trying to improve their algorithms to bring the best content to searchers.

SEO has become a very competitive field and has become more important than ever before.

The people who can do SEO well can greatly benefit from the effort.

Imagine having a free billboard day in and day out. That’s what happens once you put forth the time and effort to ranking a web page. It can stay there and provide “free” traffic for months or years to come.

Search engine optimization very important as it helps in:

  • Attracting website visitors
  • Generating more leads and sales
  • Ranking higher in search results

There are a number of things you can do to optimize your content, including using keywords, writing helpful content, and formatting your text for readability.

But if you want a tool that simplifies the process of search engine optimization, and allows you to write highly competitive content, then you should definitely check out Review Logo is an amazing SEO tool that helps improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

It works as an excellent content marketing tool due to its powerful artificial intelligence features that help save time and effort in writing SEO-friendly content.

The tool takes a deep dive into your search competitors high-ranking articles, breaks down what is helping them rank so high, and gives you all this information on a silver platter.

You can simply enter a keyword or phrase to pull up the top Google results and write content that search engines love.

The tool also provides a list of the top suggested keywords and phrases, which can help you to focus on writing high-quality content by rounding out your article and including information searchers are looking for.

SEO & AI Features

If you’re a small business owner looking to be competitive in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you’ll definitely love the features of 

Here are the tools and features inside the app:

Documents – All the articles you’ve written on Frase are organized in this section of the app. It’s great to be able to organize your work into folders. You can even use this section as a content planning section by posting the project status and a due date here. 

Frase Documents

Outline Builder – This feature makes the whole process of creating an outline for your article a lot easier since it works by analyzing your target keyword and SERPs. Pick a keyword and get questions people are asking on Google and Quora in order to build an outline answering questions you know people are actually asking. There is even a version of outliner completely run by their AI that will build an outline for you.

Frase SEO Outline Tool

Templates – The platform also makes it easy to create templates and users can either create their own or use AI templates to speed up the process. View the Template Gallery.

Frase Content Templates

Analytics – Frase allows users to integrate the app with Google Search Console to easily identify specific pages that require optimization. In order to keep pushing your articles to higher ranks, you will need to know what’s close to ranking, and may just need a little extra helpful content to push it to the top. Analytics gives you a quick view of where you top results and opportunities are, as well as articles that are losing rank (decay).


Other SEO tools

AI Writer – The app’s AI writer can help in writing your blog post, but it doesn’t have to take over the entire process. This is great if you’re experiencing writer’s block, or just want a quick explanation about what something is.

Other AI Tools – Besides having the AI writer available right within your document, there are a ton of other tools that Frase offers. You can generate headlines, metadata, listicles, social posts, and much more.

SERPs – The top Google results related to the target search query is processed by that can be used as a reference when writing. You get summaries of competing articles, as well as what links they use, any statistics they mention, and what topics they cover.

Wikipedia Concept Map – As a business owner you know your subject inside and out, but if you really want to take a deep dive and see what you may be missing to cover for your audience, you can generate a Wikipedia Concept Map and explore your industry like never before.

Content Optimization – This tool checks your article and rates your topic score if it has relevant keywords and phrases in it.

My experience has been helping us curate optimized content online with minimal research and effort due to its amazing features.

I personally use it every time I write content for our blogs and it has been a great experience.

As someone who often struggles with finding time to fully research content that’s relevant to the topic, Frase has helped a lot in speeding up the writing process.

All you have to do is enter a target keyword that you want to rank for, and pull up a content brief that will serve as your guide.

The best part is that you also have the option to take a peek at the pages that are ranking high on SERPs, without getting redirected.

This way, you can still be on the platform while looking at your reference. You can also make your article highly competitive by making your content bigger and better. This is how your business gets found. This is how your business succeeds.

One more thing I like about is that it helps me whenever I’m experiencing writer’s block when I’m writing thanks to its AI writer. When I want to learn about what a mentioned topic is, or can’t quite find the right words, I hit “Write For Me” and the AI writer spits out a well-written paragraph to get me going.

Frase is an excellent SEO tool that’s highly beneficial for every small business out there looking for a way to harness the power of AI to be competitive without spending a fortune on a marketing team.

How to use is very easy to use even if you aren’t an expert at SEO and content creation.

Here are the steps on how to use

Step 1: Open the app and click the ‘New Document’ button.

Step-1 New Frase Document

Step 2: You can either choose between creating new content or optimizing existing content. If you optimize existing content to make it better, the app will pull in your article or page’s text so you can continue to add content on.

Step-2 Optimized or create new document

Step 3: Enter your target search query and click ‘Create Document’. You will then be redirected to the page where you can start writing your article.

Step 3 entering keyword

Step 4: Click the “Let’s go” button and wait for the app to generate SERPs results for you.

Step 4 Running competitive seo analysis

Step 5: Head to the “Optimize” tab on the right side of your screen to see all of the topics your competitors are talking about, and how many times the keyword was mentioned on average in other’s articles. 

Optimize Tab in Frase that shows SERP comptetitor research

Step 6: Use this instant research and start writing your article!

Writing the best SEO optimized article

How much is offers a 5-day trial for Just $1 to users who want to give it a try.

As of this writing, is available in 3 plans:

Solo – $14.99/mo or $12/mo if paid annually

  • 1 User Seat
  • Write + Optimize 4 Articles / month
  • Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month

Basic – $44.99/mo or $37/mo if paid annually

  • 1 User Seat
  • Write + Optimize 30 Articles / month
  • Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month

Team – $114.99/mo or $97/mo if paid annually

  • 3 User Seats ($25/mo per extra)
  • Write + Optimize Unlimited Articles
  • Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month

To get unlimited access to the AI writer and other premium features, you can grab the SEO add-on for an extra $35 a month.


With being an excellent tool for SEO, there are some pros and cons that you should also consider before using it.


  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Comes with a 5-day $1 trial
  • Research made easier (saves hours per article)
  • Has a built-in AI writer
  • Displays references on one screen
  • Organizes your content in one place
  • Has similar features to writing in WordPress
  • Integrates with Google Search Console
  • WordPress Integration
  • Regularly updated by developers


  • Doesn’t have a live chat support
  • No free version
  • Has small bugs now and then (but what doesn’t?)

What are alternatives to

Even though is a great tool, there are alternatives available that offer similar features.

Some popular alternatives include MarketMuse, Surfer, Topic, Clearscope, and WriterZen.

Each of these tools offers different features, so it is important to research which one can best fit for your needs.

Is worth it? is definitely worth it!

It’s a great addition to every writer’s arsenal to keep making SEO-friendly content that has high chances of ranking well on search engines. is a great tool for marketers, bloggers, content creators, and businesses looking to reach more people with their content.

Why we recommend

We’ve been using Frase for almost a few years now and have seen the benefits of it, including increased rankings over time and some instant wins in search ranking for new articles.

It’s a great tool for content marketing and SEO and has helped us improve our overall website views and traffic.

Why is it important to optimize your content?

There are a lot of reasons why it’s important to optimize your old content.

One reason is that it helps your pages rank higher in search engines.

This means that you’ll get more traffic to your website, and you’ll be able to reach more people with your message. Even if you article or page content didn’t rank well the first time around, running it through Frase and optimizing it gives it an exponentially higher chance of reaching a good rank.

Additionally, optimized content looks better and is more user-friendly than unoptimized content.

This could simply mean that people are more likely to stick around on your website and actually read what you have to say because it’s more in-depth and helpful.

Interestingly, with it being more helpful, it also makes it easier for people to want to share it on social media, which can help you reach even more people.

In simple words, content optimization is a great way to improve your website’s visibility and reach more people with your message.

Should you get

Optimizing your website doesn’t have to be a difficult task, even for a beginner. You don’t need to hire a huge marketing team to get amazing content that Google will love. Either you or a single employee can run an AI tool like this and crank out competitive content. is a tool that can help you with your SEO and content creation needs.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use tool, is the best option to consider. 

Click here to get started with today!

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