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Let’s face it, getting leads was never an easy task but the good thing is you can also use LinkedIn for lead generation.

Why do you think lead generation is important?

What marketing methods can help in lead generation?

How is LinkedIn Lead Generation Done?

Which tool can help generate leads fast?

This article will help you get the answers to these questions so you’ll have insights on how to get leads without wasting time.

Plus, I have a bonus for you in the end that you will find very useful as a marketing tool.

Lead Generation

lead generation

Lead generation is an essential element in the business industry because, without it, companies wouldn’t get clients and without clients or customers, there are no sales.

This can be defined as a process of attracting an audience with your brand and converting them into buyers.

When you have a good program for lead generation, it also helps in making your brand stand out against competitors.

The more leads you get, the higher the chance that you can make a sale.

It is indeed a very useful strategy for businesses however there’s actually something more than just generating leads.

For example, you have a social media account that has over a thousand followers, but how many of them do you think can qualify as a lead?

You can use a lead scoring model to know more and evaluate their preferences before interacting with them.

Once you’re done qualifying leads, then you can start giving them different approaches inside your sales process. 

What is B2B lead generation?

linkedin leads generation b2b

B2B,  AKA Business-to-Business Lead Generation, is the process of getting businesses interested to learn more about your products and services before buying.

This strategy focuses more on other people’s leads typically like a manufacturer to a distributor, who needs their leads to maintain or improve their offers.

Four types of B2B markets

There are four different types of customers in B2B markets and they can either be profit or non-profit organizations specifically:

  • Government
  • Reseller
  • Producer
  • Institutions

B2B lead generation can work effectively inside a sales funnel and it is usually done by finding leads, qualifying leads, and closing the lead.

When this strategy is used effectively, it increases the growth of your company since it helps you understand what your target audience wants.

What are the different types of Lead Generation Methods?

Lead generation can be done through Outbound Lead Generation and Inbound Lead Generation.

Outbound Lead Generation is done by having a representative engages with prospects so they’ll have an idea about your product or service before they enter your sales funnel.

Communication methods such as cold calling, sending a cold email, and LinkedIn messaging are very effective methods.

Inbound Lead Generation, on the other hand, is a method where a company attracts customers by having another company promote it to their targeted audience.

This particular method is very popular since it can be done through YouTube Videos, Blogs, Instagram, a LinkedIn Article, or any other social media platform.

Notice how LinkedIn is used in two methods?

And since you already know what lead generation is all about, let’s answer the 3rd question, “How is LinkedIn Lead Generation Done?”

Linkedin Leads Generation


LinkedIn is an excellent platform to generate leads since it comes with marketing tools that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Come to think of it, this social network has a huge list of professionals that your company might get interested in establishing a relationship with.

The good thing about LinkedIn is that it helps you get and qualify leads right away since you can easily see their milestones, interests, careers, etc.

So how do you make it easier rather than viewing their profile one by one? 

By using their marketing tools that can help capture the attention of your leads which can be easily done through ads and the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

When using ads, you can choose Text Ads (Desktop), Sponsored InMail (Messages), and Sponsored Content (Newsfeed) depending on your preferences.

Linkedin Leads Generation Forms

The platform’s unique lead gen form is an easier way to collect more quality leads that instantly captures their LinkedIn profile data the moment they click on your ad.

This means that you can skip the classic forms that let the prospect enter their details manually.

But of course, they need to click the ‘Submit’ button before they give their details to you to ensure that you have their permission.

With Lead Gen Forms, you will find it easier to generate and qualify leads, track your campaigns, and manage your leads in one place.

Is LinkedIn good for lead generation?

is linked in good

LinkedIn is a good platform to generate leads since it has all the data you need and you can easily engage with your target audience by sending them a message.

Most companies like to use LinkedIn since it is very specific and it has the ability to get higher conversion rates.

Plus, the average cost per lead on the social network is lower than the others or even free!

Even though there are different ways to generate leads like search engine advertising, high-traffic social media marketing, and others, LinkedIn already has people in the business industry that you want to connect with.

For example, you have a garden of flowers and you don’t want to watch them wilt then you think that selling them is a better and profitable solution.

So you start going on LinkedIn to search for an entity that sells bouquets that you want to supply with your products.

Google works too, but it doesn’t always have the information you need to contact the organization that you want to build a relationship with.

How do you get free leads on LinkedIn?

Another amazing thing about LinkedIn is that you can get leads for free which means that you don’t need to spend money running ads.

Since the platform already has millions of leads, this makes it easier for you to find them.

LinkedIn Articles

linkedin leads generation articles

Posting an article on LinkedIn is a very effective FREE strategy that connects you to your dream customers and it makes you an expert in your niche.

Once you provide valuable content and it gets shared with their connections, their followers will also get notified on their news feed about it.

It’s free marketing!


Lastly, getting referrals from current clients is also possible with LinkedIn since they can easily tell their network of friends and followers about your company that they might find interest in.

Free word-of-mouth marketing for you!


linkedin leads generation consistency

People like to interact with things that are always up to date since this gift them an idea that a product or service is still fully operational compared to those who don’t.

Let’s say you see a job post somewhere a few months ago that offers a higher salary rate and you also bump into another post that offers less than the first.

Which one do you send your application to?

The newest post, of course!

Although the first job post was still there and they’re still looking for the right person for that job, there’s a possibility that you’ll have an idea that it was already filled.

Simply because the details were outdated.

So if you want to establish authority on LinkedIn, you should be consistent by always updating it.


LinkedIn also has groups where people in a particular niche belong.

This makes it easier for you to get in touch with your target audience since you know that these people need your solution to their problems.

Suppose your company sells organic beeswax and you know that this raw material can be used for cosmetics and candle-making as well.

So you join a LinkedIn group that talks about cosmetic products and a group for chandlers to market your products.

How do you get 100 leads in a day?

Interested to get more leads and skyrocket your sales using LinkedIn?

Here are three strategies that you can use to start getting 100 (or more) leads in a day in less than an hour:

linkedin leads generation network

Create a network

Create a network on LinkedIn by connecting with other people especially the ones who appear on the suggestions.

This helps expand your connections and it can also serve as a strategy to let more people know that you’re connected with this person.

It’s just like using any social media platform like Facebook, where you can see who your connections are connected with.

Get more leads from other people

This strategy works perfectly with the previous one since you need to create a network first to see other people’s connections.

To get more leads, you can spend a few minutes investigating your network’s contacts that you want to interact with in the future.

Make your profile look attractive

I’m not saying that you to make it look more professional and attractive, but what I’m trying to say is that you can add something about your company to your profile.

It can be a company logo, an ad, or basically anything about your business that gives your audience insight about it.

You can add,

Our company is a maker of high-quality digital products that you can use for your business.

We have a professional team in digital marketing, digital content creators, and Facebook Ads experts that you can work with for a lifetime.”

Or if you’re an individual,

“I am a Virtual Assistant with 5-years of experience working at a law firm in Canada and is also a freelance transcriptionist at Upwork for over 3 years.

My goal in life is to help other people succeed in their business through my skills and abilities as an experienced and dedicated worker.”

Which tool can help generate leads fast?

The newest competitor in B2B lead generation is Crazyleads.

Crazyleads is a company that helps companies generate leads without spending too much time, money, and effort on marketing.

They can help you with copywriting, booking appointments, decision-making, and get more conversions with their specialist.

All that’s left for you to do is to focus more on other things while they do all these for you.

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What is a Growth Audit?

A Growth Audit is a summary or analytical report of your company’s overall performance in:

  • Search Engines
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  • Growth
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