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As you delve into the wide world of sales funnels, you will soon find out that there is more than just one type, like the Fishbowl Funnel.

As if learning an entire new way to sell things in your business wasn’t enough, now you have to learn the different types of funnels out there and the purpose that they serve.

But the good new is that I am here to help break these down for you, starting with the Fishbowl Funnel.

Introduction to the Fish Bowl Funnel

Whereas a sales funnel gets its name from representing the shape of the funnel, you would think the Fishbowl Funnel would be the same.

This is not the case.

The Fishbowl Funnel is a type of lead funnel used to collect email addresses, and sometimes collect names, in order to add people to your mailing list.

This funnel gets its name from the concept of adding tickets to a fishbowl for a drawing, like you used to do in elementary school.

Applying this to online marketing, the idea is that you give away a worthwhile prize that people will be glad to give you their email for.

People sign up. One or a few people win. Now you have an email list of people who are interested in the same things that your business has to offer.

Make entry as easy as possible. Meaning that you may only want to ask for an email at this point. You can get a name later, and the more you ask people to provide up front, the more friction there is to them giving you their email address.

Fishbowl Funnel Landing Page

Taking the Fishbowl Funnel to the Next Level

The part where the Fishbowl Funnel gets fun is after the person enters to win the contest.

Now we can hit them with the upsell.

The upsell should be something closely related to the prize you are offering in the drawing.

If you are offering a free year membership in your drawing, maybe offer someone 4 months free off a year subscription, to be refunded if they win the drawing.

The list of what you can upsell to them can be endless, but the idea is that they are already there and interested, maybe they will be interested in buying something from you.

Just make sure the upsell will provide them value and help solve problems they may be looking to solve from winning the drawing.

Fishbowl Funnel

What Type of Prize Should Be Used For A Fishbowl Funnel?

For your raffle, offer something valuable, and also offer something related to your main business.

If you are a wedding photographer and you offer a raffle for a new laptop, the two things don’t really go together.

Think about what you can offer that will build your email list of people who will be interested in your business when you email them more value and offers in the future.

Thank You Page

Lastly, don’t forget to add a thank you page.

You can have separate thank you pages for whether entrants bought the upsell or not, but you should have something at the end of your funnel letting people know that the process is complete.

Your thank you page should also let them know about the next step in the process. When a winner will be chosen. When you will deliver on their upsell, etc.

Don’t waste your thank you page.

Use it to lead people to other content or offers they may be interested in, or invite them to share the drawing with their friends on social media.

Learn More About Lead Funnels

The Fishbowl Funnel is just one of many lead funnels that will help you build your email list.

Your email list is THE MOST valuable asset you have within your company.

Think about it.

If they shut Facebook or Pinterest or [insert your favorite traffic source here] down tomorrow, what would you have left?

Your traffic would be gone.

By creating lead funnels and collecting emails, you own that list, you own that traffic.

You can send an email to your list whenever you want with a call to action. This is what makes lead funnels so important.

If you are ready to take your knowledge about lead funnels beyond just the fishbowl funnel, check out Russell Brunson’s Lead Funnels Swipe File

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