Sales funnels are a living, breathing entity within your business.

They are devised, revised, and altogether changed as your business and processes adapt.

For this reason, drawing your funnel out on a whiteboard isn’t very logical.

You need a program where you can make easy changes to your funnel.

A program that allows you to grow and adapt your funnel to your business and the ever-changing habits of shoppers.

You need Funnelytics, the free funnel mapping tool.

The Funnelytics Mapping Tool

While Funnelytics has a Pro version with some powerful added features, you can get a TON of value out of their free tool as well.

With the free version, you can map up to 10 funnels in your account. This is ample room to map out your general website sitemap, and several inbound marketing projects that pull people into your sales funnel.

Mapping a funnel is easy with the Funnelytics program.


Funnelytics Free Funnel Mapping Tool

The whole interface is drag and drop with pre-made icons that represent the different stages of a sales funnel, such as blog post, sales page, opt-in, webinar, thank you pages, and more.

You can even add your own icons for even more personalization within your funnel.

There are also different categories of elements to help add variety to your funnel. There are icons to help represent traffic sources such as email, facebook, messanger, guest blog posts, and more.

There is also a section for actions that show your end-goal on your funnel. What action are you trying to get people to ultimately take? Map it!

Not sure where to begin with your funnel?

Funnelytics comes with 6 free templates to help get your started!

You can get started with Funnelytics for Free, or check out their current lifetime deal!

The Free Version of the Funnelytics Vault

The Funnelytics Vault is jam-packed with awesome funnels that have made online marketers MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. These are available in the Pro version of Funnelytics.

To help get free users started, the Funnelytics team put together 6 basic funnels to help get you started in the right direction in making your funnels, depending on what your end-goal is.

These funnels are The Lead Magnet Funnel, The Survey Funnel, The Webinar Funnel, The Application Funnel, The Mini-Class Launch Funnel, and the Product Sales Funnel.

As stated before, all of these funnels are available as templates. Just save them from the Vault to your templates, and an easy drag-and-drop will give you the funnel right there on your dashboard, no further work required. Just rename the pages, easily add steps, whatever you need to do to personalize the funnel.

The Free Funnel Vault

The Lead Magnet Funnel will show you the process to get lead emails in exchange for a valuable piece of content.

The Survey Funnel shows you the process of surveying your site visitors in order to better segment them into different groups that you will be able to market to.

The Webinar Funnel walks you through the steps of getting visitors to register for a free webinar to then sell a high ticket training or product.

The Application Funnel gets prospects on the phone to sell high ticket products or services to clients.

The Mini-Class Funnel gives prospects a mini-class, teaching them something of value while leading up to a higher ticket sale.

The Product Sales Funnel gets people in the door with a low-ticket purchase, and then upsells or downsells to higher ticket items.


As mentioned before, all of these funnels are FREE in your Funnelytics Vault within your free account.

Analytics In Your Free Account

The Analytics function of Funnelytics is inherently reserved for the Pro users of the program.

Analytics allows you to see the flow of traffic through your funnel to get a big picture idea of what is working, and where the bottlenecks are that need to be fixed to allow for higher conversions.

You can enter goals and values into each step, and track how much revenue you are making through you funnel.

Sales Funnel Analytics

So why are we talking about this in this article about the free account?

If you are working with a provider that does have a Pro account, they can share your funnel with you, and you will have full access to the funnel’s analytics and statistics on your free account.

This makes for excellent collaboration between you and your marketing team. They can set up the funnel and the analytics, and you can tweak, edit, and view the statistics on your end.

Very powerful stuff.

Limitations of Your Free Funnelytics Account

If you have the free account you obviously don’t get the features of Funnelytics Pro.

These include funnel analytics, flow, and forecasting. You also don’t get a majority of the Funnelytics Vault unless you somehow bought it in their acquisition funnel.

As of October 9, 2019, you will also be limited with restrictions on how many projects and funnels you can have on your free account. These restrictions are as follows.

With your free Funnelytics Starter Plan you get:

  • 1 Project
  • 3 Funnels
  • 30 Icons per Funnel
  • 6 Free Vault Templates
  • Email Support

These limitations will allow you to get a feel for the Funnelytics program and maybe utilize some of the free funnel templates you may get from others, but you really are limited.

It makes sense to upgrade to the monthly or yearly packages if you are heavily utilizing Funnelytics in your business or agency.

Check our Funnelytics Pricing page for current pricing options.

Get Started With Your Free Account

Funnelytics has a lot more to offer in the Pro version, but if you are wanting to get started and test out the program, or if you only need a funnel mapping software for some of your core projects, Funnelytics’ free version is a fresh and new way to get the job done.

If you are ready to get started, head over and sign up for your account today with my affiliate link below.

Any purchases made through this link will result in a commission for me, but as this article states, you don’t even need to make a purchase to get massive value out of this program.

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