Funnelytics Pro Pricing

Funnelytics Pricing

This page contains affiliate links to Funnelytics and ClickFunnels. I may be compensated for purchases made through these links. 

We are keeping track of Funnelytics Pro Pricing for you over time. As a general rule it seems you get the best deal the earlier you buy.

Check out the following updates and see what kind of value you can get for this excellent sales funnel tool that helps you track visitors moving through you funnel and provides excellent funnel examples with the Funnelytics Vault!

This article is a chapter in my overall review of Funnelytics.

Funnelytics Goes Unlimited

Update 11/23/2020

Recently Funnelytics has removed their cap on the number of funnels that you can have in your free Funnelytics Account.

This means an unlimited number of mapped funnels within your workspace.

With this pricing release we also see the removal of the “Marketer” pricing package. Now the options are Starter (free), Pro (seen below), and Agency (by application only).

Pro pricing is cheaper if you pay annually, but there is also the option to go monthly as well.

Below is a table for the current pricing for Funnelytics Pro (although I still recommend getting started with their hidden LIFETIME DEAL for 100,000 or 500,000 tracked visitors at a one-time price of $397 and $497 respectively).

Number of Yearly Tracked Visitors Monthly Cost Annual Cost
300,000 $99 $990
600,000 $149 $1,490
1,200,000 $199 $1,990
3,000,000 $299 $2,990
6,000,000 $416 $4,990
12,000,000 $749 $8,990
12,000,000+ Contact Support Contact Support

With all of the above subscriptions you get:

  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Track & Measure Customers, Leads, Revenue
  • Track Custom Actions that Matter (clicks, scroll depth, video views, etc)
  • Compare Forecasted Numbers with Real Metrics

If you want to skip the lifetime deal above and check out one of these packages for Funnelytics Pro, you can get started here.

Funnelytics Lifetime Deal is Back For 2020!

Update 3/17/2020

Well, sort of.

The original lifetime deal was $595, but you got unlimited funnels and traffic within those funnels.

Now Funnelytics Pro Lifetime deal is back for $397 one-time pricing as a part of Russell Brunsons Traffic Secrets funnel.

You get 100,000 tracked visitors and can upgrade to 500,000 visitors for an additional $100.

You also get 50 funnel templates, Funnelytics/DotCom Secrets Templates, 10 ClickFunnels Pre-Built Templates and 70+ Funnel University Funnels.

Just click the button below to claim your FREE Traffic Secrets Book (just pay S&H) and you will go through Russell’s funnel, with this Funnelytics Lifetime Deal being the last step!

Funnelytics Monthly Pricing

Update 10/09/19

October 8, 2019 is the last day for Funnelytics Unlimited ANYTHING.

The team is shutting down their unlimited option and going with monthly pricing, with a discount if you pay by year.

Here is what you get with each tier level and how much it will cost:

1 Project $99/month – $889/annually
10 Projects $199/month – $1799/annually
20 Projects $299/month – $2699/annually

They ARE adding some cool and vital features with this pricing update.

You can now forecast your funnel to see what amount of traffic you need and what conversion percentages you need to hit your revenue or leads goals.

They’ve also made it easier to track your UTM codes. They can now be mapped with the click of a button.


It is also important to mention that the free Funnelytics accounts are getting a makeover as well.

Instead of unlimited funnel mapping, you will now have limits to how much you can do with your free Funnelytics account.


The Starter (Free) Plan now gets you:

  • 1 Project
  • 3 Funnels
  • 30 Icons per Funnel
  • 6 Free Vault Templates
  • Email Support

As with any online software, you get the best deals the earlier you get in.

Odds are there may be price hikes in the future, but rest assured I will keep you updated within this article.


If you want to give Funnelytics a whirl, start with the Free Starter Plan using the button below. 

Funnelytics Pro Yearly And Pro Quarterly Pricing

Update 07/22/19

Moving right along,  Funnelytics has expanded their pricing options to be more accommodating to users.

They are still retaining the $695 deal for the yearly subscription to Funnelytics Pro. If you have a chance, I would highly recommend jumping on this deal, starting with signing up for your free account using the button below.

The expanded options for pricing now include a $225 quarterly deal for Funnelytics Pro. If you take this deal, you will be paying $900 per year, but if you want to give the program a shot for 3 months, this may be the place to start.

You can also grab the awesome sales funnel templates from some of the top digital marketers on earth (a.k.a. the Funnelytics Vault) for $195 as a standalone purchase. These sales funnels are just drag and drop replicas of funnels that have made these marketers MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. The vault also includes videos explaining how the funnel works (a funnel hack), along with swipe files of the landing pages and ads ran in that marketing campaign, and oftentimes templates for Clickfunnels for that funnel hack.

As stated above, you get the best deal for Funnelytics Pro when you hop on sooner rather than later. Tons or marketers are finding the massive value in Funnelytics, and jumping in, so get this deal while the price is still this low!

Start by signing up for your free Funnelytics account below!

Funnelytics Pro Beta Yearly Deal

Update 03/22/19

Sadly, the Funnelytics Pro Lifetime deal has come to an end. The team has achieved their goal of 2000+ founding members and are now on into the Beta of their Funnelytics product.

The good news? The program is revamped and better than ever, packed with huge sales funnel super powers, and is still available at the great price of $695 per year.

This program has come a long way since I started using it. The dashboard and the way that everything works has been revamped to be more fluid and easy to use. The analytics, that used to be really clunky and slow, are now highly streamlined and much much faster and easier to use.

Not to mention that the Funnelytics crew is still adding funnel hacks to the Vault, which is also included within this yearly package.

These guys are constantly hard at work on the Funnelytics product, listening to the users and adding new features all the time.

The Funnelytics Pro Beta Yearly deal is still a hell of a deal, and it’s safe to say it’s better to lock your pricing in now before more features are added and the price goes up!

Click the button bellow to sign up and get started for free.

Funnelytics Lifetime Deal

Update 11/22/18

Now is the time to buy Funnelytics Pro if you are looking to take advantage of this power sales funnel tool!

The folks over at Funnelytics are working on building out their Founding Members Group and are offering full access to the Funnelytics Pro program for a lifetime fee of only $595!

Funnelytics Pro comes with some pretty cool features, including easy funnel mapping, and the power analytics tool. With a code snippet place on your site you can track where people are on your site, and Funnelytics will track the data and display it on your visual sales funnel!

This is a powerful feature because you can even track across different sites. This means getting the full picture of your funnel acquisitions and how people make their way to the conversion stage. It also helps in seeing where bottle-necks may be occurring in your funnel based on where people are dropping off.

Another sweet feature of Funnelytics Pro is the Funnelytics Vault. The Vault contains pre-made funnels that are based on the entire process of famous marketing like Digital Marketer, The Ask Method, Frank Kern, and many many more.

The people at Funnelytics actually purchase the products that the funnels were build for and swipe all of the files and ad text to give us a better picture of how it works. You get a video run-through of how these genius marketers build their marketing system. All of these funnels can be imported as a template right into your Funnelytics Funnel, so you can use the exact method with your own pages and elements.

A lot of cool stuff covered with the Funnelytics Pro Lifetime Deal. Did I mention the $595 is all you will ever pay? Yeah, that’s what a lifetime deal is. Pretty sweet, huh?

Why Your Business Needs Funnelytics Pro

Looking at the pricing, you may be a little put off.

Is it really worth paying for Funnelytics Pro when you have analytics data you can get through Google Analytics?

My answer is yes.

Check out this quick video to see why.

As you can see from the video, Funnelytics Pro offers you the amazing ability to see into your funnel on a level that no other program can offer.

See exactly where traffic is coming from, and what traffic sources are driving your conversions.

It’s amazing to be able to see which ads are working, and where your money needs to go.

It’s hard telling how much money you can save on ad spend, because you will know which ads to ditch. Even if they are getting more clicks, they may not be the ads that are driving performance.

Now you can know for sure.

And with the Lifetime Deal of Funnelytics Pro, you can skip the monthly pricing, pay once, and get up to 500,000 tracked visitors through your funnels.

Want more details?


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