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Funnelytics Review Summary

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: Starting at $199.00/mo

This page contains affiliate links to Funnelytics. I may be compensated for purchases made through these links. 

In this in-depth Funnelytics review you will find everything you’ll want to know before making the choice whether or not you want to purchase Funnelytics for your agency.

I’ll start by saying that Funnelytics is easily my favorite sales funnel software. Even more than GrooveFunnels.

Why? It’s insanely useful in any business, no matter what website or funnel builder you are using.

Even if you have a professional drag-and-drop funnel builder like ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels, odds are you have a hard time getting started building funnels for your clients since these programs are not really meant for planning.

You can sketch out your ideas for your funnel map on anything from a napkin to a whiteboard, but what happens if you want to make changes? What happens if you accidently use the napkin to wipe some ketchup from lunch off your face, or someone erases your whiteboard while you’re away at lunch (seriously, do you do any work, or just go to lunch?)?

Napkin Funnel

Napkin funnel? Yikes!

Don’t even get me started on trying to retain agency clients using these primitive methods. Where are you showing ROI here?

Enter Funnelytics.

This software is revolutionizing the funnel planning and conversion tracking industry. It’s built by marketers, for marketers, and packs a huge punch when it comes to scaling your business.

In this Funnelytics review I will go over what the program is, how it works for your agency, and how it’s better for your funnel marketing than any mind-mapping software, whiteboard, or napkin out there.

For convenience, this Funnelytics review is broken down into chapters where you can explore the different elements of the software that interest you the most!

What’s New In This 2024 Funnelytics Review?

I’m going through this entire review and updating all of the information to reflect what Funnelytics is like today. A TON has changed since my last update to this review a few years ago, and I want to make sure everything here is up-to-date so you have the most recent information and can make an informed decision on whether Funnelytics is right for your agency or not.

Some of the concepts still apply, so you may see some old gifs and videos that are explaining concepts that are utilizing the old dashboard, but the concepts still make sense, so those resources will stay. There will be newer dashboard screenshots where applicable, and all the info will be updated as I go through and make sure everything is current.

That being said, BEWARE.

There are a lot of top-ranking reviews out there I see that are claiming they are 2024 reviews. The thing is, they are also mentioning Funnelytics Pro, which has been discontinued for a few years now. The company has now moved to utilizing the name “Funnelytics Performance”, and have varying packages called “Lite”, “Plus”, and “Max”.

Purchasing just The Funnelytics Vault is also now called Funnel Map Plus.

Lots of changes, beware of outdated info, and keep reading for the most recent info as of this update in January 2024!

What Is Funnelytics?

You know when you are working on building your funnel and you have 17 different pieces to put together and you are scribbling your plan down on a napkin or whiteboard to keep it all straight so you don’t miss a step and have to go back and rework the whole thing?

Funnelytics helps solve this problem.

Funnelytics is a funnel mapping tool that allows you to plan out your sales funnel with a drag-and-drop builder. You can plan everything from traffic sources to the thank you page, and every opt-in, sales page, upsell, and order bump in between. But it’s so much more than that.

Free Funnel Mapping

*As a quick note, the forecasting feature is not currently built out yet in Funnelytics 2.0. It used to be a powerful function to add estimated data to a funnel map and be able to showcase to a client what you could do for them. The CEO has hinted that there are plans to build this feature back in, but as of now, forecasting is not available.


Once your plan is laid out, now you can build out your funnel and add your tracking script to your website or funnel builder software.

Once the funnel is built on another platform, and the tracking script is in place, Funnelytics will track traffic and conversions rates for your funnel in real time.

Funnelytics Tracking

All of this gives you a very visual view of how your funnel is performing, what traffic sources are working the best, and where your funnel is leaking and improvements can be made. 

Imagine showing the moving flow above to a client, being able to visually show where traffic is coming from, which exact ads and campaigns are working, and then telling them the plan to increase and optimize performance. It’s so powerful what Funnelytics can do, and Funnelytics 2.0 has raised the bar 10-fold over the previous version.


Why You Need To Use Funnelytics

If you are an agency, solopreneur, or a small business owner, Funnelytics has a place in your business.

*The above video is several years old, but it still shows the power of Funnelytics. In the video you can see that by utilizing the tool, I was able to see that visitors who actually clicked on the affiliate link on my page came from organic searches and not ads. What does that tell me? I can either stop spending money on ads and put more money and time into SEO, or my ads need tweaked. By utilizing this easy, visual software, making sure you are using your client’s money correctly is a breeze, and showing them these results and how you will shift their budget accordingly is insane for retention.


The drag-and-drop mapping tool is very intuitive and helps you think of your funnels on the fly. If you make a mistake or need to add a step, a few quick clicks and you have made changes to your funnel.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about losing your plans anymore, as the cloud-based software goes with you wherever you have internet access and a computer (though the program isn’t mobile friendly).

This visual method of planning is amazing because we as humans tend to be visual people. No more trying to explain your ideas with vague concepts. You can pull Funnelytics up at a meeting or to show your partner and they will know exactly what you are planning to do.


*By show a client exactly what you’re going to build them, you now have a powerful visual to show during a pitch that is customized to their business and can easily be edited based on their feedback.

And the analytics that the program provides are second to none.

No more showing clients and other stakeholders numbers in Google Analytics and hoping they are able to see the value the funnel is providing.

No more spending time creating separate graphs and reports, or exporting numbers to excel to work them into some kind of visual relevance.

With Funnelytics you can literally see the flow of traffic on the canvas, and conversion rates, goals, and KPIs at the click of a button.

You need Funnelytics to show people you mean business by showing them you know how to run their campaign and make the necessary adjustments because you have a visual data powerhouse at your disposal.

If you are convinced that Funnelytics is for you, I would recommend jumping right into the 14-Day free trial and really giving it a good test run.

You may even be able to use it to land your first client in those two weeks and justify the expense right away.

Want to see something Insane?

Mikael Dia, CEO of Funnelytics posted this just the other day. It’s him walking through a post mortem of an email campaign to see where his conversions came from.
He didn’t build out the funnel in Funnelytics ahead of time at all, and only utilizing the data from the UTMs he added to links in the email was able to go back in and quickly (in around 4 minutes) map out and get visual clearance on what email worked best for his campaign.
Watch the magic below.

A Deep Dive Into Funnelytics

If you want to explore some more, take a deeper dive into this awesome software by checking out the various chapters outlined below:

How to Use Funnelytics

Chapter 1: How to Use Funnelytics

Take a deep dive into the inner workings of funnelytics. Learn more about mapping and tracking for your sales funnels.

Learn More
Why Use Funnelytics

Chapter 2: Why Use Funnelytics

If you aren’t really sure how you can use Funnelytics in your current or future business, this article will show you some use cases.

Learn More

Funnelytics Integrations

Chapter 3: Funnelytics Integrations

You need your analytics tool to play nice with whatever website or funnel builder you are using. This chapter goes in-depth on what builders are known to play nice with the awesome analytics power of Funnelytics.

Learn More

Funnelytics Alternatives

Chapter 4: Funnelytics Alternatives

While I think that Funnelytics is the best funnel analytics tool out there, you may be curious about what your other options are. Learn about what alternatives you have to work with here.

Learn More

Funnelytics Vault

Chapter 5: Funnelytics Map Plus (Funnelytics Vault)

Take a look inside the million-dollar funnels of some of the greatest minds in digital marketing. The vault is included with paid plans of Funnelytics Performance (and the free trial)!

Learn More
Funnelytics Pricing

Chapter 6: Funnelytics Pricing

It’s easy to justify the price of Funnelytics for it’s retention and client acquisition powers, but I know you still need to know the numbers. You can read this article to take a deeper dive into what you will be paying monthly to access Funnelytics.


Learn More

Chapter 7: Funnelytics Performance Free Trial

Unfortunately the lifetime deal is now a thing of the past. Even the secret backdoor access I had been educating people on in the past is gone. That said, there is a lot of power in Funnelytics, and it’s worth at least giving it a test run. Check out everything you get with the Funnelytics free trial, as well as resources on how to sell or retain your client during the trial period and justify they payment for Performance Lite.

Learn More

Pros and Cons of Funnelytics

As with anything, there are pros and cons that you need to take into consideration when weighing whether or not to make a purchase decision for your business. A good Funnelytics review isn’t complete without a pros and cons list.

That said, here is a list of pros and cons that I’ve found when using Funnelytics:



  • The monthly price of the software can be detrimental to a small business. I recommend established agencies who want to increase their client retention rates and land some big fish to purchase the software.
  • Forecasting isn’t available as of the writing of this review in January 2024. It would be amazing to have this feature back to help land clients. As mentioned above, they have said it’s in the works to bring it back.
  • There’s no one click to map out an entire website based on sitemap. That said it’s easy to start by mapping your conversion page or action, and then working backwards to see what’s driving traffic to it.


  • You can start with a free trial account if you just want to use the mapping and planning features. All features are available during this free first two weeks.
  • Funnelytics excels at visually showing you conversions between funnel steps, showing traffic flow, and where improvements can be made
  • The included Funnelytics Vault (Funnel Map Plus) holds amazing value by showing you funnel hacks of million dollar funnels from top internet marketers
  • The cloud-based system allows easy access to your funnel plans from anywhere
  • The traffic flow feature is sure to impress potential agency clients and help you in sealing the deal on monthly retainer packages
  • Funnelytics 2.0 now comes with reports that you can export and send to clients

Funnelytics Lifetime Deal in 2024

Funnelytics had some form of a lifetime deal from 2018 to 2021. This is not the case in 2024. You won’t find one out there… sorry!

Early backers of the software in 2018 and 2019 got to pay a one-time fee to become a founding member and get unlimited access to the software.

After that deal was taken away, there was a secret backdoor deal for a limited lifetime deal on the back of one of Russell Brunson’s funnels, but that deal was removed in 2021 when ClickFunnels invested in their own funnel mapper Geru, and Funnelytics went to a more sustainable pricing model to allow them to innovate and grow. 

I originally bought Funnelytics as a Founding Member back in 2018 when the price was $595 and I only had $600 in my business account. That’s how much I believe in the value of this software.

While the lifetime deal is gone, agencies can still take advantage of the trial to give it a spin and see if it’s a good fit for your company.

Funnelytics Review FAQ

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this Funnelytics Review, and the deep dive chapters will help you explore even more into this amazing funnel software.

All that being said, you likely still have some questions!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Funnelytics FAQ

Who is Funnelytics for?

Funnelytics is largely for agencies looking to boost their client retention and acquisition. Having a budget to be able to afford the software, and enough people to quickly build out funnels for clients and impress them with the visual data in Funnelytics is a major advantage given the pricing of the software.

That said, it’s also for solopreneurs and small business owners who sell or want to sell their products and services through a funnel and want an easy way to see what is working within their funnel, where the leaks are, and areas that conversion rates can be improved. This is a great use case if you are spending thousands on ads and want to easily see what is converting, and what you can stop spending money on.

If you are a smaller business working with an agency, you can always send them this article to learn more about Funnelytics and to start a trial on your behalf. If you are spending enough money with them, it will be hard to say no.

Is the Funnelytics Vault worth the money?

The Funnelytics Vault has over 100 hacked funnels from the most brilliant minds across the internet. These are all funnels that have generated over $1 million, and you don’t have to spend all of your own money to hack them.

The new Funnel Map Plus update also has funnels from the Funnelytics Community from people who were willing to share their hard work with others.

The Vault is available if your purchase Funnelytics Performance, or if you purchase the standalone product Funnelytics Map.

The vault is an amazing resource to learn from and mimic your own funnels after.

Model what works, but don’t flat out copy. No one likes that.

Is there a Free Trial available for Funnelytics?

Yes! You can start a 14-day free trial here.

You will unlock the full power of Funnelytics Performance and fall in love with all the power you’ll have at your disposal.

Can you build a funnel in Funnelytics?


Funnelytics is not a funnel building program.

It is meant for mapping out and analyzing your sales funnels.

It works well with funnel building programs and you can track analytics of your funnel with just about any platform that you can add custom code to.

I would recommend ClickFunnels, or GrooveFunnels as mentioned in the sections above.

What does Funnelytics integrate with?

Just about everything that you can put custom code into.

I prefer to add my Google Tag Manager to my WordPress or funnel building software, and then add my Funnelytics tracking scripts to my Google Tag Manager.

It keeps the coding nice and neat and you are able to implement action tracking codes as well as main funnel tracking codes all in one place without having to scatter them all over your website.

For reporting and KPIs, you can connect to other programs via a Zapier integration.

How does Funnelytics Track Conversions?

You will be given a tracking script to add to your website or funnel builder.

Once installed, Funnelytics will be able to track movements from page to page, showing you the conversion rates between them.

Actions on the site should now automatically be tracked. This is a huge step up from Funnelytics 1.0 where you had to utilize extra script on your site for tracking clicks, scrolls, and views.

How much does Funnelytics Performance Cost Per Month?

Funnelytics Performance has three different packages available.

Performance Lite is $199/mo.

Performance Plus is $499/mo.

Performance Max is $999/mo.

Depending on the size of your agency, these prices can easily be justified by the client retention rate bump you will likely get using the software if you utilize it correctly.

I would recommend you get started by checking out the 14-day free trial to start mapping out some clients and getting an idea about the power that this software offers.

Are funnels shareable with clients and colleagues?

Yes, Funnelytics offers share links for all of their funnels so other people can use your link to view the funnel within their own Funnelytics account.

You can also add people as collaborators if you have Funnelytics Performance, so not only can they view the funnel, but if you give them the right permissions they can work on the funnel with you on a single, shared canvas.

Great for teams and agency/client relationships.

Is there a Funnelytics Certification for Agencies?

There is a resource hub available to anyone who signs up for Funnelytics Performance.

That said, if you want official certification in Funnelytics to add to your website and show clients that you are the real deal, there are a number of Agency Cohorts throughout the year.

They give you all the tools, training & support to close and retain clients on premium performance marketing services, with the certification as well!

My Overall Funnelytics Review for 2024

Given that the cons of this program are really negligible (or in the case of Forecasting being brought back into the fold eventually), and the fact that having the program will likely save you money and help you earn exponential amounts more if you know how to use it right, my overall review for Funnelytics is easily a 5 out of 5 stars.

As stated, I’ve had this program since the beginning (when I didn’t even have enough extra money to buy it to begin with). I’ve utilized it in my business time and time again, and it is only proving itself more useful as time goes on.

I’ve learned how to use Funnelytics to help we see which ads are working for me, which aren’t, and in most cases that I should quit spending money on ads altogether and stick with organic traffic sources as they convert better for me.

Data in business is key, and Funnelytics shines when it comes to giving you the data you need to help your agency succeed.

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