Funnelytics Alternatives: The Other Funnel Mappers

Funnelytics Alternatives

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Funnelytics is a powerhouse sales funnel tool that allows you to map our your funnels for free, and with the paid version forecast your traffic and profits, as well as track live traffic and conversions between stages.

This gives you amazing insight into your sales process and where you need to make improvements.

It also saves you money in the long run by knowing where you should stop spending money because certain ads or funnel steps aren’t working out.

With the monthly pricing starting at $99 per month, you may be wondering what alternatives are out there and how the pricing and functionality compares to Funnelytics.

While there are alternatives, I’d preface by saying they each have a separate space in your business depending on what you are using them for.

I would also mention that Funnelytics has an amazing lifetime deal that makes it the best value out there for funnel analytics by far.

But if that doesn’t interest you, we will look more into Funnelytics alternatives below.

Geru – The Funnel Simulator

While a lot of people compare Geru vs Funnelytics at the same level, Geru brands itself more as a funnel simulator.

Geru Canvas
You still build funnels with drag-and-drop methods, and you can still add snapshots to represent your actual funnel within the canvas area.

The big difference is that Geru currently doesn’t have functionality to track actual analytics and data. It is for simulation.

Funnelytics has most of the functionality that Geru has since they added their forecasting tool in 2019, but Geru does have a really cool feature that Funnelytics is yet to get.

The Dream Profit Goal report lets you take stats that you’ve entered into the different steps of your funnel and add a profit goal that you want to reach that year.

Once you enter your amount, Geru will calculate the amount of traffic you will need based on your current conversion rates, traffic costs, and other expenses that you have input into the system.

Dream Profit Goal
With this report you know what you need to do in order to make your dream profit for the year.

They also have the Traffic Reinvestment report where you say what percentage of your profit you want to reinvest into traffic each month, and you will get a simulation of how much your profit will grow over the next 12 months.

Traffic Reinvestment Report
Some very cool reporting that Funnelytics has yet to get, therefore a totally different use within your business framework.

Unfortunately, Geru has recently moved away from their lifetime deal to monthly and annual pricing starting at $37/mo for standard and $97/mo for pro.

They also currently lack the ability to track live visitors through your sales funnel. – The Marketing Planner has a lot of cool features.

You are able to map your funnel on the canvas just like in Funnelytics. Canvas
Marketplan also has features built in to plan projects and your to-do lists.
Marketplan to-do list
You are able to add team members (depending on your plan) and there are very helpful modules that have blog planning and email sequence planning. You can set up and plan the different blogs and emails you are going to write for your marketing plan with a full text editor.
Email Sequence in
Marketplan is truly for marketers who are going to focus on content, although it is missing a few key features.

While there is a tracking script to pull in live data, there is no forecasting to help with funnel planning.

There is also no flow to help with the visualization of traffic through the funnel.

The lifetime deal for is also over. pricing starts you out for free with limited capabilities. Their basic plan is $19/mo for unlimited plan and still limited tools. Pro is $97/mo and allows for all marketing tools available and up to 10 users and 50,000 tracked visitors. Their agency plan is $297/mo and allows up to 20 users, 500,000 tracked visitors, and white-labeling.

What is the Best Funnel Mapper?

For overall use and value as a funnel mapper, I always give the award to Funnelytics since you can map, forecast, and track.

You can easily save money by seeing which traffic sources are driving conversions, and therefore which ones aren’t working and you can quit spending money on.

Plus the lifetime deal for Funnelytics allows 100,000 or 500,000 tracked visitors, depending on which deal you snag.

All that said, I have lifetime deals to all 3 software, and they all serve different uses in my business.

I like the funnel math functionalities that Geru offers, and will often rebuild out my funnel that I’m tracking in Funnelytics with my current stats so I can do some higher-level calculations such as seeing how much traffic I need to drive to hit my dream income goal.

Marketplan.IO is the software I use for full-scale plans on how I plan to promote my funnel. It’s great for laying a full funnel project out and tracking due dates and content pieces that need to be created.

It all depends on what you need functionality for in your business, but given the alternatives, I would start with Funnelytics every time.

This article is part of a Funnelytics Review series helping you understand all you want to know about this powerful funnel mapping software.

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