Why Use Funnelytics: Agency, Solopreneur, and Beyond

Why Use Funnelytics

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The Many Uses of Funnelytics

If you are looking for a way to map your sales funnels, see what kind of potential they may have for your business, and track live traffic through your funnel to see what’s working and where problems are, then Funnelytics is for you.

Can’t you just use Google Analytics to get your funnel analytics?

Well… technically yes, but Funnelytics is a beautiful visualization of your funnel analytics that tell you what is working and where your problems are at a glance.

If you didn’t see this video on the full Funnelytics review, check it out to see for yourself how Funnelytics can help you save money on ad spend and be a major asset to your business. 

Agency Use of Funnelytics

So far you can see how Funnelytics can help a business in mapping out their funnels and see how to optimize conversions.

If you run a marketing agency, some light bulbs have likely gone off as well.

With this program you can not only map out your plans for your clients’ funnels, but you can also meet up with a client and map out a plan while you are talking to them. You can discuss plans, change, and rework them on the fly until you and a client or prospect come to an agreement on a plan to move forward.

You can also gain new clients by taking a look at their business, mapping out a funnel plan, and then adding forecasting to the different steps. When you show this to prospective clients, they will see what you can do for them before you do any of the work, or even write a proposal. Visualization of results goes a long way.

Funnelytics will also be an amazing resource for retaining clients. The KPI report is a quick glance for clients to see how much money you are making them.

The canvas alone will be enough to show clients the work you are putting into helping them and their business.

No more will you struggle to explain the value that your agency is providing.

The visualization that Funnelyitcs provides makes it super simple to see.

Solopreneur and Small Business Use

Even if you aren’t creating funnels or doing marketing for other clients but have a product or service yourself, Funnelytics is a great tool to have in your business.

Not only are you able to map out funnels to sell your products, but once the funnel is live you can see how many sales you are getting, and where people are falling off in your funnel.

By knowing where the leak is in your funnel, you can implement split testing, find better solutions and fix any major issues that are keeping your customers from converting.

Even if you have conversions you can test different elements on your funnel pages to see what will increase your sales further.

Optimization is a never-ending game if you want to get the most out of your sales funnel, and Funnelytics will help you with continual monitoring and optimization to help you increase conversion rates.

Affiliate Marketing and Funnelytics Use

I’m an affiliate marketer, and I LOVE using Funnelytics.

I always start a funnel building project by mapping out what I’m thinking in order to build out and finalize a plan.

Without Funnelytics I feel like it would be hard to get my ideas into an organized, linear funnel that makes sense.

Even if I’m just making a bridge page funnel for an offer, I make it a point to map out what I plan to do.

With Funnelytics I can track my traffic sources, how many people are visiting my blog posts or bridge page, and how many clicks each page is generating to the affiliate website.

It’s a great software to see what’s working, where my ad money is being effectively used, and what blog posts and landing pages are driving the most clicks to the affiliate site.

Snag the Only Funnelytics Lifetime Deal

Funnelytics started it’s life with a Founding Member’s Lifetime Deal.

That was back in 2018, and the deal has since ended.

Currently, you won’t find a lifetime deal on their website.

You can only find a lifetime deal as a one-time offer on the back end of another company’s sales funnel.


Learn more about how to access the lifetime deal here.

This article is part of a Funnelytics Review series helping you understand all you want to know about this powerful funnel mapping software.

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