Funnel Mapping With Funnelytics: Your Plan to Succeed

Funnel Mapping With Funnelytics

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Funnelytics is a powerful tool, even if you just want to get started for free with their mapping feature.

You get unlimited funnels in your free account to map out your funnel plans.

I love using the funnel mapper to plan funnels and projects because as soon as you build a page out in the funnel, you can easily insert the URL, and a thumbnail of the finished page is pulled into the canvas.

This workflow has worked so well for me and motivates me to finish the project so all of the steps turn from icons into thumbnails.

What can you map out in Funnelytics?

Here’s what the free funnel mapper can do for you.


Funnel Mapping Video Overview

Mapping Your Sales Funnel

First let’s take a look at the drag-and-drop mapping function.

Mapping is the core functionality of Funnelytics, and the only one of the 3 parts that comes with the free Starter account.

Mapping is essentially the planning phase of your funnel, so there is no right or wrong here, only planning.

Mapping Pages

There are many different page icons within the program that allow you to visualize the different types of pages you will have within your funnel.

All of these modules act exactly the same, and only differ in appearance to help you and your stakeholder visualize the different steps.

Page Icons

Within a page module you can add custom labels for the page and add notes.

Pages Label Notes and URL
Page URL Representation

One of the coolest things is being able to pop in a live URL and see a visual representation of that page within the funnel.

It’s a nice way to check that step off as you are building out the live funnel.

Mapping Traffic

For mapping purposes, adding traffic sources is very similar to adding pages to the canvas.

The biggest difference here is that there is a set of icons to use and you can’t add a visual representation based on a URL (unless you have Pro and upload custom icons).

This makes sense as you aren’t going to really have a unique visual representation of a traffic source as much as you would a page in your funnel.

Traffic Sources Icons

These are just some of the icons available to add to the canvas.

Mapping Actions

With another quick drag from the connection arrow you will have an action mapped on your canvas coming from the corresponding page with the action. You can also easily drag action icons from the sidebar.

Again, there is a different set of icons to go with actions, and the forecasting and tracking portions are different than pages and traffic sources, but as far as mapping goes it’s just another way to visually represent a desired action for people to take within your funnel.

Action Icons

This article is part of a Funnelytics Review series helping you understand all you want to know about this powerful funnel mapping software.

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