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Do you want to start making how-to videos, but have no software to do so?

It can be frustrating to try and show someone how to do something on the computer, especially if they’re not as tech-savvy as you are. 

The solution is simple: just record what happens on your screen with screen recording software. 

This will allow you to create a video tutorial for a quick and easy way to teach someone how to do something without having them sit around all day watching you.

In this blog post, we will be talking about how you can make how-to videos for tutorials and find out which tool can help you make one.

What is a How-To Video?

What is a How-To Video

Gone are the days when you would have to find a book in a library or bookstore to learn something new and hope that you could understand it well enough from reading the words.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now just go to the internet and search for how-to videos on your chosen subject. 

A how-to video is a video with a step-by-step process of a task being completed.

It is helpful for people who have difficulty following written instructions or need something visual to follow along with. 

They can be created by either filming the person doing the task or by simply recording a computer screen to present the information. 

Some people find it easier to watch how-to videos than reading directions in books or online because they can see what they need to do without having to try and figure out all the steps with their own interpretation.

How-to videos are typically published on YouTube, blogs, and other websites as a form of social media content.

It can be as short as one minute or as long as thirty minutes.

For example, there are videos on how to download software, how to make a website, how to make a YouTube channel, and so much more.

Making how-to videos with your computer screen

Making a how-to video with a screen recording is a great way to teach the average computer user how to do something. 

Screen recording software can be used to record your voice, camera, and screen while you guide your audience throughout the video.

But if you are finding it difficult to create how-to videos, one option that might be beneficial is to record your screen by using Berrycast.

Berrycast: The Best How-to Video Software

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The beauty of screen recording software is that it can record anything on your computer screen.

If you need to make a tutorial or demonstration, this type of software will help you get it done fast and easily.

You can also use the software to record video games or your presentations for school or work.

There are many free and paid programs available on the market today, and one of them is Berrycast. 

Berrycast is a powerful screen recording software that makes it easy to record your computer screen.

It’s great for making video tutorials, presentations, and so much more, since it comes with amazing features such as:

  • Fullscreen recording
  • Partial screen recording
  • Webcam recording
  • Video editing
  • Custom branding
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Outlook Integration 
  • Analytics insight
  • Video clip trimming
  • Password protection
  • Instant sharing option

Want to see Berrycast in action? Check out our quick tutorial here:

Who can use Berrycast?

Making how-to videos with this software is an excellent way to teach viewers different skills or share information.

It is highly beneficial for:

Educators – to record the screens of their computers and share them with students so they can follow along and take notes as needed.

Content creators – to create high-quality video content without the need for a professional camera and equipment.

Businesses – to show customers how to use their product or service by demonstrating an entire process without having to film anything new.

Organizations – to record their online meetings and create training materials to help staff members learn.


You can choose to get Berrycast for free or get the paid Pro plan instead.

Starter – Free

  • Up to 10 videos monthly
  • Annotation
  • Trimming

Pro – $9.99 a month

  • Unlimited video recordings
  • Custom branding
  • Annotation
  • Trimming
  • Password protection
  • Upload videos
  • Video analytics

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Steps on how to make a great tutorial video using Berrycast

Making your very own tutorial video doesn’t have to be that hard especially when you’ve got the right tools.

Here’s are 5 easy steps to make one:

Step 1: Understand what your target audience wants

You need to understand the problems people face in order to meet their needs.

Since you’re planning to create instructional videos, you need to know what you want to teach your audience.

Do you want to teach your audience how to uninstall software? Or do you want to teach them how to remove background from an image on Photoshop?

With this information, you can then start to build and create content that will not only interest others like you but also provide them with something that they need.

Step 2: Write a storyboard and script

You want your content to be organized and you can do that by writing a storyboard and script.

This process will help you avoid wasting time on content that never makes it to the final cut.

Step 3: Download Berrycast to record your screen

The next step is to download Berrycast so you can start recording your screen to make your instructional video.

Step 4: Edit your video

Editing a video can be as simple as using the “trim” tool to cut out parts that are not necessary.

If you don’t have video editing software, you can use the trimming feature in Berrycast.

Step 5: Publish and share 

Once you’re done recording and editing, upload it to YouTube and share the link with your audience.

Things you need to know when making how-to videos


Now that you already know the essential steps and which tool you can use to create how-to videos, here are a few useful tips that might help you out.

Find a niche

A niche is a perfect place for you to stand out in your chosen industry. It’s an area that you can use to build your skills and expertise.

This can be difficult for those who are just starting out, but it’s essential to your success.

There is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes to finding your niche.

Research content ideas

Here are four key questions to ask yourself when you’re looking for content ideas:

  1. What topics are trending now?  
  2. Who is my audience? 
  3. What do they want to know about? 
  4. What do they care about?

Keep your video simple

It’s not hard to make a video that people will like and want to watch.

You can be creative and still keep your videos simple, which is the best way to do it.

Not overcomplicating things by keeping them simple will leave you with happier viewers who want more of what you have to offer.

Keep your content engaging and informative

Since you’re making an instructional video, it is essential to keep your content informative. 

A video that doesn’t provide value will lead to people leaving, which can decrease the number of views and revenue on your channel.  

You should also ensure that your content is concise, engaging, and easy to understand.

Avoid jargon

When a viewer doesn’t know what you’re talking about, they can become frustrated and stop watching your video.

It’s important that you avoid jargon in order to keep it simple and easy for viewers.

Avoid this problem with simple, straightforward language and visuals.

Remember that people want to learn something from your video, so don’t intimidate them with confusing language.

YouTube videos have become increasingly popular, with millions of videos being uploaded every day.

How-to videos are very popular on the platform and serve as a great way to teach and provide information to viewers with quick and easy videos that users can learn from.

These videos cover a wide range of topics and provide instructional information on DIY projects around the house, cooking, and more.

How do you record software training videos?  

Most companies today are using video for more than just entertainment. 

Many businesses are switching to video as their primary medium of communication with clients and customers, which sometimes requires them to record training videos on how to use the software. 

A screen recorder is one of the most popular methods used by businesses to record software training videos.

You can use any video recording software that records the entire desktop or you can choose one that only records the active window. 


Making how-to videos with screen recording software is indeed a great option for everyone to share their knowledge with the world.

Screen recording software allows you to create video tutorials or demonstrations of something you are trying to teach or show someone else.

I hope this article has been helpful in providing information about this how-to video software so you can start making tutorial videos for your audience.

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