Justin Coleman

CEO of Rehash Media, LLC

Justin and Callie

A Love of Family and Funnels

I am a lucky husband and father who gets to build the life of his dreams with the family that he loves.

I’ve been married since 2015, and my wife and I have come a long way since then, both in building our family and meeting our life-long goals.

We have 3 beautiful children who keep up business whenever we are not working on our businesses or binge-watching Survivor.

I have a deep passion for business and especially sales funnels.

My education of funnels is really the culmination of many years of SEO and Inbound Marketing Study. It has all lead to my mission to master sales funnels and teach the concepts to others so that that my teachings may help them explode their business and reach a better life.

The Master’s Master’s

Weird to call myself the master, but that’s what I am striving to be when it comes to my knowledge over the realm of sales funnels.

I received my Master’s Degree in Business with Entrepreneurship from the Forbes School of Business in March 2016.

Since then life has been a whirlwind of debt, growing a family, learning SEO, and trying to master sales funnels.

Inbound Marketing Certified

I am Inbound Marketing Certified by Hubspot.

Getting this certification was a culmination of my SEO learnings, which began when my daughter was born in 2016.

I wanted to be able to be found online and get some side projects going that would make me some money to help support my new family.

I learned that inbound marketing was the way to go, because creating content and allowing people to find you when they need your answers makes them a lot more likely to like your business and trust your solutions.

The problem was that something was still missing.

One Funnel Away Challenge

Another one of my credentials is that I have taken the One Funnel Away Challenge.

This was the piece in my marketing knowledge that I was missing.

I learned how to build funnels, make amazing offer stacks, and market at a much higher level.

I’m proud to have OFA on my list of credentials and the knowledge I gained in my marketing arsenal.

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