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We always recommend that people check out AppSumo for lifetime software deals. They have the best up-and-coming software that can help with many aspects of your business. I’ve purchases a ton of software from them, and am also a part of their yearly membership club so I get discounts. AppSumo will save you TONS on monthly software payments by giving you lifetime access to the best new software.

Today, I’ll be focusing on lifetime software subscription that’s becoming more popular for individuals who want to save more on software.

Getting one is also an ideal choice for startup marketers who are still looking for the right tools for their business.

The reason why getting software for your business is great is that it makes the job easier and it also saves you more time.

Before everything, let’s discuss the basics first.

What is software?

Lifetime Software Subscription

I know you already know what software is but I just wanted to give you a quick refresher.

A software, in general, is a program that is used to operate or run a computer to perform a specific task.

It mainly comprises a set of programs, procedures, instructions, and routines that make a computer function.

There can be many types of software nowadays and marketers are also using them for different purposes that are beneficial for their business.

What is a Marketing Software?

Marketing Tools

So you finally decided to launch your own website for your business, but you don’t know how to get started.

You don’t know which tools to use and still doing some research on which software works best for you.

Of course, not everything you see online is reliable and most of them can be too pricey especially for a beginner like you.

Well, today is your lucky day!

I’ll be teaching you about software subscriptions and you’ll also find the perfect place to get the best deals on marketing software that could last a lifetime without even breaking the bank. 

The marketing industry is constantly growing in today’s world and the internet is an excellent platform for companies who want to get in touch with consumers.

Depending on what you’re planning to create, using software can help you launch a website, edit photos or videos, send emails, generate leads, and so much more.

Online Marketer

It’s reliable and saves you time than learning the whole process on your own.

The only problem is that it can be too pricey for startup marketers like you.

What a lot of marketers don’t know is that there is so much software out there that isn’t that popular but does the job better.

It’s not like one of those that require monthly or annual payment since it’s cheaper, reliable, lasts a lifetime, and can be modified anytime.

I’m talking about a lifetime software subscription that makes your life easier and you can get one at a very affordable price.

What is a Lifetime Software Subscription?

A lifetime software subscription is a very flexible type of licensed software that you can use for a lifetime while choosing to pay for upcoming tools.

These up-and-coming tools allows users to be part of the entire development process of the software.

It’s a type of plan that’s usually offered at a cheap price by new SaaS (Software as a Service) companies for entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

Most lifetime software subscriptions work by letting small SaaS companies have the user as part of the development process.

Companies want to develop their tools along with their users to make the best software for new audiences, through customer feedback.

Cheap Price


  • Lifetime access for a good price
  • No recurring bills that stress you out
  • A great investment for marketers
  • Can opt for upgrades anytime

What is a software license?

License Key

In simple words, a software license is also considered as an alternative to codes that you can redeem to access the software once activated.

It also serves as a contract or agreement to certain “terms and conditions” between the licensee and the user.

What is a lifetime software license?

A Lifetime or Perpetual License is a type of software license that allows the user to access a specific version of a software program for a one-time fee.

This type of license includes access to upgrades and technical support for life.

The good thing about this license is that it costs less over time and the program continues to work even without renewing. The only catch is that you may miss out on features added to other packages that the company comes up with in the future.

How is a subscription different from a perpetual license?

When you get a software subscription, you’ll be given a license key for the product that you can access depending on the subscription plan that you paid for.

On the other hand, a perpetual license or lifetime license entitles the user with a lifetime license key for unlimited access to the specific version of the program.

What is the difference between a software license and a software subscription?

Both licenses are great investments for any individual, except that they have a few key differences.

So choose one that suits you well.

If you want to pay once to get a special version of the software, a software license is a great option for you.

With a software license, you don’t have to worry about paying for updates, since you can still access the program.

However, if you want to pay subscription fees to update the program regularly, you can also get this type of license.

The only downside of a software subscription is that you won’t be able to access it once you fail to renew your subscription.

Where can you get the Best Deals on Lifetime Software Subscriptions?

Just like everyone who’s only starting, choosing the right tool that works is always the main priority.

If you don’t invest in a good one, you’re very most likely to spend more than what you expected.

that’s why we highly recommend that you get a lifetime deal on AppSumo that has a wide range of products for startup marketers like you.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo logo

AppSumo is an excellent and most reputable marketplace for lifetime deals on software programs.

Most of their featured products are less expensive than what you can find on the company websites.

And to make it even better, each lifetime deal on AppSumo comes from well-established companies to help marketers and tech communities.

This makes the software accessible for anyone who wishes to buy one for their business without spending a lot.

Why get lifetime deals on AppSumo?


What makes AppSumo great is that each product listed undergoes a special process first to ensure that it’s safe and working well.

The majority of the selected products on their marketplace are currently using licenses and you can easily check which one has by looking at the available plans.

Their lifetime plans can also be easily modified depending on your preference since you can upgrade or downgrade to any plan anytime.

Plus, they also offer an amazing refund policy where customers can avail 60-day money-back guarantee on any product.

What are lifetime deals on Appsumo?

AppSumo offers lifetime deals on different software programs where users can access tools right away after redemption.

Most of their products come from their partner companies that are in the early stages.

This means that each product may or may not exceed every user’s expectations.

But don’t worry!

Users can avail of upgrades anytime and most products on the platform are working great.

And if you happen to encounter a glitch or a problem with the product, AppSumo also has incredible live chat support to get faster responses on your queries.

Here’s a quick video about AppSumo  so you’ll have insights into what the platform is all about.

Where Can I Get Lifetime Software Deals?

We always recommend AppSumo if the software company isn’t offering a lifetime deal themselves.
We’ve written quite a few overviews on different lifetime software that are great for marketers.

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Unlock Seamless Project Management with Freedcamp’s Lifetime Deal

We are affiliates for AppSumo and may receive commissions for actions taken after clicking links on this page. In a world where multitasking has become a norm, managing projects efficiently is the bedrock of successful outcomes. Whether you are a product designer, a…

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