Have you ever tried using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing before?

Pinterest is probably known as the best go-to website to look for inspiration on how to turn this into that, and so much more.

The thing I like the most about the visual search engine is that it’s a very powerful platform for marketers.

It’s simple and it doesn’t require the whole coding stuff of building a website.

All you need is an attractive pin with catchy headlines and you’re good to go.

You can also take your creative side into action by applying that talent to your pins.

So what exactly is Pinterest and how can you use it for affiliate marketing?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest Logo

Every affiliate marketer aims to reach organic traffic as much as possible and Pinterest can help achieve that goal.

Pinterest is a website that’s quite similar to Instagram but mostly works as a visual discovery engine.

The image sharing platform was first launched in January 2010 and is founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp.

Since then, it has more than a million active users and has been the best place to find fresh ideas like DIY projects, home décor, and more.

Compared to Instagram, Pinterest allows adding links on Pins, which makes it a good platform to post affiliate links.

Using Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest Pin

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income on the side.

Amazon is probably one of the most common companies that are promoted by affiliates on the platform.

When using Pinterest for affiliate marketing, you don’t need to think about having lots of followers.

You can use relevant keywords or phrases to appear on search results.

Another trick to getting your link on the platform is to create multiple pins for one affiliate link.

Although it may look like spam but if you have different pins for one link, it will still work effectively without being tagged as spam.

Affiliate links are placed in the Website field in any Pinterest Pin so that users can easily be redirected to the advertiser page when they click on the image or link.

Pinterest Business Account

Tracking progress on Pinterest is also very easy when you have a Business Account.

A Business Account allows you to use features that are essential in affiliate marketing to track important metrics such as impressions, engagements, total audience, etc.

Additionally, this type of account will allow you to run paid campaigns on the platform.

Why Choose Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing?

Choose Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest is without a doubt a good platform to target organic traffic.

It comes with surprising benefits that you probably were unaware of.

Most affiliate marketers that use social networking sites like to use Pinterest since it doesn’t require that much work.

You only need to create attractive pins that instantly grabs attention and it’s also a lot easier to reach organic traffic.

However, despite Pinterest being a simple and easy platform to deal with, it’s just like doing affiliate marketing with a website.

It will take time to get more people engaging with your posts so keep your pins extra attractive as much as possible.

Just don’t overdo it.

Things to take note when using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Just like any platform, affiliate marketers need to follow certain rules on Pinterest.

Affiliate link disclosure

If your post contains an affiliate link, it’s important to add a disclaimer to inform prospects that you’ll earn a small commission when they click on your link.

This is very important because you might face legal charges if you’re not disclosing affiliate links.

Post valuable and relevant content

Pinterest is indeed a good platform to promote products as an affiliate, however, this doesn’t mean that you should keep on spamming your audience with affiliate links.

Try to provide valuable content online to increase engagement and get your audience to become even more interested.

It has to be something that’s relevant to your Pinterest board so as not to confuse your audience.

Who knows, they might even repost your pins, which makes it easier to reach more organic traffic.

Check rules of different affiliate programs

Another thing to take note is to check the rules of different affiliate programs.

There are affiliate marketplaces that don’t allow posting affiliate links on Pinterest, so you might want to read the fine print before trying this method.

Tips on using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Product Recommendation

Publishing affiliate links is how you can generate passive income with your Pinterest pins.

And while there’s no perfect strategy to becoming a top-tier affiliate on the platform, you might as well consider trying these tips:

Add descriptions

In case you didn’t know, people still care about descriptions that they can see online. 

If you want people to engage with your post more, adding a relevant description will hint Pinterest about your pin and show it to the right people more.

Do keyword research

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, doing keyword research also gets your Pins even more visible.

In fact, Pinterest loves keywords just like any other search engine.

Try to do some research on what’s trending and take note of the keywords used that you can also apply to your Pins.

Promote what you love

This is a very important reminder: ALWAYS PROMOTE WHAT YOU LOVE

The reason why this works all the time is that there’s this driving force inside of you that motivates you to stay consistent as an affiliate marketer.

Not is this tip only applicable on Pinterest but on any platform as well, so keep that in mind always.

Organize your Pins

Make sure your pins are always organized on a Pinterest board.

This is very important so that whenever a user tries to click on your profile, They can go to any category and look for something that catches their attention.

Share your pins on other platforms

This method is the simplest way to get more people to notice your creation on Pinterest.

Since pins are made of images, the visual content can easily reach traffic on different social media platforms.

Create an affiliate funnel

Every marketer knows how funnels take affiliate marketing to a whole new level. 

An affiliate funnel is just like any sales funnel that serves as a process or journey for the consumers to take.

The affiliate funnel guides prospects throughout the entire sales process.

When done the right way, you can also use your funnel in lead generation.

By the way, if you’re interested to learn how to create an affiliate funnel on Pinterest, check out our affiliate marketing course by clicking here.

Now that you already have an idea of how affiliate marketing is done on Pinterest, let’s talk about the most common questions asked about the topic.

Do You Need a Website for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Generally, Pinterest doesn’t necessarily require you to have a website as an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate, the only thing that matters is your affiliate link that you can include in your posts.

Unless you want to earn more money using an affiliate funnel, then having a website is highly recommended.

Nonetheless, this can entirely depend on the affiliate program you’re in.

Let’s say you’re an affiliate in a marketplace that doesn’t allow affiliate links on Pinterest, you can still use the platform to lead users to your website that has all your links.

As mentioned, always check the rules of the affiliate program you’re in to make sure no time is wasted.

Does Pinterest allow Bitly links?

Pinterest doesn’t allow link shorteners such as Bitly, TinyURL, and more.

One good reason might be because link shorteners don’t show the original source of the link.

If you think about it, Pinterest cares for your safety. Who knows what’s behind link shorteners that people are encouraging you to click.

Does Pinterest allow ClickBank links?

ClickBank, Rakuten, Amazon, ShareASale, and other affiliate links are allowed on Pinterest.

So if you’re an affiliate from the platform, you can start your journey by posting affiliate pins.

Just make sure to add a disclaimer on your posts.

How much money do affiliate marketers make?

how much money affiliate marketers make

Affiliate marketers earn money through commissions.

Each affiliate network offers different commission rates and some people can even earn more than a thousand dollars a month.

The affiliate marketing industry has become even more challenging since more and more people are joining the bandwagon.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to become an affiliate marketer.

If you’re a beginner or someone who’s interested in affiliate marketing, check out our online course.

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