Hopefully you’ve been learning a lot about lead gen funnels through my teachings, and are beginning to understand their importance in growing your business.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business, but there comes a tipping point when you have to stop giving everything away for free and start turning leads into buyers.

You have to be careful how you approach this shift in status for your leads.

You can’t simply give them a free checklist and then drop a $997 offer on them.

You have to warm them up and work them further up your value ladder.

You have to start them on a Tripwire Funnel.


Introduction to the Tripwire Funnel

After you give away your freebie and get an email address, it’s time to send people to your tripwire funnel.

This can be at a later time through an email sequence if you need to get them into the right frame of mind first, but oftentimes the Tripwire Funnel is tacked right onto the back-end of the Squeeze Page Funnel.

Get the email address and then immediately make the next offer. Quickly see who you can turn into a buyer.

You do this by making a very low-dollar offer for a product. This is often a $7 informational product that gives people more value and answers the next obvious problem they will want to solve after consuming your free opt-in.

Once you have converted your leads into buyers, you can’t stop there.

Make the next offer immediately.

This will be an even higher-priced upsell item that you sell on a regular basis, but maybe you will give it to them at a discounted price for being in your funnel. This could be a more in-depth course that solves a much bigger problem.

Lastly, throw in a One Time Offer. This will be a high-ticket item or a subscription service that will allow you recurring income.

You will really only make this offer within this funnel. That is what makes the offer special and valuable.

Let your buyers know that it won’t be available to them again, and the scarcity will produce more buyers.


How to Use a Tripwire Funnel in Your Business

It’s called a Tripwire Funnel because the idea is that the initial small purchase will set off a metaphorical tripwire that will cause people to want to purchase the upsell and the one time offer. It sets the rest of the events in motion.

What this means for your business is that you are recuperating your ad spend for acquiring leads to opt-in to your initial free offers.

This is also called a self-liquidating funnel. Your first goal is to use the tripwire and upsell to hopefully break even and allow you to outspend your competition to acquire those new leads.

The One Time Offer then is hopefully pure profit and icing on the cake when it comes to making money with your sales funnel.

Remember to focus on break-even first so your business doesn’t lose money. Then focus on what you can offer as a 2nd upsell or a one time offer to start seeing a profit in your business.


What to Offer as a Tripwire

You can offer anything that has great value as a tripwire offer.

A common offering is free plus shipping. Get people to become buyers by giving them a free book if they pay shipping. Make the additional offerings after they have entered their card info and are comfortable buying from you.

You could also offer a bundle of your previously created business assets if you have a ton of courses, wizards, and ebooks just laying around. If it doesn’t cost you extra to put it together, it may be a helpful low-ticket item to get people in the door for your new products.

If you have compiled a good swipe file for various aspects of your business, this may be a valuable low-dollar offer people would like as well. It will save them time in doing the research themselves, and you give them value by having done it for them. They will now have a file of what works and what doesn’t for headlines, ads, graphics, or whatever the content of the swipe file is that you put together.

There is a good example of a swipe file offer that I will make to you down below at the end of this article that is very much worth checking out.

There are countless things that you can offer as your tripwire. Just make sure that it is valuable without giving away the farm, and that people will actually get value from it, otherwise your sales will die off fast once word gets out that it isn’t helpful. Then no one will see your back-end offers and the rest of your funnel won’t see any traffic.


The Tripwire Funnel Thank You Page

As we see in the Free Plus Shipping funnel for DotCom Secrets the offers you can make throughout are endless, and the thank you page at the end shouldn’t be wasted either.

Make sure you show or tell people how they will be getting all of the deliverables they paid for in your funnel. This is the payoff at the end of the funnel, and you don’t want to leave people confused on how to access their products.

You can also make another offer in the form of your main membership service or subscription service. Show people that they need this to really amplify their results for what they just bought.

You can also give people another way to connect with you by offering them a free download of your app, to subscribe to your podcast, or even just to find and follow you on your different social media channels so you have various channels to reach them.

All of these things that you add to the thank you page are usually laid out in steps.

So step one would be watching a video to see how they will get their items they purchased.

Step two would be signing up for your subscription deal that will amplify their results.

Step three would be connecting on other methods to get even more amazing value from you.

If you lay it out in steps, people will feel like they need to complete all of them and be more likely to do so.


Learn More About Lead Funnels

The Tripwire Funnel is just one small element in the wide world of lead funnels, but it’s important to be able to master so you can start to turn your leads into buyers.

Not only a great example of a Tripwire Funnel to check out, but also a great resource to learn about lead funnels is The Lead Funnels Swipe File.

This $7 tripwire will show you over 106 of the world’s most successful lead funnels, and how these businesses are using them to explode their email lists, and rake in the profits.

As I said above, it’s an amazing Tripwire Funnel to check out, funnelhack, and model, but its also a great resource to have in your arsenal.

Click the banner below to check it out.

Lead Funnels Swipe File

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