Funnel Forecasting With Funnelytics: Knowing Your Numbers

Funnel Forecasting With Funnelytics

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If you are funnel forecasting appropriately, you will get a good idea about how your funnel needs to perform in order to be profitable.

The forecasting feature is only available in Funnelytics Pro and Agency, and I highly recommend the lifetime version of Pro to get going with these powerful features.

Forecasting means that you are predicting what conversion rates will be between funnel stages, and how much traffic you can drive at what cost.

By plugging all of this into Funnelytics’ Forecasting, you will have a solid plan of action for your funnel.

As you can imagine, this is a powerful feature to be able to show potential agency clients because you can show them the exact numbers it will take to make their funnel work, and how you will make it happen.

That said, let’s take a closer look at forecasting the different elements of our funnel.

Forecasting Your Sales Funnels

Forecasting is only available within the Funnelytics Pro and Agency packages, and really takes funnel planning to the next level.

Instead of just mapping your funnel out, now you can forecast sales figures, traffic cost and numbers, and conversion rates to see what you need to make your sales funnel profitable.

Forecasting Page Goals

You can add your Forecasting targets to the page modules to help predict how many leads and sales you hope to generate through your funnel.

Funnel Forecasting

The forecasting function will use these numbers to show you predicted KPIs. We will go over KPIs as a whole once we go over forecasting for traffic and actions.

Forecasting Traffic

Next you need to be able to send forecasted traffic into your funnel so the other conversion rates and values work in the final calculation.

Traffic numbers are easily added by adding ‘Clicks to next step(s)’ and ‘Ad Spend’. CPC will be calculated for you based on these numbers.

Forecasting Traffic

Forecasting Actions

Actions represent the different actions that people take within your funnel, and by default represent a lead.

As the warning in the image states, you have to mark an action as a KPI in the tracking tab to make it have a sale value in your forecasting calculations.

Forecasting Actions

This article is part of a Funnelytics Review series helping you understand all you want to know about this powerful funnel mapping software.

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