Tracking Your KPIs: Live Funnel Data to Act On

Tracking Your KPIs

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Tracking traffic flow and KPIs is another amazing Pro feature that Funnelytics has in store for you. The visualization literally shows you traffic flow while calculating live conversion rates and revenue numbers.

All you need is a tracking script added to the head of your website or an HTML snippet in your Google Tag Manager and you will be able to track these different features of your funnel.

*Note: Tracking actions does take an extra tracking script, but Funnelytics has plenty of documentation on how to implement this.

I would recommend getting the Funnelytics Pro Lifetime Deal. It’s the best deal on Funnelytics right now, and as you will see below, this is some powerful stuff to have for your business.

Tracking Pages

With tracking code in place, turning pages into a KPI is as simple as checking the box and adding whether a visit to that page represents a sale or a lead.

Tracking Pages

Tracking Traffic Sources

Traffic is tracked in Funnelytics using UTM parameters.

One cool trick is that you can add your UTM parameters before you even create your ads or social posts, then when you link the traffic to a page that has a URL attached, it will add the UTM parameters after the URL of the page you are linking to in your funnel.

You can then easily copy this link and use this as the tracking URL in your ads, no further UTM link building is required.

Tracking Traffic

Tracking Actions

Tracking actions is the bread and butter of Funnelytics.

It’s how you track the actions that people take on your page and track conversions that don’t happen by going from page to page.

Examples are when someone clicks a button, fills out a form, scrolls down the page a certain percentage, etc.

Adding the tracking code is beyond the scope of this review, but once you get it added you will be able to see leads and sales generated from people taking actions on your pages.

Tracking Actions


Once everything is set up, you have a powerhouse sales funnel analytics tool ready to be unleashed.

By making sure the “Numbers” and “Flow” options are on, selecting a date range and hitting the refresh button, your screen is graced with not only conversion percentages between steps and actions, but also a representative flow of traffic through you funnel so you can see where the most traffic is coming from, and identify any bottlenecks and leaks that need fixed at a glance.

Funnel Conversion Rates and Analytics

And with another click a menu slides out and you can see all of your realtime KPIs that are telling you how much you are spending on your funnel and how much revenue you are generating.

It’s an amazing thing to have all of this calculated for you and available at a glance.


This article is part of a Funnelytics Review series helping you understand all you want to know about this powerful funnel mapping software.

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