Why do you think it’s important to add captions to a video?

There can be so many ways to promote your products online and one of the simplest ways to advertise your business is through videos.

They are not expensive, they are easy to make, and they can provide more information than a static image ever could.

A video can be used to tell potential consumers about who you are, what you do, and why they should buy from you. 

It is a very powerful tool that can boost the success of your business and generate great ROI for you and your company. 

But if you want customers to actually pay attention, it’s important to add captions to your video.

Today’s blog post talks about why captions are essential and how you can add them to a video. 

Before we get to the exciting part, let us first define what video captions are in the next section.

What are video captions?

Video captions

Nowadays, more and more people are spending so much time online to binge-watch their favorite shows or maybe learn something new.

And usually, captions are always turned on, especially on Netflix, since it makes the whole thing a lot better for so many reasons.

Captions are available on many popular video streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and more.

Video captions are simply the text version of the audio track in a motion picture. 

The captions are typically displayed as subtitles, which can either be encoded into the video file or automatically generated by external software.

These can be turned on or off depending on preference, and they give hearing-impaired individuals an opportunity to consume the same content as others. 

They also provide an alternative narrative that is not always provided by voiceovers or subtitles.

Why should you add captions to a video?

When you come across a video with no captions, you often find yourself struggling to understand what the story is about or missing out on crucial details.

Captions provide an opportunity to expand on the content of a video and provide information that might not be clear from the speech or sound alone.

Adding captions to videos comes with so many benefits such as:

It makes your video accessible to different types of audiences

It’s important to add captions to a video because they make the video accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

It helps you reach a global audience

Captions can also help those who don’t speak English as a first language to understand what is being said in the video.

It improves reading comprehension

Adding captions also allows the viewer to read the subtitles, which can improve their reading skills and understanding of what’s happening in the video.

It makes your videos engaging and attractive

Videos on social media, especially Facebook, are often muted by default, and adding captions can make your video engaging for someone who’s just scrolling through their news feed. 

It gives viewers a better experience

Captions help narrate the video, giving more clarity and depth to what is being viewed. 

Why do videos with captions perform better?

When people can’t understand what is being said in the video, they will look for something else that’s more interesting for them.

Captions are like headlines that grab the attention of your audience even if they couldn’t hear what’s happening in the video.

This means that captions give viewers an opportunity to read and enjoy your videos without having to turn on the sound. 

Video Captions Made Easier with Content Fries

Captions in videos can really make your videos more appealing and if you want to add them to your content, it is important that you also have the right tool to do so.

But with all the available tools online, which one do you think is the best? The answer: ContentFries.

What is Content Fries?

Content Fries Logo

ContentFries is one of the best tools out there that’s capable of adding captions to video automatically.

Compared to others, it can instantly generate captions for your videos with high accuracy for up to 120+ languages.

It simply does all the job for you since it syncs the audio with text so you don’t have to spend time adjusting everything on your own.

The platform is also quite popular for its video editing and content-multiplying features.

There’s actually a lot of interesting stuff that you can do with Content Fries such as:

  • Adding video captions
  • Export videos
  • Edit videos
  • Add progress bar
  • Add images or logo
  • Repurpose video content
  • Instant sharing
  • Adding text to videos
  • Resize videos automatically
  • Integrate Google Drive
  • Integrate DropBox

How do you add a caption to an existing video?

Here are three easy steps to start adding captions to your video by using Content Fries:

  1. Upload your video on ContentFries or you can import directly from your Google Drive, DropBox, or via link.
  2. Proofread your captions to be more accurate.
  3. Export and enjoy your fresh video with captions.

Content Fries Pricing

Enjoy the perks of hassle-free video captioning and video editing with Content Fries by choosing which plan works best for you:

MASTERCHEF – $27 monthly ($228 annually or $19 a month)

  • 120 minutes of auto-captions per month
  • 25 hours of video exports per month
  • 150 GB storage capacity
  • Context editor
  • Captions editor
  • ContentFries Trimmer
  • Unlimited custom templates

SUPERB – $49 monthly ($294 annually or $24.50 a month)

  • 720 minutes of auto-captions per month
  • UNLIMITED video exports per month
  • 150 GB storage capacity
  • Context editor
  • Captions editor
  • ContentFries Trimmer
  • Unlimited custom templates

PLATINUM – $79 monthly ($474 annually or $39.50 a month)

  • 1,500 minutes of auto-captions per month
  • UNLIMITED video exports per month
  • 150 Gb storage capacity
  • Context editor
  • Captions editor
  • ContentFries Trimmer
  • Unlimited custom templates

Interested to get Content Fries to make the best videos in town?

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How long does it take to caption a 1-hour video?

The production of captions for a 1-hour video is a tedious, time consuming project.

Captioning audio requires the creation of phrases and sentences, and a translator to watch the video several times and type what is being heard.

The time it takes to caption a 1-hour video varies depending on the complexity and number of speakers in the video.

A person would need to spend at least a day to manually add captions to a video.

However, if you have a tool like Content Fries that generates captions for you, it will only take a few minutes to finish.

Do captions help SEO?

Google indexes videos with closed captions, which means that if the video has them, it will rank better in search engine results pages.

Video captions help present keywords, which can improve SEO ranking for pages with video content. 

For this reason, it’s important for companies using video as a marketing strategy to consider including captions to appear on search engines more.

Is subtitle a caption?

Some people say that subtitles are captions, while others insist that they are not.

Although both of them are on-screen texts, they do have quite a few differences.

Subtitles provide important information about what is happening within the scene or translating a different language.

On the other hand, captions are designed for hearing impaired viewers since it provides more details other than the dialogue.

What are open captions?

Open captions are subtitles that are typically played along with a video, which can be seen by the hearing-impaired.

The captions are usually located at the bottom of the screen and they provide additional information such as sounds, music, and dialogue. 

What is closed captioning?

Closed captioning, also known as CC, is a process that converts the dialogue and other sounds in videos into text that can be seen on the screen.

The captions are used to support viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, or for anyone who wants to know what is being said. 

Can you use Content Fries for your business?

If you want to reach a wider audience online especially on social media, Content Fries is your best choice.

Content Fries is more than just an app where you can add captions to a video.

In fact, it helps you create unlimited content that you can post on different platforms to increase brand awareness.

So if you own a business, then you need to get your hands on this powerful tool that takes your video marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Bottom Line

No matter how good your video is, if you don’t add captions, it will always have a different impact on your audience.

Captions are more than just text that you read on your screen and they’re as important as the audio that accompanies them.

However, they should be accurate most of the time so that viewers can enjoy the content without any distractions.

We recommend giving Content Fries a try due to its amazing features that aren’t limited to just generating captions for videos.

It is the perfect all-in-one solution for those who are looking to create great content for different platforms without having to worry about adding captions and editing videos.

Start adding captions to your videos with Content Fries today!

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