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This page contains affiliate links to Funnelytics, ClickFunnels, and GrooveFunnels. I may be compensated for purchases made through these links.

Even if you have a professional drag-and-drop funnel builder like ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels, odds are you have a hard time getting started with your funnel since these softwares are not really meant for planning.

You can sketch out your ideas for your funnel map on a napkin or whiteboard, but what happens if you want to make changes? What happens if you lose the napkin or someone erases the whiteboard?

Napkin Funnel
Napkin funnels? Yikes!
Don’t even get me started on trying to land or retain agency clients using these primitive methods.

Enter Funnelytics.

This software is revolutionizing the funnel planning and conversion tracking industry. It’s built by marketers, for marketers and packs a huge punch when it comes to scaling your business.

In this review I will go over what Funnelytics is, a little bit about how it works, and how it’s better for your funnel marketing than any mind-mapping software, whiteboard, or napkin out there.

You will even learn about a secret backdoor way to get Funnelytics for a lifetime price.

No one is talking about this deal yet, so be sure to get your hands on it while it lasts.

What Is Funnelytics?

You know when you are working on building your funnel and you have 17 different pieces to put together and you are scribbling your plan down on a napkin to keep it all straight so you don’t miss a step and have to go back and rework the whole thing?

That’s what Funnelytics is for.

Funnelytics is a funnel mapping tool that allows you to plan out your sales funnel with a drag-and-drop builder. You can plan everything from traffic sources to the thank you page, and every opt-in, sales page, upsell, and order bump in between.

Once your plan is laid out, you can then add forecasting to your funnel in order to try and predict how it will perform. By assigning dollar values to conversion steps and simulating traffic, you will have a good picture of the possible revenue your funnel will generate for you.

Now you can build out your funnel and add your tracking script to your website or funnel builder software.

Once the funnel is built on another platform, and the tracking script is in place, Funnelytics will track traffic and conversions rates for your funnel in real time.

All of this gives you a very visual view of how your funnel is performing, what traffic sources are working the best, and where your funnel is leaking and improvements can be made.

Why You Need To Use Funnelytics

If you are an agency, solopreneur, or a small business owner, Funnelytics has a place in your business.

The drag-and-drop mapping tool is very intuitive and helps you think of your funnels on the fly. If you make a mistake or need to add a step, a few quick clicks and you have made changes to your funnel.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about losing your plans anymore, as the cloud-based software goes with you wherever you have internet access and a computer (though the program isn’t mobile friendly just yet).

This visual method of planning is amazing because we as humans tend to be visual people. No more trying to explain your ideas with vague concepts. You can pull Funnelytics up at a meeting or to show your partner and they will know exactly what you are planning to do.

Not only can you show them the plan, but you can show them forecasted key performance indicators (KPIs) within the program that show what kind of traffic you need to drive, what expense it will take, and what conversion rates you need to hit to be able to make your revenue goals.

And the analytics that the program provides are second to none.
No more showing clients and other stakeholders numbers in Google Analytics and hoping they are able to see the value the funnel is providing.

With Funnelytics you can literally see the flow of traffic on the canvas, and conversion rates and KPIs are there at the click of a button.

You need Funnelytics to show people you mean business by showing them you know how to show return on your efforts.

Now that you’re fired up about this amazing software, are you ready to take a peek under the hood?

An Overview of the Funnelytics Software

Let’s do a quick overview of what the Funnelytics software consists of so you can see more of the power behind it.

We will go over the three parts of the software: Mapping, forecasting, and Analyzing.

Mapping Your Sales Funnel

First let’s take a look at the drag-and-drop mapping function.

Mapping is the core functionality of Funnelytics, and the only one of the 3 parts that comes with the free Starter account.

Mapping is essentially the planning phase of your funnel, so there is no right or wrong here, only planning.

Mapping Pages

There are many different page icons within the program that allow you to visualize the different types of pages you will have within your funnel. All of these modules act exactly the same, and only differ in appearance to help you and your stakeholder visualize the different steps.

Page Icons
Within a page module you can add custom labels for the page and add notes.
Pages Label Notes and URL
Page URL Representation
One of the coolest things is being able to pop in a live URL and see a visual representation of that page within the funnel. It’s a nice way to check that step off as you are building out the live funnel.

Mapping Traffic

For mapping purposes, adding traffic sources is very similar to adding pages to the canvas.

The biggest difference here is that there is a set of icons to use and you can’t add a visual representation based on a URL (unless you have Pro and upload custom icons).

This makes sense as you aren’t going to really have a unique visual representation of a traffic source as much as you would a page in your funnel.

Traffic Sources Icons
These are just some of the icons available to add to the canvas.

Mapping Actions

With another quick drag from the connection arrow you will have an action mapped on your canvas coming from the corresponding page with the action. You can also easily drag action icons from the sidebar.

Again, there is a different set of icons to go with actions, and the forecasting and tracking portions are different than pages and traffic sources, but as far as mapping goes it’s just another way to visually represent a desired action for people to take within your funnel.

Action Icons

Forecasting Your Sales Funnels

Forecasting is only available within Funnelytics Marketer and Pro packages, and really takes planning to the next level.

Instead of just mapping your funnel out, now you can forecast sales figures, traffic cost and numbers, and conversion rates to see what you need to make your sales funnel profitable.

Forecasting Page Goals

You can add your Forecasting targets to the page modules to help predict how many leads and sales you hope to generate through your funnel.

Funnel Forecasting Targets
The forecasting function will use these numbers to show you predicted KPIs. We will go over KPIs as a whole once we go over forecasting for traffic and actions.

Forecasting Traffic

Next you need to be able to send forecasted traffic into your funnel so the other conversion rates and values work in the final calculation.

Traffic numbers are easily added by adding ‘Clicks to next step(s)’ and ‘Ad Spend’. CPC will be calculated for you based on these numbers.

Forecasting Traffic

Forecasting Actions

Actions represent the different actions that people take within your funnel, and by default represent a lead.

As the warning in the image states, you have to mark an action as a KPI in the tracking tab to make it have a sale value in your forecasting calculations.

Forecasting Actions

Tracking Your KPIs

Tracking traffic flow and KPIs is another amazing Pro feature that Funnelytics has in store for you. The visualization literally shows you traffic flow while calculating live conversion rates and revenue numbers.

All you need is a tracking script added to the head of your website or an HTML snippet in your Google Tag Manager and you will be able to track these different features of your funnel.

*Note: Tracking actions does take an extra tracking script, but Funnelytics has plenty of documentation on how to implement this.

Tracking Pages

With tracking code in place, turning pages into a KPI is as simple as checking the box and adding whether a visit to that page represents a sale or a lead.

Tracking Pages

Tracking Traffic Sources

Traffic is tracked in Funnelytics using UTM parameters.

One cool trick is that you can add your UTM parameters before you even create your ads or social posts, then when you link the traffic to a page that has a URL attached, it will add the UTM parameters after the URL of the page you are linking to in your funnel.

You can then easily copy this link and use this as the tracking URL in your ads, no further UTM link building is required.

Tracking Traffic

Tracking Actions

Tracking actions is the bread and butter of Funnelytics.

It’s how you track the actions that people take on your page and track conversions that don’t happen by going from page to page.

Examples are when someone clicks a button, fills out a form, scrolls down the page a certain percentage, etc.

Adding the tracking code is beyond the scope of this review, but once you get it added you will be able to see leads and sales generated from people taking actions on your pages.

Tracking Actions


Once everything is set up, you have a powerhouse sales funnel analytics tool ready to be unleashed.

By making sure the “Numbers” and “Flow” options are on, selecting a date range and hitting the refresh button, your screen is graced with not only conversion percentages between steps and actions, but also a representative flow of traffic through you funnel so you can see where the most traffic is coming from, and identify any bottlenecks and leaks that need fixed at a glance.

Funnel Traffic and Flow

And with another click a menu slides out and you can see all of your realtime KPIs that are telling you how much you are spending on your funnel and how much revenue you are generating. It’s an amazing thing to have all of this calculated for you and available at a glance.


Agency Use of Funnelytics

So far you can see how Funnelytics can help a business in mapping out their funnels and see how to optimize conversions.

If you run a marketing agency, some light bulbs have likely gone off as well.

With this program you can not only map out your plans for your clients’ funnels, but you can also meet up with a client and map out a plan while you are talking to them. You can discuss plans, change, and rework them on the fly until you and a client or prospect come to an agreement on a plan to move forward.

You can also gain new clients by taking a look at their business, mapping out a funnel plan, and then adding forecasting to the different steps. When you show this to prospective clients, they will see what you can do for them before you do any of the work, or even write a proposal. Visualization of results goes a long way.

Funnelytics will also be an amazing resource for retaining clients. The KPI report is a quick glance for clients to see how much money you are making them.

The canvas alone will be enough to show clients the work you are putting into helping them and their business.

No more will you struggle to explain the value that your agency is providing.

The visualization that Funnelyitcs provides makes it super simple to see.

Solopreneur and Small Business Use

Even if you aren’t creating funnels or doing marketing for other clients but have a product or service yourself, Funnelytics is a great tool to have in your business.

Not only are you able to map out funnels to sell your products, but once the funnel is live you can see how many sales you are getting, and where people are falling off in your funnel.

By knowing where the leak is in your funnel, you can implement split testing, find better solutions and fix any major issues that are keeping your customers from converting.

Even if you have conversions you can test different elements on your funnel pages to see what will increase your sales further.

Optimization is a never-ending game if you want to get the most out of your sales funnel, and Funnelytics will help you with continual monitoring and optimization to help you increase conversion rates.

Funnelytics Plays Nice With These Funnel Building Programs

A common misconception is that Funnelytics is a funnel builder.

No, you cannot build funnels with Funnelytics. It is a very powerful planning and analytics tool, but you still need a program to be able to build your funnels and put them out on the web.

That said, there are a number of softwares that Funnelytics plays nice with.

In this review I will go over ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels, and good ol’ WordPress.


ClickFunnels is easily the go-to software for building out sales funnels.

Along the same lines as Funnelytics when it comes to drag-and-drop building, people love the ease of being able to build out their funnels by using pre-existing templates and easily added elements.

The beauty of a program that is already designed for funnels is that you get awesome elements that skyrocket conversion, such as countdown clocks, upsells, downsells, order bumps, and more.

Adding the Funnelytics tracking script to your ClickFunnel is easy, as you can just place it within the body code in your funnel settings.

ClickFunnels Add Funnelytics Code

There are a few more steps you have to go through to add page types and events, but once you get it set up you have amazing analytics tracking on your professional funnels.

ClickFunnels also has some other connection with Funnelytics concerning their Vault and a Lifetime Deal. We will get more into these later in the review.


Another funnel building program that is up-and-coming very quickly is GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels has gained a lot of support from the funnel-building community in a short amount of time and aims to take over the market within the next few years.

It is an all-in-one platform for your funnels, product shop, website, cart, payment gateways, email marketing, blogging, video hosting, member’s areas, and more.

I’ve recently become a lifetime member and have only started playing around with the environment, but so far it seems to pack a heck of a punch.

There is a section within GrooveFunnels that makes it as easy to add your tracking script as other platforms, if not easier. Just add your script to the “Include in <head>” section and tracking across your pages is good to go.

GrooveFunnels Tracking Code

Whereas ClickFunnels is amazing and can get kinda pricey starting at $99/mo, GroovePages is still in its early stages and is offering Lifetime access to their amazing page and funnel builder suite.

Want Access? Just use this backdoor link to the deal.

Good Ol’ WordPress


If you have WordPress skills to build your site, and a plugin that gives you funnel functionality, you can implement Funnelytics on good ol’ WordPress.

You can easily add the code to your header.php file before the closing head tag.

Tracking Script Before WordPress Head Tag

I would recommend that if you build in WordPress you use some kind of builder like Divi.

With Divi you get an easy drag-and-drop builder (are you sensing the theme in this article on how easy it is to build sites and funnels nowadays?), and you have a place to add code directly to the head of your blog.

Adding Code to Divi Head

I would recommend instead to add your Google Tag Manager code to your website (or in other cases ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels), and then adding your Funnelytics tracking script to GTM instead. It makes for a lot easier management and a lot less messy code.

If you build websites and you prefer WordPress over something like ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels, then I would recommend using the Divi theme. They have a lifetime membership for $249, and you get unlimited sites. It’s really the only way to go if you are building a WordPress empire.

Alternatives to Funnelytics

Now that we know what Funnelytics integrates with, you may be wondering what alternatives are out there.

While there are alternatives, I’d preface by saying they each have a separate space in your business depending on what you are using them for.


While a lot of people compare Geru and Funnelytics at the same level, Geru brands itself more as a funnel simulator.

Geru Canvas

You still build funnels with drag-and-drop methods, and you can still add snapshots to represent your actual funnel within the canvas area.

The big difference is that Geru currently doesn’t have functionality to track actual analytics and data. It is for simulation.

Funnelytics has most of the functionality that Geru has since they added their forecasting tool in 2019, but Geru does have a really cool feature that Funnelytics is yet to get.

The Dream Profit Goal report lets you take stats that you’ve entered into the different steps of your funnel and add a profit goal that you want to reach that year.

Once you enter your amount, Geru will calculate the amount of traffic you will need based on your current conversion rates, traffic costs, and other expenses that you have input into the system.

Dream Profit Goal

With this report you know what you need to do in order to make your dream profit for the year.

They also have the Traffic Reinvestment report where you say what percentage of your profit you want to reinvest into traffic each month, and you will get a simulation of how much your profit will grow over the next 12 months.

Traffic Reinvestment Report

Some very cool reporting that Funnelytics has yet to get, therefore a totally different use within your business framework.


Marketplan.io has a lot of cool features.

You are able to map your funnel on the canvas just like in Funnelytics.

Marketplan.io Canvas

Marketplan also has features built in to plan projects and your to-do lists.

Marketplan to-do list

You are able to add team members (depending on your plan) and there are very helpful modules that have blog planning and email sequence planning. You can set up and plan the different blogs and emails you are going to write for your marketing plan with a full text editor.

Email Sequence in Marketplan.io

Marketplan is truly for marketers who are going to focus on content, although it is missing a few key features.

While there is a tracking script to pull in live data, there is no forecasting to help with funnel planning.

There is also no flow to help with the visualization of traffic through the funnel.

The Funnelytics Vault: Million Dollar Sales Funnels

Another amazing feature that Funnelytics has over competitors is The Vault.

The Vault is full of funnel hacks from digital marketing geniuses across the internet.

Funnelytics Vault Dotcom Secrets

The Funnelytics team spent their own money to purchase everything from these gurus, from the opt-in all the way through to inner circle programs.

Along the way they grab screenshots of all of the different pages within the expert funnel and put them together into a swipe file.

They also have a video walkthrough for the funnel hack so you get an explanation of how the expert used the funnel and the different nuances of the different stages.

You get access to the funnel template, so you can add the funnel to your canvas with 1 click.

Another awesome connection between Funnelytics and ClickFunnels is that most of these funnels have ClickFunnels templates built out for them by the Funnelytics team. With one click you get access to the sharefunnel in your ClickFunnels account and you have an amazing funnel template ready for you to simply add you information and videos to.

As of this writing they have over 75 of these funnel hacks available for you to access, learn from, and use in your business!

Every Premium funnel within the vault has made the creator over $1 million, so the Vault alone is worth the price of the subscription, and especially the lifetime deal.

Master Sales Funnels Bonuses

Whether you sign up for Funnelytics using my normal affiliate links or if you get the lifetime deal below, I want to give you a little extra bonus just for being my valued reader.

Send me proof that you’ve signed up and I’ll send you an email right over with the following bonuses.

First, I want to offer my 6 Local Sales Funnel Templates. These 6 templates are specifically for local businesses who want to incorporate sales funnels into their business, blanket the local market, and become the expert in their field.

Local Sales Funnels
Shutdown Marketing

My second bonus is my Shutdown Marketing ebook. With the unprecedented shutdown of businesses across the nation, I wrote a short marketing book that will help you push forward, make a plan, and maybe even come out the other side of this thing better than you went in.

This bonus includes the 3 Shutdown Funnel Templates that I’ve designed to help you keep your business alive and adapt to different times.

That’s 9 bonus Funnelytics templates that are even viewable if you just have the free account.

The Funnelytics Affiliate Program

Are you in the field of affiliate marketing or just want to make your subscription money back from purchasing Funnelytics?

Then they have an amazing affiliate program for you.

Funnelytics offers 30% monthly recurring commissions.

That’s 30% of not only the initial sale, but for every payment the purchaser makes for the rest of their subscription to Funnelytics.

I’ve had customers who have been making payments after purchasing through me for about a year, and the extra money coming in every month is amazing.

You can read more about the affiliate program here:

What You Get With Your Free Starter Account

If you are on the fence about paying for Funnelytics, I would at least start with a free Starter account.

This account will give you a good set of starter tools to get a taste of what Funnelytics is all about.

With the Funnelytics Free Account you get 1 Workspace, 3 canvases, 75+ icons, 6 free templates, share funnels between accounts, and the ability to export PNGs.

Funnelytics Starter Pricing

The starter package will allow you only to map, but as I said, you can get your toes wet.

Funnelytics Marketer Pricing

This middle package is new to Funnelytics.

It is a middle of the road package that will get you started with some of the Pro features at a lesser yearly cost.

For $470/yr you get everything in the starter account plus 2 Workspaces, unlimited canvases, unlimited clients and team members, forecasting conversions, revenue and profit, 50+ Premium Funnel templates, and the ability to upload custom icons.

Marketer Pricing

As you may notice, you can forecast with this, but tracking of funnel analytics isn’t available yet.

Trust me, go for the lifetime deal below instead of this package. It’s cheaper, and it’s a one-time price with all the perks of Pro.

Funnelytics Pro Pricing

With Funnelytics Pro you now get everything in the Marketer package plus 3 Workspaces, the ability to track and measure customers, leads, and revenue, tracking of custom actions, visualization of conversions, comparison of forecasting and real metrics, and priority chat support.

Pro Pricing

As you can see, Funnelytics Pro now starts out at $790/year, and you can have up to 120,000 people tracked through your funnel per year.

Not a problem if you are just starting out, but as you grow you will continually need to pay more and more on up to possibly $8,990/year for 12,000,000 tracked people.

They offer more than 12 million if you contact them for pricing.

This is a bite out of profit you may not want to take every year.

Let’s get to the good stuff with the secret entrance to the lifetime deal.

Funnelytics Lifetime Deal For 2020 

If you have read other reviews of Funnelytics you will likely see that the original lifetime deal has ended.

From the pricing you can see the huge impact a lifetime deal on such a helpful tool would have on your business.

While it’s true the original lifetime deal for founding members has ended, there is a new, secret access to a lifetime deal that not too many people know about, and I’m here to share with you today.

You see, Funnelytics has become so popular since its inception that the funnel master himself, Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels, has taken notice.

Ever the whiteboard user, Brunson usually maps his funnels out on a whiteboard for his video tutorials. Now that he has seen the awesome power that Funnelytics has, he has added it to his funnels for the Secrets Trilogy Books as an upsell.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can purchase one of his 3 life-changing books, and as an upsell you have an opportunity to buy a lifetime deal of Funnelytics.

For a $397 one-time fee you get 100,000 tracked visitors, 50 Funnel Templates, Funnelytics/DotCom Secrets Templates, 10 ClickFunnels Pre-Built templates, 70+ Funnel University Funnels. That’s all the features of Funnelytics Pro, plus these awesome added bonuses.

You would pay $790/year for 120k visitors normally, and this deal gets you almost that many tracked visitors plus the added bonuses for the 1-time price.

100,000 visitors not going to be enough for you?

You can get 500,000 tracked visitors per year for an extra $100 upgrade in any one of these funnels. That’s a $497 one-time fee for half a million tracked users.

Funnelytics charges $1,490/year normally for 600,000 visitors.

You can see where you come out way ahead on this deal.

I have what the funnels look like and the secret entrance links to these deals below.

You pay shipping and handling for a knowledge-packed book, and then the upsell is a few steps later.

I know the usual speech with marketing is that you have to “ACT NOW OR THIS DEAL MAY BE GONE FOREVER!”.

In this case, I have no idea.

The value is insane for the price, so I’m honestly not sure if they will keep the lifetime deal as an upsell for a year, a month, or even a week.

They could pull it tomorrow.

I don’t have the insider knowledge to know.

I just know it’s something you shouldn’t sleep on.

Funnelytics FAQ

Who is Funnelytics for?

Funnelytics is for marketers who want to have a way of showing the value they are bringing to clients, and also those marketers who want to gain new clients by easily showing them what they can do for them.

It’s also for solopreneurs and small business owners who sell or want to sell their products and services through a funnel and want an easy way to see what is working within their funnel, where the leaks are, and areas that conversion rates can be improved.

Is the Funnelytics Vault worth the money?

The Funnelytics Vault has over 75 hacked funnels from the most brilliant minds across the internet. These are all funnels that have generated over $1 million, and you don’t have to spend all of your own money to hack them.

The Vault is available as an upsell if you purchase Funnelytics from the company’s website, or is included with the current Lifetime Deal in the Secrets Trilogy Funnels.

The vault is an amazing resource to learn from and mimic your own funnels after.

Model what works, but don’t flat out copy. No one likes that.

Is there a Free Trial available for Funnelytics?

There are no free trials for Funnelytics Marketer or Funnelytics Pro plans. You CAN start your journey with the Starter plan and see what Funnelytics is all about.

It’s free with limited tools available to you.

Can you build a funnel in Funnelytics?


Funnelytics is not a funnel building program.

It is meant for mapping out, forecasting, and analyzing your sales funnels.

It works well with funnel building programs and you can track analytics of your funnel with just about any platform that you can add custom code to.

I would recommend ClickFunnels, or the lifetime deal of GrooveFunnels as mentioned in the sections above.

What does Funnelytics integrate with?

Just about everything that you can put custom code into.

I prefer to add my Google Tag Manager to my WordPress or funnel building software, and then add my Funnelytics tracking scripts to my Google Tag Manager.

It keeps the coding nice and neat and you are able to implement action tracking codes as well as main funnel tracking codes all in one place without having to scatter them all over your website.

How does Funnelytics Track Conversions?

You will be given a tracking script to add to your website or funnel builder.

Once installed, Funnelytics will be able to track movements from page to page, showing you the conversion rates between them.

You will also need to add extra tracking codes for specific actions people take on your pages if you want to track things like form fills, button clicks, and scroll depth.

How much does Funnelytics Pro Cost Per Month?

Funnelytics Pro ranges anywhere from $790/year up to $8,990/year depending on how many people you need to track through your funnels.

The best value out there right now is to take advantage of the lifetime deal mentioned in this article.

How can I become a Funnelytics Affiliate?

You can sign up to become an affiliate and sell Funnelytics using this link.

You get 30% recurring commissions, so it’s well worth it if you make sales and get people who are paying every month or every year.

The sales can add up fast if you are good at selling.

Are funnels shareable with clients and colleagues?

Yes, Funnelytics offers share links for all of their funnels so other people can use your link to view the funnel within their own Funnelytics account.

You can also add people as collaborators if you have Funnelytics Pro, so not only can they view the funnel, but if you give them the right permissions they can work on the funnel with you on a single, shared canvas.

Great for teams and agency/client relationships.

Is there a Funnelytics Certification for Agencies?

Agencies can do very well utilizing Funnelytics in their business, and you may be wondering if there is a certification course to let clients know that you know what you are talking about and you mean business.

Funnelytics has a Mastery Course available for $195 that will teach you the ins-and-outs of Funnelytics and how to leverage the tool to optimize your funnels.

They also have the Agency Accelerator Program for $1,997 that will teach you how to take your Digital Marketing Agency to the next level.

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